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Letters you may need to provide to SARS

Posted 4 June 2018 under TaxTim's Blog

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After submission of your tax return, SARS may request certain documents from you.
These may include a letter if you claimed any of the following deductions:

- Home Office
- Wear and Tear on personal devices used for work e.g laptop or cellphone.
- Foreign Employment Income Exemption
- Medical costs paid for dependent

Click on the link you need and simply cut and paste the contents  into a Word document. You can then enter your personal details in the spaces provided,
print out and obtain the relevant signatures.
Remember to ask your employer to print on a company letterhead if you are claiming home office, wear and tear or the foreign employment income exemption. 

The letter you need should now be good to go. Don't forget to check what other documents are required so that you pass the SARS verification checks with flying colours!

If you have a question, please ask our friendly tax experts who are available  to assist you.

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