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Latest SARS Scams, Phishing & Fake site alerts

At TaxTim, your security is a top priority. We've dedicated a section of our website to keep you informed about the latest scams and phishing attempts we come across. We also encourage you to share any suspicious emails you encounter. To report or learn more about phishing, you can email or call the Fraud and Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 00 2870. For a list of all current SARS surveys, emails, and SMS communications, click here.

Recognizing and Reporting Scams

Fraudsters often send emails that look like they’re from SARS, tricking people into sharing personal information like bank account details. Common tactics include emails from addresses like or, falsely claiming that you’re due a tax refund. These emails often contain links to fake websites that mimic legitimate ones, aiming to steal your personal information.

Important Safety Tips:

  • Don’t open or reply to emails from unknown senders.
  • Be cautious of emails asking for personal, tax, banking, or eFiling details (e.g., login credentials, passwords, PINs, credit/debit card info).
  • SARS will never request your banking details via post, email, or SMS. However, during phone calls, SARS may verify your personal details for authentication purposes.
  • SARS won’t send you hyperlinks to other websites, including banks.
  • Be wary of fake SMS messages.
  • **SARS does not send attachments with .htm or .html extensions.
  • SARS will never ask for your credit card details.

Stay vigilant and protect your personal information. If something seems suspicious, it’s better to be cautious and verify before responding.

Here are the latest scams you need to be aware of. 

 SARS-SCAM-362 – Tax refund – 13 June 2024

 SARS-SCAM-361 – Outstanding tax payment – 6 June 2024

 SARS-SCAM-360 – Email stating payment has been made to your account – 27 May 2024

 SARS-SCAM-359 – Email requesting relevant material to eFiling registration – 27 May 2024

 SARS-SCAM-358 – Email scam Summons notice from NPA – 6 May 2024

 SARS-SCAM-357 – Email scam titled Notification from SARS – 26 April 2026

 SARS-SCAM-356 – Stop order on bank account – 5 April 2024

 SARS-SCAM-355 – Letter of demand for urgent attention – 5 April 2024

 SARS-SCAM-354 – SARS issued letter of demand – 5 April 2024

 SARS-SCAM-353 – Fiscal Assessment Report – 26 February 2024

 SARS-SCAM-352 – Assessment of Tax Obligations Preventive Action-21 February 2024

 SARS-SCAM-351 – Summons Notice – 19 December 2023

 SARS-SCAM-350 – Tax review – 23 October 2023

 SARS-SCAM-349 – Notice of Assessment – 23 October 2023

 SARS-SCAM-348 – Credit audit complete – 7 September 2023

 SARS-SCAM-347 – SMS payment from SARS – 11 August 2023

 SARS-SCAM-346 – Audit statement – 2 August 2023

 SARS-SCAM-345 – Email asking to click on Returns link – 2 August 2023

 SARS-SCAM-344 – Stop order – 21 July 2023

 SARS-SCAM-343 – SMS online payment – 12 July 2023

 SARS-SCAM-342 – Email scam titled ‘eFiling Returns Complete’ – 29 June2023

 SARS-SCAM-341 – Email scam titled ‘Statement of Account request’ – 29 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-340 – Email scam titled ‘Final Demand’ – 29 June2023

 SARS-SCAM-339 – PayFast SMS scam – 28 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-338 – Email called Internal Communication from DIRCO – 26 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-337 – Income Tax or VAT Returns – 23 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-336 – View account in arrears – 6 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-335 – Tax Returns confirmation – 2 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-334 – Letter of demand – 2 June 2023

 SARS-SCAM-333 – Tax Refunds email – 24 May 2023

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