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How to setup a payment arrangement with SARS

Step by Step guide

With the end of the tax year looming, SARS tax collectors are on high alert to collect tax and meet their (R1.68 trillion) target , (which was set by the Commissioner in last year), before the end of February.

If you owe SARS you should be receiving constant reminders to pay the debt, such as SMS's, phone calls and even some posted letters.

If the debt is unfamiliar or if you are not in agreement with the debt, you can File a dispute with SARS , however, if you know about the debt but can't pay it all at once, you can setup a payment arrangement with SARS.

Please check that you meet the requirements listed at this link Terms to get a payment arrangement, once you are done reviewing, you can follow these steps to setup a payment arrangement with SARS:

  1. Log onto your eFiling profile, click on SARS Correspondence, then Search Correspondence, you should  see this page, then click on View:


   2. The SARS statement should open up, you can review the statement and then click on Payment Arrangement.

   3.  If you owe SARS after they assessed a return you submitted, you need to click on PIT Assessed Tax however if you submitted a return late (or if SARS says it was late, but you have proof that you filed on time) please click on PIT Admin Penalties and then click on Continue:

   4.  You will then see the arrangement SARS proposes. If you want to request a different period e.g., if you want a longer or shorter period or a lower or higher amount per month, you can click on Propose different terms.

Should you be happy with what SARS suggests you pay and the period to pay the debt off over, you can go ahead and click on Accept Terms. 

  5. You should then see this message, click on OK. 

  6. After this SARS will allow you to decide how you wish to make the payment each month, EFT, Debit Order or a garnish on your salary, all you need to do is complete the form and then send SARS any documents they require to review things, once done, you should see this message:



SARS will communicate with you once they have reviewed your request, if approved, you can make your first payment as suggested on your Payment Deferment application. 

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