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"Emergency Notification System" - it's a scam!

There is a new scam going around this tax season, SARS has made us aware of it and we would like to make sure you know about it too. Please be careful with all your personal information, especially during this time. 

Scammers always aim to be creative and innovative in their techniques. This scam takes place in the form of an email; however, this does not mean you should not be alert with all your other platforms of communication. The scam claims to be a test of the SARS Emergency Notification System. This email might not look fake because of the domain, but the revenue service has labelled it as fake.

What this basically means is, the scammers pose as SARS security. Their emails, which you might just receive, will include links which you would be required to click on. Once clicked on, the links will then lead the user to a scam or phishing website.

Please see the full email below:

Should you receive anything claiming to be from SARS, it is important to first verify the source of the email before you agree to anything.

The government has brought to the attention of South African taxpayers the scams associated with SARS which include malware and phishing.

You can stay up to date with all information related to scams. SARS has a page which is specifically dedicated to this, scams and phishing attacks.

Our team of tax practitioners are also available to assist when it comes to any tax misunderstandings and uncertainties. You can find them on our TaxTim helpdesk

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