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Covid 19: What to do when you have to go to a SARS branch?

Quarantine. Self-isolation. Coronavirus. These are the buzzwords for 2020, and once it is all over, words we’ll probably never want to hear again. In light of Covid-19, TaxTim offers the safest way to handle your taxes - online. We are doing our bit to ensure that all South Africans practice social distancing, and reinforce the international regulations and precautionary measures as recommended by our head of state.

TaxTim is a virtual tax assistant that will help you by:

  • Assisting you with the registration of an e-Filing profile
  • Assistance with the completion and submission of your personal tax returns (ITR12 and IRP6)
  • Assistance with the completion and submission of your corporate tax returns (ITR14 and IRP6)
  • Applying for fixed percentage tax directives
  • Reviewing and explaining your assessment (ITA34)
  • Submitting supporting documents requested by SARS
  • Filing a dispute for you
  • Following up on the progress of your audit, dispute or refund

In some instances, upon SARS request, you will have to go to your nearest SARS branch.

Here are some scenarios that would require you to visit SARS:

  • To update your banking details - if you’ve changed banks or if SARS needs you to confirm your banking details
  • VAT registration - if your business qualifies to register for VAT, you will need to submit your documentation at a SARS branch
  • Old tax returns - if you don’t have access to past IRP5’s as a result of a business closing down, you will have to go to a SARS branch with your bank statements and payslips to prove your income
  • Turnover tax - if you are registered for turnover tax, you would need to submit your returns at a branch in person. Turnover tax is not set up for eFiling at this time.

In accordance with the Department of Health, commissioner Edward Kieswetter said that SARS tax, customs and excise operations would continue as usual at all SARS branches, offices and entry ports. If you need to visit a SARS branch, rest assured that SARS will be doing their very best to contain the coronavirus.

Here’s what SARS will be doing to curb the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus in South Africa:

  • Hand sanitizers will be made available to all visitors
  • SARS will keep all working and service areas clean with special detergents
  • Information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will be shared
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizers has been made available to Customs officials at all ports of entry as recommended by National Government
  • Health officials will support SARS Customs officials who will screen travelers entering South Africa

SARS officials are constantly in contact with Customs authorities from neighbouring countries to share information about the outbreak and how to flatten the curve of infections.

At TaxTim, we urge all South Africans to thoroughly wash their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, practice the elbow greeting instead of handshakes, stay hydrated and remain indoors. If the need arises to travel, remember to wear a mask, gloves and take a shower immediately when you return home.

Image by leo2014 from Pixabay

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