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SARS has given you just 40 working days to submit your tax return. If you received your auto-assessment at the beginning of July, your time to submit has already expired. Auto-assessments issued on 4 July 2022, expired on 30 August 2022. Count your work days carefully. SARS is applying this rule very strictly. If you do nothing, your auto-assessment will very soon become FINAL.

For more on auto-assessments and their deadlines, please read here.

Missed the 40 day deadline already?

If you missed the deadline (or are very close to it) you need to Request an Extension on eFiling ASAP.  SARS will allow you a further 21 working days to request an extension.

Important:  First apply for an extension,  wait for the approval from SARS and then submit your tax return.

 If you submit a tax return before an extension is granted, it is likely that SARS will automatically reject your tax return and you will need to file a dispute.


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