Audit FAQs

What is the meaning of an audit? What is an audit from SARS? SARS audit What is a SARS audit?
Being audited just means that SARS could be doing a random selection and checking that all the information submitted is the same as they have.

How long does it take for SARS to pay me after an audit? OR Payment pending an audit, how long is that? OR Payment still pending due to audit.
It can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few months. You will receive a letter of completion once the audit has been verified indicating if any changes have been made. You just have to sit tight and be patient.

Selected for audit and need tax clearance certificate?
You can apply for the certificate online via SARS E-Filing.

Which supporting documents to send to SARS when being audited? OR What do I need to provide SARS with during audits, search, and seizure? OR No supporting documentation and previous tax year audit.
You are required to provide SARS with proof of the income you declared along with the proof of each expense you claimed for.
This would be your IRP5 if you are employed, an income and expenses spreadsheet if you are self-employed or a bank statement if your bank account can support your declaration.

Being selected for an audit with no supported documents
You can swear and affidavit and send this to SARS stating that you have no documentary proof of your income and expenses.

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