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Obtaining an IRP5 form from an old employer

I am having a problem with obtaining my IRP5 form from 2010 from one of my employers.
I was still in school this time and I worked as a waiter back then, so I was clueless when it came to submitting tax and all. I did my 2013 return, and now SARS have asked me to do it from 2010?


You will need to contact your employer and ask them to send you a letter explaining why they are unable to provide you with the IRP5.

In most cases, your employer might not have held onto it due to the fact that SARS only need them to hold onto them for 5 years anyway.

Should your employer not be willing to send this letter, you can swear an affidavit, in which you explain that your employer can’t help you and you need SARS to check their archives.

An affidavit is a signed, statement on which you need to add your full names, surname, ID number, address and contact number and your signature too.

However, prior to sending SARS this, you first need to complete the 2010 return and select that you were unemployed then, this will trigger an audit and SARS will then allow you to send them the affidavit.

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