How do I withdraw funds from Living Annuities when not resident in SA?

I am a UK passport holder and a Permanent Resident of SA. I intend returning to the UK but am not sure of this being permanent, so will not officially be emigrating.
The only assets left in SA will be a monthly amount paid into my SA bank account from a Living Annuity. Can I access this amount whilst living in the UK. What are the advantages/disadvantages of just leaving SA and officially emigrating?

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TaxTim TaxTim says:
13 December 2012 at 12:55

Given that you are a permanent resident of SA and not a citizen, unless you have actually been naturalized and been given a SA passport, you would not be emigrating out of SA. I assume the UK is your place of birth and you are still a citizen of the UK? You should have no problems accessing your account and sending money to wherever you are.

If you officially emigrate from SA you are effectively giving up citizenship and your passport and will be seen to be exiting the country. You will then become a non-resident in every sense of the word with all connections to SA severed. Most likely your bank account will convert to a non-resident account which you will be able to access at anytime. If you just leave SA you will be seen as a temporary resident abroad and still be subject to South African jurisdiction with a few exceptions.

However it seems as if you are not a citizen so this would not apply?

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