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Verification of Assessment - what now?

When SARS has completed their audit, they send a letter called a Verfication of Asssment/Completion Letter. This has the following wording:


We refer to the verification of the assessment for the 20xx tax period. Please note that no adjustment has been made to this assessment. However, in terms of the Tax Administration Act the South African Revenue Service reserves the right to conduct further reviews in future ...

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Why does my tax return look so different this year?

My tax return doesn't look like it did last year - is something wrong?

Nothing is wrong, SARS has just changed the look and feel of their return for 2019 and made it more dynamic. However as with everything new this can be slightly confusing as taxpayers are used to seeing the old return which hadn't changed since eFiling was introduced way back in 2006. 

Do not worry at all as TaxTim has ma...

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Why must I update my 2019 tax return with TaxTim?


I have completed my return on TaxTim already and now he is asking me to update some information before he can file? Why is that? Will I lose my information? Do I have to pay anymore money?

Answer: For the 2019 tax season, SARS made some changes to the tax return on eFiling. It looks very different to what it looked like in the past and there is a bit more information needed than in 2018.

In order for TaxTim to continue providing the quick and easy service we needed to update our return and questions to match SARS. Don't worry though, there is no difference in the TaxTim side and it will be like nothing has changed for you. ...

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What do I do if a question doesn't apply to me?

Question: What do I click if a TaxTim question isn't relevent or does not apply to me?

Answer: There should be an option do click "doesn't apply", by clicking this it will automatically mark the question as R0 and show SARS that this isn't relevent to you.

How do I make changes to my return?

If you wish to make changes to the information on your TaxTim return then simply follow these easy steps:

  • Click MY RETURNS on the top of your TaxTim login page;
  • Click the return you wish to make changes to;
  • Navigate to the Sections button which is located above Tim’s head in the chat you are having;
  • Click Sections and the different parts of the tax return will appear;
  • Click the section you wish to make a change to and then you will ...

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Why do I not have a make payment button on my additional ITA34?

If your ITA34 does not have a Make Payment button, then this means that the particular ITA34 you are looking at has a R0 assessment. Rather log back into eFiling and select the following:

  • Returns;
  • Returns History;
  • Select the year you wish to make payment for;
  • Select the second to last ITA34, so the one before the current one you are looking at (often the original assessment); and
  • There should be a Make Payment Button on there for you to m...

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How do I upgrade my package with TaxTim?

In order to upgrade between the LITE, SMART and ULTRA packages please follow these simple steps:

  • Click MY RETURNS at the top of your screen when logged into your TaxTim Profile;
  • Select the return you wish to upgrade your package for;
  • Look on the left hand side of your screen; above Tim’s head you will see the word Sections;
  • Click Sections and a drop down will appear; this will allow you to click Add Section;
  • Select the sections you ...

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How do I add a section with TaxTim?

In order to add a section when completing your chat with Tim please follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Sections Tab on the left side of your screen, just above Tim’s face;
  • Click Add Section; and
  • Select the Section you wish to add from the list of suggested tax return sections

You will now be able to go back to your chat with Tim and complete your return for TaxTim to submit to SARS.

Why can't I see my return on eFiling after TaxTim submitted it for me?

Why can’t I see my return on eFiling after TaxTim submitted it for me? 

If you don’t see your tax return immediately on eFiling after we’ve confirmed that it’s been sent to SARS, you needn’t panic. SARS usually processes it around 6pm on the day we submit and then it should appear in eFiling shortly thereafter. 

We will then send you the assessment as soon as we receive it from SARS.

I have more than one employer / multiple IRP5s

If you worked for multiple employers and/or have several IRP5/IT3a documents, please take note of below.

Make sure that all of your documents relate to the tax year you are busy with. Any IRP5s from previous (or future) years do not get entered in the same tax return. The document will usually state the tax year clearly, and the employment dates will fit within the tax year opening and closing dates.

You can not add multiple IRP5 documents together. They need to be entered one by one, one after the other. The sequence is not important....

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I started a tax return for the wrong year

If you started a tax return for the wrong year, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your TaxTim profile.
2. Click on My Returns in the top menu bar.
3. Click the x button next to the tax return that you do not need any more.
4. Click Start new return to start a new tax return that relates to the year you need.

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How do I go back to a section on my chat with Tim?

1. Login to your TaxTim profile.
2. Click on My Returns in the top menu bar.
3. Select the tax return year you are working on.
4. On the page that loads showing TaxTim's face and your questions and answers so far, click on the word SECTIONS.

The different sections will drop down for you to select and make changes.

You can scroll down each section and change your previous answers by clicking different buttons, or entering...

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I have a new email address, how do I transfer my profile?

1. Login to your TaxTim profile.
2. Click on My Profile in the top menu bar.
3. Update our old email address to the new one you wish for us to contact you on.
4. Click the Update button.

All correspondence from TaxTim will now be sent to this new email address.
Your details at SARS will NOT be updated by this action.

How do I review my tax return before submitting?

1. Finish answering all of Tim's questions in the animated chat.
2. Click Continue.
3. Continue through the return checking system and/or payment steps.
4. When you are asked how you wish to file your tax return, click on the manual filing option.
5. You will see instructions for filing on eFiling with your fully completed tax return underneath.
6. Click the Back button to choose how to file again.

How do I delete a tax return?

1. Login to your TaxTim profile.
2. Click the My Returns button in the top header menu.
3. Click the little x next to the year of the tax return you wish to delete.
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