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Real Data from Real SA Taxpayers

Understand SA financial trends from the general public or your own member base

TaxTim is an online digital tax assistant that helps SA citizens to complete tax returns with confidence.
TaxTim is exploring the use of its collected data in an anonymised, aggregate fashion for statistical purposes.

TaxTim is used by members of the general public from all over South Africa every day.
Trends can be charted and queries executed on over 320 fields of data collected annually since 2012.

Why the data has value:

  • highly detailed - over 320 fields of data on a personal income tax return
  • hard to find - SARS does not provide this data
  • rich - segment by multiple fields such as age, residential area, income, dependents etc.
  • reliable - it's a tax return not a survey, you can't lie
Potential queries:

  • average income by region
  • how many have private medical aid
  • how many are saving for retirement
  • how many have income protection
  • which are the richest suburbs: earning interest
  • which year did people start investing, start retirement saving, start / stop medical aid
  • portion with foreign income streams
  • how many are selling property and where
  • inheritances / donations recieved
  • sa resident or not?
  • proportion with own medical aid
  • who is having babies
  • who is paying medical expenses out of their pocket
  • what is the level of disability or impairment, how much is that costing
  • company cars by make, model and age
  • amount / number of donations given
  • how many run a home office
  • value of property portfolio, mortgages, debts, shares, loans, vehicles etc
Data set:

Our data set is growing steadily and its value will increase once TaxTim reaches significant scale.

4,800 completed tax returns to date in 2014
40,000+ registered users to date