Making Tax Easy for Employees

Employee Assist provides Much-Needed Tax Assistance as a Perk for your Employees

A Personal Tax Assistant

An online digital tax assistant that helps employees step-by-step to get their taxes in order, quickly and efficiently. Chat with Tim and he fills out your tax return for you. Get tax compliant in 20 min or less.
Available on PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Benefits to Staff

Boost staff morale and reduce financial stress by providing an effective tax solution that helps them step-by-step. Staff can feel confident about their tax affairs by doing it themselves and understanding the process.

Benefits to Business

Employers with non-compliant employees can face garnishee orders from SARS to collect unpaid taxes. TaxTim reduces this likelihood and reduces requests to HR for help or for staff loans (learn more). Our service reduces employee downtime and can even qualify as a tax deduction.

Automatic logbook consolidation

Track work travel trips logged by employees in a free mobile logbook on their cellphones. Compare actual recorded data with disbursements for individual clients. Save money by allocating travel allowances for employees accurately.

Be the Office Hero!

Help fellow employees with their taxes today.

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