Import your bank statements

Add up incomes and expenses for faster tax returns

Use this tool to connect to your bank account, import your latest bank statements, then quickly and easily calculate your annual incomes and expenses. Add up all the expenses for your business, such as petrol, data, airtime, rental expenses, etc. Tick each expense one by one, search by name or by category. Save the result for proof to give to SARS.

You can either import your bank statements directly from your online banking portal, or download your bank statement PDFs and import them into TaxTim.

  • Import bank statement data within seconds
  • Add up your incomes and expenses quickly and easily
  • Use multiple categories and colours for different totals
  • All your work is safely backed up in the cloud
  • Save proof of your work for SARS
  • Search for expenses by name or category
  • Connect directly to your bank, or upload saved statements

How to access this feature

This functionality is included with all Provisional Tax Returns (IRP6) at this time.

As you proceed with answering TaxTim's questions for your Provisional Tax Return, you'll encounter a few suggestions to try out our bank statement search tool. Click these links to begin.

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