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Starting with tax

Posted 22 July 2013 under Tax Questions

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Hi Tim, We are two employers that works in a small company, and after one and a half years we found out that our employer did not pay or fill out the necessary documentation for our tax. We would like to sort this out ourselves as soon as possible - where do we start? Will there be any penalties? How can we work out what this will be? We both started working for the company after University. Personally I break even every month after medical aid contributions, student debt, rent etc. My co-worker earns the same salary as me (R13 000) and has R1500 extra each month. Your help will be appreciated! Thank you,

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TaxTimTaxTim says:
23 July 2013 at 11:01

You would need to complete the "local business income" section your tax returns and include the income earned from your salaries, unfortunately you would have to pay tax on these amounts now. Your employer will get into a lot of trouble and be penalised for not submitting your monthly taxes so please make sure they go about doing it now.

You would not be able to deduct any expenses other than Medical Aid, Retirement Annuity, Donations made, Income Protection Contributions, but these are all completed separately on the tax return.

Did they provide you with payslips?

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Got a question you want answered about tax?

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