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PAYE deduction differs from tax tables

Posted 28 July 2015 under Tax Questions

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Andre says:
26 June 2015 at 11:27

Hi, I have been looking at my PAYE Deductions from my employer and comparing them to the published PAYE Tables from SARS for each relevant year. I even tried to use your tax calculator which also gave the me the SARS Taxtable PAYE deduction amount. I have noticed that in the Payslips we get generated from Pastel Payroll, the PAYE deductions are roughly R150-R220 higher than the same Taxable salary deduction amount according to the SARS Tax table. I know 150 odd Rand doesn't seem like much but over a period of 5 years this works out to be significant. Is there any explanation for this? Payroll is always updated with the latest Tax tables, so I don't understand where payroll is getting its PAYE amount from. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards.

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TaxTimTaxTim says:
26 June 2015 at 13:41

That is strange and we have heard these issues before. Do you ever receive a refund from SARS when you file?

Andre says:
30 June 2015 at 9:17

Hi Tax Tim,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I had to pay in small amounts to SARS and not actually get any refunds I got R500 odd only this last season, but have been very unhappy with my current tax consultant so have moved to another one, I'm hoping they are able to sort out this mess.
If he finds that I have overpaid SARS on previous occasions I cant claim back from them for previous years? Am I correct in saying that you cant dispute previous tax years?

Thanks and regards,


TaxTimTaxTim says:
30 June 2015 at 10:26

You can dispute previous years by requesting corrections if you find that amounts have been overpaid and SARS would have to refund you.

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Ask TaxTim

Got a question you want answered about tax?

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