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Rental Income: 10 most popular posts

Claim electricity and rates

Posted 3 July 2017

Can I claim electricity in full and the rates too? I don't live there, but there are tenants who d, but I pay the electricity, rates and water.

Provisional Tax on property sold

Posted 3 July 2017

I sold property in March 2017 and it's an income earning property. Do I need to prepare a provisional tax return in August? Will I just include profits on the property?


Posted 21 June 2017

Will you be able to help me with our tax return once my
wife and I permanently immigrate to Australia? We'll be keeping three properties in SA and we'll receive rental income from it.

Severance benefits and estate duty

Posted 25 May 2017

Do severance benefits received from an employer at death, form part of property or deemed property in your estate for Estate Duty purposes?

Unit trust and tax

Posted 24 April 2017

Do I need to declare interest from unit trusts that is under the threshold of R33000 (e. g. Local interest earned was R15000).

Share trading

Posted 19 April 2017

Do you assist with tax returns where share trading is involved?
I trade in CFDs and equity via my broker for the past 5 years, however,
I've not been making any profit, so I've not been declaring any loss as well.
I don't have any other sources of income except a little interest.

Which costs are deductible prior to receiving rental income?

Posted 17 April 2017

In respect of a second property that one rents out, starting off, can one deduct the following for personal income tax:
(1) Bond transfer fees and registration costs;
(2) Costs incurred on repairs to the property in the month prior to receiving the 1st rental for the property?

Capital Gains Tax: Two

Posted 5 April 2017

I bought a house in December 2013. In November 2015, I bought a second house and it was registered in my name, February 2017. The intention was to let out the first house, and we moved March 2016, with the first house now being empty. However, in the meanwhile, I decided to sell the first house. I haven't had any tenants staying in the first house, it has been empty for a month now. We stayed in the first house since I bought it, for over two years. Will I be liable for capital gains tax, or wil...

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Tax clearance certificate for a non-resident

Posted 5 April 2017

A non South African citizen brought money into South Africa, bought a house and sold it recently. She needs a tax clearance certificate. How does she get it as she has no tax number?

CGT on primary residence (if it has been let out - also my only residence)

Posted 4 April 2017

What CGT would I be liable for if my primary residence is my only residence - but rented out?

How do I calculate the municipal expenses on rental property without previous statements

Posted 2 April 2017

I cannot locate all my past municipal statements for my rental property, I need them in order to log the rates etc. as an expense. I've tried accessing them online, but they only sent the last bill.

Bond credit life cover premiums

Posted 31 March 2017

Are bond credit life cover premiums tax deductible against rental income? Credit life cover is compulsory, as per the bond approval pre-agreement.

Provisional Tax and REIT Income

Posted 24 March 2017

I'm a stay at home mom. The only income I get is from interest ( - R10000.00), dividends (-R15000)and REIT Income ( -R25000). I file only 1 tax return per year. Should I be registered for provisional tax due to the REIT income?

Set-off: Tax loss of different trades

Posted 22 March 2017

As an individual can I set-off a trade loss from a trade (such as a coffee shop, which I am trading as a sole proprietor, 1st year of trading) against my other taxable income being a salary and rental income.

Can my company add rental car fuel to my car allowance?

Posted 28 February 2017

If I have a car allowance and on occasion I am required to use a rental for business travel after flying to a far destination, can my company add this fuel cost to my car allowance and withhold taxes on fuel used in the rental vehicle

Inclusion of rental expenses in CGT calculation

Posted 24 February 2017

If I earned no income from a rental property (which I rented out for about 7 years) and sold it in the same year, can I still deduct the expenses (levies, interest, rates) normally incurred from income, or should I add these costs to the Selling cost or Base cost to reduce capital gains tax?

Is occupation rent an allowable deduction against rental income?

Posted 24 February 2017

Is occupational rent paid to a developer, of a new-build property, an allowable expense to deduct from taxable rental income? The property in question was rented out in the same tax year as occupational rent was paid.

What is your fee for retired farmers?

Posted 24 February 2017

I am a retired farmer with only rental income which I earn from renting out my farm. My income is R500000 per year. What will TaxTim cost?

Do I need to file a tax return with R260 000

Posted 24 February 2017

I am unemployed but earn interest income ( approximately R260 000 annually)from fixed term deposits
I am under 65 and contribute to medical aid and retirement annuity
Do I need to file a tax return

Refunded tax-invoice does not include the tax portion only the service fee before tax.

Posted 22 February 2017

I pay Eskom directly for electricity. Every few months they overcharge and I have get them to refund and rebill. The issue here is that they only refund the service fees, never the tax portion. For example, last month they charged me R 1223. 22 Inc vat. This was incorrect. They refunded me R 1073. 00. And then charged me the correct amount + vat. How do I claim for the money paid in vat, if I even can?

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my query but I have no idea wher...

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How will tax work on my bank account with other peoples money in it?

Posted 21 February 2017

Me and five members of my family want to start investing. Before the profits will be paid out the company that does the investments does the tax part on it and then pay us the profits. What I want to know is, if they pay the family members profit into my bank account with my profit will there be any problems with tax on my side because all the money is going to my account. The company will send each of us an IRP5 at the end of the season so that each of us can fill in our tax return.

Rental expenses claim during the next tax year

Posted 20 February 2017

If I spent more on maintenance of my rented granny flat than I earned in rent can I offset it over several years?

Sale of rental property

Posted 17 February 2017

My son works abroad, but he owns a rental property in South Africa which he sold recently. Is he required to pay capital gains tax on the proceeds?

How do you perform tax calculations for property and interest while married in Community of Property

Posted 16 February 2017

My husband and I own property, receive interest income and are married in Community of Property. What percentage of the property income, property expenses and interest income should we each include on our Provisional tax under the total turnover and estimated taxable income respectively?

Payment of income tax on Fixed Deposit investments

Posted 15 February 2017

If I dont receive the interest I earn as my investment is over a 36 month period, do I still have to declare the interest earned during the year?
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