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What methods of apportionment of home office expenses are acceptable to SARS?

I am a 100% commission earning employee who runs all my business activities from my residence. I estimate my business share of home expenses as being higher than simply the size of my office as a percentage of the house floor space. Can I include more area, such as the kitchen (used for meals during office hours) and the dining room (used for meetings)? Is floor space the only apportionment method?


is it still valid - can I use this list of depreciation in 2014 or has there been changes made?

tax rebatre for branded vehicles

What are the rules regarding company vehicles and branding of company vehicles, is there a tax benefit to the driver of a company vehicle if it is branded?

Basic salary Comm earned, how am I taxed?

I am earning R4000 basic commission which could bump my salary over R6000 per month. Am I then taxed for the full amount or would I only be taxed on my commission earned?

Removing uploaded documents off sars e-filing

Is there a way to remove supporting documents that I have uploaded on the SARS eFiling website?

If I am a new Estate Agent what do I need to pay tax?

If I am a new Estate Agent what do I need to pay tax? I would prefer to pay my own tax rather than the Agency.

International Tax and Tax Treaties

Dear Tax Tim

I earn international income as an individual (not a registered company ) on a monthly basis, what type tax will I be liable for in South Africa? Will I have to pay standard income tax in South Africa?

I earn this whilst in South Africa and not abroad as a monthly commission payout. How does tax treaties apply to foreign income or will this not be applicable to individuals?

Tax on leave buyback?

Some are saying that when an employer buys back leave, the employee is taxed at 50%. Is this correct?

Can PAYE be deducted if on commission only and can I invoice the company contracting me ?

I'm a consultant and earned only 5% on commission. The company pays me a retainer of R10K per month. Can they deduct PAYE per month ( 5 month contract only)? if so, of how many %? Can I bill them in my personal capacity or from my CC? what would the tax implication be?

Where do I find link to 'Directives' on home page of website?

Where do I find link to 'Directives' on home page of website?
'Services' does not include a sub heading 'Directives'.

Is TaxTim compatible with Iphone 5

Is Tax Tim logbook, compatible with Iphone5. Is there an Tax Tim app for iphone

Tax payable as freelance worker?

I work on commission basis as a freelance teacher and have no basic salary. What tax must I pay?

Office Allowance source code 4028?

I receive office allowance as an income and now my accountant tells me I should have this under code 4028 as a deduction. How does one qualify to have this kind of allowance?

Tax return for laptop

I have purchased a dell laptop few months back online in Germany. Now, I am leaving germany permanently and will settle down in India. It is written in Frankfurt airport website that "If you are leaving the European Union and live outside it, you are entitled to refund on the value-added tax paid on all merchandise purchased within the EU." So, can I claim for the tax return for my laptop in the airport although it was purchased online and already used for few months Please let me know...

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Tax on variable monthly income?

My monthly salary varies as it is based on number of clients seen etc- does this affect the way PAYE is calculated? The PAYE I am getting charged is almost double the guidelines set out on the SARS table?

VAT issues:registered vs non-registered vendors and correct manner of preparing invoice by non-reg?

If a business is operating from home and provides basic bookkeeping services. Income generated is well below the VAT threshold and the client requires an invoice, what is the correct manner in which the invoice must be prepared by the bookkeeper? Client is a registered VAT vendor while bookkeeper is not.

I am disputing my payment with SARS?

I have files a notice of objection as I do not think I was reimbursed for my travel expenses. How long will it take for SARS to come back to me?

How to invoice customers re VAT as sole propieter if you are not VAT registered.

I am starting a solar business as a sole proprietor and pay VAT on all the hardware I buy.
How do I invoice my customers? Surely I cannot charge them VAT as I am not registered. I have also heard that if your turnover is less than 1 Million a year you cannot/should not register. To further complicate things for me company's want VAT invoices.

Where on on the ITR12 do purchases like PC's under R7000 get filled in? And Internet Expenses?

For Home office outlays where on the ITR12 form would I put R1400 spent on a new Hard Drive for my business computer and R4500 for a Laptop - do they go under capital expenditure?

And are 3G or ADSL Internet expenses added to telephone costs and put under the Telephone heading?

Tax problems for traveling?

From what year did you have to submit a logbook for travel allowance?

IRP5 has more than 8000 km booked on source code 3703?

My employer books my business travel on 3703, however last year I traveled more than 8000 km (11 000 km). This has triggered an audit of my tax return and resulted in me having to pay full tax on the 3703 amount. To my understanding, I should object this and ask my employer to update my IRP5 to 3702, which I then send as a supporting document with my objection. Is this correct?

I have approached my employer, they say they are unable to change my IRP5 and I should simply pay the tax. I believe this is incorrect....

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What deduction can be claimed under a 3717 housing subsidy allowance?

What deduction can be claimed if I received a 3713 allowance and the allowance was for a housing subsidy and under what source code will I complete the deductible amount?

Unregistered employer wants me to invoice them for PAYE / UIF deducted. How do I do my tax return

My employer is not registered with SARS but deducts PAYE and UIF from me every month.
They also do not give me a salary slip.
How do deal with my tax return?

They have suggested that I invoice them for me the amounts deducted and that I deal with it myself.

When do you apply for a Tax directive?

When do you apply for a Tax directive? I joined the financial planning industry (commission based) in January 2013 and I was told that I must wait one year before I can apply for a Tax directive.

As a financial planner, what deductions can be claimed?

As a financial planner (commission based only), what deductions can be claimed?
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