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PAYE threshold and small business TAX, how does it work?

I hope you can help me - my question is two-fold. My wife was working for the 2011/2012 tax period earning R3000-R4500 (as a salary). Do we need to submit a tax return for her? Since June this year she has started her own photography business from home (her only income) - we keep track of all expenses etc. Does she pay tax on the income or on the profit she makes? Does she need to register as a provisional taxpayer (the company is not registered & she trades under her own name)? If so is it ...

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I have been employed for 7 years but have never registered for tax.

I need to get up to date with my tax paying. I am being issued penalties. But when I phone in they said I need to sort it out on my eFiling. I have no idea what to do. Is there someone who is able to help me? I am willing to pay.

I submitted my IRP5 and received an SMS saying account balance: -12000. Selected for audit.

I submitted my IRP5 at a SARS branch in Joburg and I received an SMS saying
Tax return assessment result: R-12000. Acc bal:R-12000. Selected for audit: Yes.
What does it mean?

How much can I deduct for expenses from money I earned in Saudi Arabia?

Hi, I taught a two-week course in Saudi Arabia, and they paid me straight into my bank account. Do I have to pay taxes on the full amount, or is there some fixed amount per day I can deduct for expenses?

Must I keep a weekly logbook?

My wife and I submitted a weekly logbook for the 2011/2012 tax year. My wife's one were accepted but mine declined. I can't now fill in a day to day logbook as I'm not going to thumbsuck where I've traveled during that year as this is impossible. What am I to do?

I have a Q about retirement annuity deductions against tax?

How does the Chief Thief calculate my deductable amount on 'current year' RA payments (code 4006)? I entered an amount on my tax form and they calculate a LARGER amount, how is this possible?

Are there penalties on incorrect information?

Hi, I mistakenly did not pick up my medical payments deducted from my salary as a 'tax perk' which therefore adds to my taxable amount. I now have to pay in more tax after I have already completed both provisional tax forms, only to discover this now when I must submit my ITR12 now in November. Are there penalties and interest involved, since the year end is Feb and it's now Nov already?

Do I have to enter Unit Trusts on my tax form?

In Feb this year (28 Feb to be exact) I contributed a lump sum of R1000 to a Retirement annuity High equity fund, does that have to be reflected on my income tax statement?

What does it mean to receive a penalty?

What does it mean to receive a penalty?

Can l still submit my return if I receive a penalty ?

Can I still submit my return after receiving a penalty?

How do I file my tax return for the first time?

I haven't done a tax return before but I was registered by my employer. Ho do I go about doing my returns and what penalties should I expect? Can you help in this situation and what will it cost if you can?

Can I deduct the interest I pay on my home loan?

I have received a tax certificate from my bank showing the amount of interest I was changed during the tax year. Where (if anywhere) do I capture this on my tax return?

How do I get a tax rerence number for a deceased individual?

I am looking for a tax reference number for my late mother as places like Sanlam require it. How do I go about finding it?

I earn R8500 and have never been registered at SARS, my boss says I don't need to, is this correct?

I earn R8500 a month, which is the most I've ever earned. My boss keeps my salary low because he says that way I won't pay tax. I am so ignorant. Am I breaking the law or is my boss? SARS doesn't know I exist. Would I be fined? I don't have any savings stored up either. It's not that I did this on purpose. If I register it'll jeopardize my job. In fact, everyone working for him isn't registered with SARS. Isn't there a form you're supposed to have at ...

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Does home loan interest charged affect my tax?

I received a tax certificate from my bank showing the amount of interest charged on my home loan. Where or how do I enter this on SARS eFiling?

Does home loan interest charged effect my tax?

I received a tax certificate from my bank showing the amount of interest charged on my home loan. Wherehow do I enter this on SARS eFiling?

How do I create a new eFiling account?

My IRP5 had incorrectly been issued on my late husband's tax reference number. I had used this number to create an e-filing account. The reference number has since been sorted out at a SARS branch but not on e-filing. How to I change the tax reference number that my e-filing account is registered with?

Do I have to be registered with SARS if I don't work?

I am a housewife and someone said to me that SARS must know of my existence. Is this true? Is it necessary to aggravate myself by standing in insanely long queues?

How do I access the page listing documents I need to complete my return?

I am busy answering the questions on TaxTim but need to go back to the page containing the source documents e.g IRP5, IT3b etc. How do I do this?

How do I claim for the purchase price of 3 flats that I rent out?

I have finished my claim, I noticed a place on the form to enter the interest I paid to the bank for the finance. Is there no way to claim for the actual money I paid for the flat each month compared to what I earned each month in rent?

I do not understand why TaxTim is different to manually completing an ITR12?

Where do I update my personal particulars and where on TaxTim do I enter details of my IT 3(a)'s and bank interest?

What happens if I've earned foreign income?

I qualify to have my income classified as foreign income, but am unsure of the disclosure of this on my tax return.

Late submission

I have not yet submitted my previous tax year (2011) tax return and would like to do it now together with my 2012 tax return. I have seen that SARS penalises late returns by R250 per month. Is there any way to get them to be a bit more lenient on this penalty for my late submission, or is my only option to face the music?

When is eFiling for provisional taxpayers to be done?

Hi Tim,
Even with e-filing, do I still have to submit my provisional tax by 31 Aug. I thought it was 28 Nov for e-filing. Please advise. Many thanks

Is submitting a tax claim compulsory?

Is there a penalty if i don't submit my IRP5 and medical tax certificate for my tax claim?
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