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Medical Posts in Tax Q&A

Can I submit receipts of medical fees paid after February 2013 on or before 22/11/2013

I have paid some of the medical fees from my pocket after February 2013 -can I also submit the receipts thereof on or before 22/11/2013.

Claiming medical expenses for a child with a disability.

In the case of a child with a disability : The father and mother are on separate medical aids. The child with the disability is on the fathers' medical aid so contributions paid by the father does qualify. My question now is when you do the mothers' tax return do you also state that she has a child with a disability or does only the father benefit in terms of tax deductions.

Do medical aid contributions attracts perk tax?

My cost to company is R25 000 and deducted from this is my medical of 3000.00, which the company pays over on my behalf and company does not contribute towards it - is this 3000.00 taxed as a perk tax?

MEDIF01 all members for every month or numnber of members that visit the doctor for a specific month

I have 5 members on my medical aid discovery health
On the Medif01 do I fill in all the members for every month which is 5 or number of members actual doctors visits for the month?

My employer pays my med aid but its my money, how is this a fringe benefit?

My employer pays my medical aid contributions but its coming out of my pocket. (CTC) it shows as income on my payslip. I incurred R7000 worth of medical expenses and am not getting anything back, is this correct.

Upon filing return received immediate IT34 notification of owing 13k makes no sense ? What do I do ?

I just completed my return, I pay huge amounts for medical aid and also paid in additional R10 000. As I filed it instantly sent me an IT34 saying I owe them R13 133. I am in shock, don't know what to do I don't earn a massive salary and spend hundreds on medicines I have to use each month please help !!!

How will my tax work when I work in SA for a foreign based company?

I will be working for a UK based company from my home in SA. It is a very small business my sister has opened. I will be receiving foreign currency in either dollars or euros. I will earn a monthly salary. Will I pay normal tax? Will I pay tax in UK before I get my salary? How will this work for me? How will I get an IRP5? I wont be getting R250k per year but I am already a registered tax payer with the company I currently work for. I registered and submit returns every year even though I dont ...

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Can I claim a tax deduction due to the contributions I've made to her medical aid?

I wonder if you can help me. My wife works for Nedbank (NedGroup medical aid scheme)and I am on her medical aid, but I pay my contribution to her.
Am I allowed to claim a tax deduction because of the fact that we pay a monthly fee. On her IRP5 it says:Source code:4474=R16017(Employers med/aid contribution in respect of the employee) and 4005=R16017),total deductions(4497)=R32034.She does not claim any of the contributions.

Fringe Benefit - Insurance policy

My employer has included an amount in my IRP5 under income - fringe benefit, using source code 3801. This amount is for the contributions the company made on my behalf to a funeral and disability insurance policy. Is the source code used correct?
I contact the payroll department and they informed me that my IRP5 is correct as is.
When I look up the source code I see that it's for: "Assets acquired at less than actual value"

Can I claim out of pocket medical expenses paid by me and not the medical aid?

I would like to know if I can claim for medical expenses incurred this year from SARS?

I do not have a medical aid, I pay all my medical bills from my pocket

Medical deductions, what are we allowed to deduct?

What is the definition for 'qualifying out-of-pocket' medical expenses ? So, what qualifies ?

Why cant I get any tax refund when I have medical aid?

hi Timam worried cause its my second year of submitting tax returns and I still got nothing,my employer pays 60 percent of my medical aid and also contributes to my pension fund,i have stopped paying for my retirement fund 5 years ago.all my colleagues get something except me,at the moment I owe SARS R180.00,where does it come from,with medical aid and tax contributions I believe I deserve something.I have finalised my divorce 12 months agopls help me understand

Medical Deductions - Source Codes 4040 and 4020

I have incurred medical expenditure for the tax year ?%u20AC%u201C I have bills that I paid out of my own pocket, which my Medical Aid did not cover adding up to R7122 and I have an Income Tax Certificate from my Medical Aid with the amount of R6686. Also there are amounts on my IRP5/IT3(a) Employee Tax Certificate next to the codes 4005 and 4474.
1. Should my bills add up to the same amount that appears on my Medical Aid Certificate?
2. Do I leave code 4040 blank and ...

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Can't see 'Other deductions' in eFiling, how do I fix that?

In the deductions section of my tax return, I can only see the medical deductions and not any of the other deductions... How would I get this section visible on the eFiling?

Problem with eFiling Tax calc?

When submitting my eFiling I am unable to enter my Travel Claim details. Also, when I look at my Tax calculation there is a R0 total shown next to Medical Expenses.

Can you submit medical bills that was settled by yourself?

Can you submit medical bills that were settled by yourself?

Where do I fill in medical expenses on ITR12 on eFiling?

I am signed up with SARS eFiling and my ITR12 is there under returns issued. I need to add medical expenses etc in somewhere but don't know where to do this? Please advise?

Do people get such a big refund from SARS?

Is it possible that year I can get a refund of almost R35 000? I have put in all my incomes and expenses...but am a bit worried. I do have a directive and am claiming for certain expenses as a sole commission earner. Last year was a refund of only a few thousand rands, same as previous year and year before that I had to pay in R55 000 or so as I was new to the whole directive thing and I chose the wrong %. So since then I made sure boss takes off lots of tax.

I am 67 years old, can I claim medical expenses not on script and not covered by medical aid?

I am 67 years old and need to know whether I can claim medical expenses that are not on scripts and not covered by my medical aid.

how to get IT34 From SASSA?

I have been asked to send IT34 by my medical scheme in order to processed a document, so how can I get hold of that ITA34?

being selected for an audit with no supported documents

Last year a friend of mine registered me on eFiling so this year I went through a tax practitioner to claim for the first time. The lady claimed for medical and I don't have a medical aid. Then SARS phoned me and said they needed my medical certificate to be submitted within 21 day otherwise they are going to give me a penalty but I don't have medical aid and now they are thinking I was being dishonest and selected me for an audit. I am so scared now as its the first time I am claiming. What mus...

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Confused taxpayer!

I started working on April 2009 and got my 1st IRP5 in 2010 and I submitted it and they told me that it was not necessary for me to submit since I don't have medical aid and annuity then I did not submit in 2011 and 2012 and I got a letter and SMS telling that I owed SARS R500 for not submitting in 2011 and 2012, now my problem is why was I told there was no need for me to submit and yet I'm being told that I'm owing...is it my fault because I knew nothing about tax returns back t...

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Medical contribution as income and two different source codes for medical deductions? What does that

My nephew works for family business. The business is paying his medical contribution and on his IRP5 under income received amount of R59 133 / source code 3810 appears. uUder deductions the same amount appears twice with 2 different codes namely 4005 and 4474. Why are there two different codes and what is reason for code 4474. Could you please explain this to me.

Second question: on a recent payslip "Medical aid tax credit applied -R646.00 appears" - could you please help with this...

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Missing "Income Replacement Benefit" certificate - what do I do?

My employer completes my ITR12 and as I don't have any other claims or income, it is usually fine to be submitted as is. However, SARS says I owe them money. As I understand from our finance department, my employer never attached the "Tax certificate on income replacement benefits" that states that the employees does have access to a disability income benefit. They said that this is the reason I owe SARS money and once I submit the certificate I will owe SARS nothing. How do I explain to SARS m...

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Claiming tax on own medical aid?

I have my own medical aid. Can I claim tax on my own medical expenses. I am working and my company does not provide medical aid.
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