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Where do I declare a secondary source of commission income in the ITR12 if the primary is on IRP5?

I am an independent contractor operating out of a home office, and earned commission during the year from two sources, however only one of them deducted PAYE. That IRP5 is reflected on eFiling, however there is no section on the ITR12 to declare the second source of commission income. If I select the trade section of the ITR12 then I get a whole income statement to complete; if I do this must I include the IRP5 income as well? Also must I include all my expenses here or rather in the standard de...

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Can I deduct bona-fide office rent paid against commission income?

My employer requires me to maintain a home office/ study as they do not provide me with an office. Unfortunately I live in a two bed roomed apartment and I did not want to convert the spare bedroom into an office. I managed to rent a granny flat from my in-laws and converted this into a fully fledged office. I pay a monthly rental to them for the use of the office.
The majority of my income is from commission (more than 75%).
Can I deduct the rent paid to my in-laws for my office agai...

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I need to add code 3701 and 3702 to my tax return

Please make the below changes before continuing:You can't fill in the Travel Allowance section if your IRP5 incomes list doesn't contain source code 3701 or 3702.It is telling me to fix this but it does not say where I need to go to to correct this

Company taxing employee on company petrol usage?

Hi Tim

My husband has started at a new company as a sales exec. He gets company petrol as a benefit and they've issued him with a company petrol card. However now I've noticed that they are adding the petrol useage to his earnings i.e. if his basic is R5000 they are adding R4000 petrol (varies every month) and then taxing him on R9000 gross instead of taxing him on R5000. They then deduct the R5000 off again but he's paying a lot of tax every month because of them adding in the petrol...

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Refunds on Withholding Tax?

We have a Company based in South-Africa but all the work (professional engineering services) we do is for a Company Based in Tanzania. At the end of each service provided to this company we Invoice them and when they pay us they deduct 15% Withholding tax. Each year we receive Withholding Tax Certificates from this Company which we then submit to SARS when our accountant does the Company Tax Return via e-filing. The Withholding Tax Certificates we submitted to SARS this year was for the value ...

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Can I claim for travelling for a disabled person to and from college?

I have a daughter who is deaf she has finished Matric at a school for the deaf she now attends a normal colledge because there are no specialised colledges for deaf students.

I understand that I cannot claim for her fees because it is a College however I did put in a claim in 2014 for travelling because she cannot use public transport to commute to college because of her lack of communication and hearing, but my claim was rejected.

I see the tax act uses the word Specialised School but makes no mention for college or university ...

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How will I be taxed as a freelancer on retainer?

Hi there!

I am currently full-time employed as an editor, but would like to go freelance next year. I am busy putting a proposal together to encourage my current employer to keep me on retainer for a portion of my current duties, for a portion of my current salary from January 2015, so that I can at least be guaranteed a basic salary for the first year or so of being a freelancer while building up a client base.

As far as tax goes, my understanding was that the burden was on freelancers to submit quarterly or annual tax returns, and that employers using freelancers were not necessarily obligated to deduct tax on their fees...

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Incorrect travel reimbursement code on late tax submission which results in taxable income?

I recently completed my 2014 tax return and was due a refund. Shortly after I was asked to complete my previous year return. I haven't done it as I was under the impression that I was under the tax threshold (below 250k). Whilst doing the return I noticed my previous employer incorrectly included my travel reimbursement under the wrong code per IRP5 ( they included as non taxable where as it was actually taxable as it was over 8000 km)
As a result I have a large amount now owing to SARS.
Is there any way for me to deduct actual costs for this if I don't have a log book? I do have a basic summary for the bulk of the expense which I presented to the employer for reimbursement....

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Additional Income - is it taxable?

I currently earn R12650 R1391.50 shift allowance per month through my company. I will be getting an additional income R8085 from next month separate to my employer.
1. Do I need to declare this additional income?
2. Will this push me into the next tax bracket and what will be my tax amount?
3. How best can take advantage of any tax benefits for this additional income?

Travel allowance?

If you have a travel remibursement recorded under code 3702 by your employee do you record that as a travel allowance?

is parking fines included in the calculation of travel allowance

do we include parking fines in the calculation of a traveling allowance

What are the different payment options on TaxTim?

explain for me TimLite, TimSmart, TimUltra what is it and the different? I am now stuck on that field

Changing Bank Details to Home Country bank account

I am going back to India permanently. I have done eFiling this year, and the returns is credited to my SA bank account. I like to get next year's return to my Indian account. Can I change the bank details to my Indian Bank Account, so that next year returns would be credited to my Indian account. If yes, how can I change it? Can I change it via eFiling, or do I need to visit the SARS office before travelling back? What all documents are required? What is the procedure?

How to claim professional fees on my ITR12?

I work for commission and want to claim back the professional fees I paid during the last tax season. Next to which source code do I fill this in or in what section on the efiling form.

Is there a tax on bringing large amounts of cash in from offshore account?

My brother has been working on the ships for a while, and wants to transfer about R1mil to his South African account to buy property in Cape Town.

The money is currently in an account in the Cayman Islands.

Everything I have read indicated allowances and limits taking money out of South Africa. Are there any tax implications bringing money in?

Obtaining a tax directive from SARS - how long does it take?

My name is Cobus. How long does it take GepF to get a tax directive from SARS

TAX R 6000.00

how much tax is due when I am earing a commission salary of R 6000.00

Compiling supporting documents for medical expenses not covered by medical aid scheme

I have been asked to submit supporting documents by SARS for verification purposes and I was wondering what the requirement is with regards supporting documents for medical expenses not covered by my medical aid scheme?

On my Income tax certificate from Discovery there are two numbers given. Firstly one number for Contributions during the period and secondly a number for 'Claims not recovered from the Scheme'. I duly included these under the requisite sections when completing my tax return. ...

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PAYE basic and commission?

How do you work out how much PAYE you have to pay when you get a basic and commission?

How late can a request for correction of my ITR12 be made?

A friend of mine, has submitted her IT12 by e-filing, she was then asked to submit supporting documents, once these were submitted, she was told that she will be audited as part of the tax compliance procedure. She is concerned because when submitting her IT12, she had lost her log book and had to redo this from memory and is now worried that the log book will be inaccurate and the audit will bring this up. As she doesn't want to get into trouble, she wants to know if it is still possible to do ...

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Foreign subsistence allowance code

What is the difference between tax codes 3714 and 3716 for allowances. Is it true that code 3714 has now replaced code 3716 since 2010, for foreign subsistence allowance?

Do you need a tax directive for each IRP5 for which it is applicable?

Do I need a separate tax directive for each employer where I receive remuneration and my commission is more than 50% of my salary?

What are the tax implications for international network marketing reps?

Would Network Marketing Income (Commission) be treated as small business income? Does expenditure on MLM product (travel, merchandice etc.) & branded clothes be allowed as expenses?Would international income be taxed when paid into an international account or only when transferred to a South-African account?

What and how much can I claim for on my own car expenses when the car is used for business

Hi Tax TimI get paid a basic and commission each quarter of the year. I pay for my own petrol and car expenses and I am looking to claim all of this back from SARS at the end of the year. I have been keeping a log book and I would liek to know the percentage of my expenses that I cna claim back if I rarely use my car for private use. What percentage will I be able to claim back from my business expenses on my car. Can I also claim for my cars depreciation? And again what is the percentage for th...

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IRP5 treatment of retirement lump sum benefits

I resigned from my employer in the 2014 y.o.a and took the full withdrawal from my provident fund with the company. The IRP5 received from the company does not include the retirement lump sum benefit received. Would it be correct to include the lump sum payment under code 3901 and claim a deduction as per the directive under code 4115?
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