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Tax Certifcates

Hi - what happens is I cannot find my tax cerficates

What is tax return?

What is tax return? and how do I benefit if am paying tax

Audit from SARS? How Long?

How long can I wait for my tax get paid out when they send it for audit?

Retirement annuity contribution from previous year

I paid a lump sum into a retirement annuity investment in Feb 2014. I forgot to include any of it on my Feb 2014 tax return. There are no further contributions at this point. Q1: must I include the value of the annuity in my statement of assets and liabilities (I have rental income so I am completing that section); if so, under which heading does it fall? investments?
Q2: I saw something about carrying over R1800 in RA contributions to the next year. Is this correct? Do you put this under ...

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SARS wants me to submut income tax documents from 1991 to 2003. I dont have these. What can I do?

I filed my tax return on Friday 30 October 2015 and SARS said they are now using a new system and said the they need me to file tax returns from 1991-2003. I can not get these IRP's or medical certificates. What must I do? When I went to file my tax return in 2013 they asked me to get the documents from 2006-2013 and file for each year. I got that documents and filed and paid a R500. 00 penalty. They did not ask for anything else and said I was up to date. This year they ask for 1991-2003. Pleas...

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Audited, how long does it take to be paid out?

I have been audited and as this is the first time that it has happened to me, I have send through all documents that they requested. I was travelling away for work and could only electronically updated my papers for them on the 06/10/2015 after they send me a letter that I am being audited on 09/109/2015. According to my knowledge you have 21 Working days to send all paper work threw as from day of notice. Till now I have not received any information on when the money will be paid out. No other ...

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Does it take long for SARS to tell if im getting my return or not as they went for auditing

I have sent my tax return to SARS on the 5th of October and was send for auditing for 3 weeks and still I hvent get a respond from them

How to obtain additional information regarding the the reassessment of your ITA34

After I have submitted my tax return, I received a letter to submit all my documentation. I've done this and now have received a revised ITA34, where the Interest income is double than what I have received and recorded on my tax return. How do I contact SARS to provide me with further information regarding the assessment, and what steps do I take now if their assessment regarding interest income is incorrect?

Medical claim - proof of bills required?

Do I have to send medical expense bills to SARS?

Is it possible to re-submit my 2013 tax return?

Is it possible for me to re-submit my 2013 tax return cause I have been overcharged due to the following documents not submitted, medical certificate and retirement contribution certificate presently those documents are available.

How much should tax professionals charge individual taxpayers for filling and VDP services

How much should a tax practitioner charge for an hour consultation?

I wish to do a Voluntary Disclosure Programme application for 4 preceeding tax years, and was charged R3000 for 2 hour review of my documents before even the process of VDP was initiated. It was called preliminary assessment by this service provider. I just want to know it this figure/fee is regulated and whether in your opinion is a fair and/or ethical charge.

Is my pension taxed when transferring from one fund to another?

I changed jobs and requested that my pension be transferred from the previous fund to the new fund. This was done, but the old fund was taxed. I did not withdraw any of the money, so I am inquiring if I should have been taxed or can SARS provide me with a refund?


What does it mean "SARS has issued correspondence which needs your attention"?

What is the taxation on the gratuity lump sum and on the annuity for medical retirement-GEPF?

I belong to GEPF and was medically boarded. What is the taxation on the gratuity lump sum and on the annuity?

How long does a payment dispute assessment take?

I'm a seasonal worker I've submitted my tax returns in August, was suppose to receive my first payment on the 1st of October but it was reversed because my tax cert indicates I've worked for 4 months in 2015 tax year, SARS requested that I submit an affidavit and I did all of that but since then haven't received any correspondence from SARS.

How long is it going take for them to reverse back my money to me? Or should I be worried there's more issues coming?

Interest on bond payments

Can I claim interest paid on a bond as an expense for an investment property where I receive rent. Will that differ for the interest paid on a bond for an empty stand (also investment) where no rent is received yet?

Haven't worked a full year, tax return?

I have only begun being employed this year June 2015. Do I need to file a tax return?

Bank account verification

Good Morning. My wife and I have moved to Namibia in March. I have closed my Standard Bank account, and are trying to get my wifes FNB account verified with SARS. They need a representative in South Africa to go in and do this. Can you assist. I asked my son in Cape Town to do it and he has all the paperwork etc. Kind regards,

SARS Threshold

Hi Tim,

I have just received a notice of assessment from SARS yet again. What is the threshold before SARS actually audits you? I've heard its anything above R30k. Is this true?

4 months contract... Will I be taxed?

I have been unemployed for a year, and will start a 4 month contract on Dec 2015 to end March 2016. Salary will be R11 000 gross. And intend to not work the rest of 2016. Will I have to pay tax if I am employed temporarily?

Got ITA34 but not received anything further

I submitted my tax return through SARS eFiling about 2 months ago. And I got an ITA34 about an hour afterwards. And on it says I owe a negative value which I assume means that they need to pay me, and it says that I've not been selected for an audit, and there hasn't been any request for supporting documents. But it's been 2 months and I've heard nothing, nor have I received any payment?

Will I be taxed on reimbursive travel allowance code 3703 or audited if no log book?

I did not have a travel allowance however we were reimbursed by our employer for travel (under 8000). My IRP5 states that I received R17909 for code 3703 (reimbursive travel allowance). This is a substantial figure & I am sure it also then includes funds that were paid to my company diner's card for airfare. Will I be taxed on this amount, or is it non-taxable income? As I was not receiving a travel allowance I did not keep a log book. Was I supposed to?


Why are 4003 deductions showing at zero FOR THE 2015 YOA?

Can PAYE, UIF and Provisional Tax be claimed on Income Tax Return (ITR14)?

Hi TaxTim

I would like to now, can a Company claim PAYE, UIF and Provisional Tax on a Income Tax Return (ITR14)?

Thanks in advance.

Please help with supporting documentation.

Can I submit my supporting documents to you? Or must I do it via eFiling?

The email from both SARS and you does not clearly indicate which documents to submit. Regards
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