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How do I submit a nil tax return via eFiling as no longer resident in South Africa?

We have been living in Australia since 2011 so are non-residents in South Africa for income tax purposes. We are registered tax payers in Australia. When eFiling and creating my ITR12 SA tax return, do I click yes to the button saying that I have been unemployed so that I can create a nil return? Can I do this each year? Do I need to declare interest of R300 earned in South Africa - I have already declared this in my Australian return.

If my provisional tax return is a zero, must I still complete the IRP6?

As a member of a CC I paye fixed monthly PAYE and all payments are always 100% up to date. I submitted my 2013 tax return and IT34 tax assessment is -R1 (SARS owes me). On the same assessment is also a penalty of R 2,288 for not submitting provisional tax. Surely this cannot be right. Must I object Hasn't SARS issued a statement confirming that you're only obliged to submit a provisional tax return if you are indeed liable for provisional tax?

Disclosure (Forex, shares, unit trusts)

Is there a need to disclose that I trade forex online even though I am sitting on a loss?
Is there a need to disclose for this assessment period that I had share investments and unit trusts, I disposed all shares and part of the unit trusts end of March i.e. outside the current assessment yr. after holding them for less than a year (wedding expenses over budget)?

If l'm working for construction and don't get the IRP5 what must l do?

I've been working for construction companies from 2002 until now 2013 but l haven't received any IRP5,now l don't know if its too late or l can still claim my tax refunds from SARS?

How do I edit/complete an incomplete form?

How do I edit/complete an incomplete form?
I want to add information I left out on the questionnaire.

Can I deduct car finance payments for tax purposes against a travel allowance?

I do not lease a car, but I receive a car allowance. Can I deduct my car finance payments or the interest?

Is the R3 700 exemption for foreign dividends and interest still available for 2013 tax year?

Over 65's have an exemption of R33000 on local interest earned. A portion of this exemption (R3 700) was allowed for foreign dividends and foreign interest in 2012 tax year. I am not sure if this still available in the 2013 tax year?

What must I do or what is the next step after receiving a letter(completion letter) from SARS?

I filed my taxes and documents were requested by SARS which I sent through. I received a letter called a completion letter. THis is what the letter says " Dear Taxpayer


We refer to the verification of your assessment for the 2013 tax period. Please note that no adjustment has been made to this assessment. However, in terms of the Tax Administration Act the South African Revenue Service reserves the right to conduct further reviews in future if required....

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My Old Employer's Accountant is refusing to issue me with an IRP5

My Old Employer's Accountant is refusing to issue me with an IRP5 based on an old salary dispute. How should I handle this? It has been submitted to SARS as the information appears on my ITR on E-Filing. I'm scared to submit the return without having the IRP5 incase I get audited. Help!

Do I still have to register with SARS and fill in a tax return?

In 2012 I was paying PAYE, I got an IRP5 from work but did nothing with it as I didn't know what it really was. Then in February 2013 they raised the threshold and I no longer earn enough to pay tax. Should I still fill in a tax return for 2012? Will they charge me late fees for this?

I didn't get my IRP5 and it wasnt loaded onto SARS

I just want to find out, my previous employer hasn't sent me my IRP5, and also the accountant doesn't return a response either about it. How can I get my IRP5?

What supporting documents must l add to my personal tax return?

I'm busy doing my personal income tax and don't know what documents I must submit example medical just know about my IRP5/ I'm in a medical fund so what must I declare will you please help me Tim?

What documentation do you have to carry with you when you go to SARS to do your tax returns?

What documentation do you need to submit your tax returns claim to SARS?

What is the limit for tax free donations?

Hi Tim

My girlfriend sold a house she inherited from her deceased mother and would like to split the income with her sister. The amount is approx R500 000, is there a way to transfer the money as a lump sum to her sister tax free?

An accountant advised us to "loan" her sister the whole amount and then to pay off the loan in lumps of R100 000 per year to avoid the 20% donations tax, but every year she needs to complete a declaration together with her tax form submission. Is ...

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Tax on leased property?

I rent out my property but still pay a bond. This is not my primary residence. Do I still need to pay tax?

Study expenses for my son?

My son studies away from home and I pay all his expenses. He has a study loan. I pay the interest on his study loan amounts to R 1000 per month. Can I claim any of his expenses back?

what happens if my ex boss refuses to do my IRP5 form?

Does my ex boss have to post my IRP5 form on line to SARS, or do I have to?

Late taxes, will I be penalised?

I did not submit a tax return last year. What can I do? I assumed employers did it for you! Are there fines involved?

What to do with following expences whilst renting out student accommodation (commune)?

Part of Personal income.
1. Do I enter bond payments for the property anywhere?
2. What about security payments to Chubb?
3. What about Furniture & appliances - all rooms are furnished.

I am owing SARS, but they owe me a refund, now what?

I am owing SARS an amount of R 1000.00 and there is a refund due to me in an amount of R 8000.00 , I have made arrangements as to how to pay the money owed to SARS. My question is can't SARS actually minus the money I owe them from my refund although an arrangement has been made? I was actually told that I would not receive what is due to me if I don't pay the outstanding money.

Lastly how long does it take for SARS to pay your refund if you have submitted via e filling .

Not working, but received a SARS penalty?

I have not submitted SARS returns as I was not working and not working. They have issued a penalty.

Am I liable for a penalty that was a SARS error because not disputed within reasonable timeframe?

I submitted a return for the first time myself in 2012. It was previously done by a colleague who was rather knowledgable. Each previous year (3 years) the outcome was a R0.00 balance as I do not have any medical aid, retirement, etc. Nothing had changed since then. She advised telephonically on how to submit and it was done.I have now received an sms last month (April 2013) stating that I am liable for R15k. Upon investigation with my HR department, they found that the income (IRP5 info) was du...

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When do you submitt your IT3(b) certificate?

I recenlty received a IT3(b) now I dont quit know whether the amount of money reflected there will be given to me or it is an amount that I already have received.

Tax number for a retired person with Residence Permit?

How can I get a Tax number in SA when I don't have an income in SA?I have some interest income from my bank in my origin country, they claim I need a tax number in SA.How can I register to get that?

Procedure in submitting IRP5 form and steps thereafter?

I have an IRP5 tax return form from my company and want to know the procedure to submitting and whats the procedure thereafter?
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