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Audit / Verification Posts in Tax Q&A

Requests for documents

I submitted my forms and got asked to submit some documents, which I did, but I'm not sure I did it correctly, as I haven't gotten any feedback after the first requests for documents. How will I know if they need more from me? Must I call them? I'm scared that they will fine me. Regards

Due date for ITR12 as a Provisional Taxpayer?

Have submitted my two Provisional Tax tax returns for this year already, and still need to submit my ITR12. When is that due? It's the first time I'm doing it myself after getting rid of my accountant. Also if I decided to get TaxTim to do it, what all would I need in terms of documentation, and how simple is the process through your guys?

Resigned how to get refund from SARS?

I resigned from work,how do I know I am eligible for return from SARS

Sale of primary residence

My question relates to the sale of my primary residence in 2014 that I owned with my former spouse. We sold it upon divorce and shared the proceeds 50/50 after paying off the bond and other debt. The purchase price of the house was R1 875 000,00, transfer duty R67 000, transfer fees R17 000. What is the base price that I should put down in my tax form? Is it R1 875 000,00 (the amount that excludes transfer duty and transfer fees)? The house was sold for R2 400 000, 00. With refunds from bond etc...

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Notice from SARS

Good day, SARS sent me a notice for an additional assessment on my SARS eFiling; what does this mean and what should I do?

This is for my 2015 tax return that you guys sent to them. Regards,

How long does it take for SARS to refund funds ?

IF the amount on the tax return show a - that means that you will receive funds, correct. My question is how long does it take, because when you call SARS call centre they said 6 working days. If it's not truth why say it.


SARS are requesting IRP5's from me for 2006 & 2007 before they will release a refund for my current 2015 tax return. Problem is I don't have the IRP-5's anymore and neither does my employer. For what period are they supposed to keep it on their records? Please advise because I don't know what to do now.

Medical costs for operation not paid out by Medical Aid

Hi I have a question regarding medical claims not paid by the medical aid. I had a c-section operation in 2014. The Doctor put in a claim of R13k and the medical aid made a payment from the scheme of R3K, leaving a balance of R10K. The amount for unpaid claims on the medical aid certificate for the 2014/2015 tax year is only approx R4K.

Should this R10K amount of the c-section be added to the medical claims not paid by the medical aid? Tax Code 4020 becomes R4K R10K = R14K. What abo...

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PAYE/ Tax on Commissions

I am paying employees a monthly salary as well as commissions on top of the monthly basic. Do I have to deduct PAYE separately from monthly basic and then using a different PAYE/ Tax Rate for the commissions?

Commissions are available every month, however not every month has commissions paid to the employee. What would be the easiest and best way to understand this as well as being as SARS compliant

A Earns R60Kpm & pays R7Kpm to medical fund,A is married with 2kids,Wat is his tax credit for 2016

An individual aged 45, married with two small children, is a member of a medical aid fund. He earns a salary of R60 000 per month. He pays R7 000 each month to the medical aid fund throughout the year of assessment ending 28 February 2016. What is the monthly amount of his the medical scheme fees tax credit for the year of assessment ending 28 February 2016

Must I submit returns for previous years when I earned very little? (single income, no claims)

After phoning SARS about an eFiling problem (presently 2015), I was told by the consultant that my tax return for 2013 was overdue. I responded that I hadn't been making anywhere near the tax threshold that year, and that various SARS website material, tax-consultants & SARS consultants over the years had confirmed as much (single source income, no med-aid, no R/A, no travel, no NPO-PBO donations, etc). He responded that everyone had to submit a tax return every year, regardless of how much they...

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Must I still pay tax if company deducts PAYE?

Must I still pay tax if my company deducts PAYE?

How can I find out why I'm being audited?

I've done my tax return Ok. I received an SMS that I am being audited and that I will receive the amount of refund on 1 Dec. Why must I wait so long, and how can I find out why I'm being audited?

Lapses on cancelled policies

I am at the part on my tax return which asks - Did you receive any money for work that you were taxed on, or money for restraint of trade, which you then had to give back to your employer? These are amounts refunded as per s11(nA) and s11(nB).

I am currently a financial adviser and we incur lapses on policies that were cancelled. This money is taken away from us. Do I use that amount here?

What does "auto finalised" mean?

My son has been audited, then it went to anther department, that department said that it would be auto finalised 28/10/2015, but still no money...

Do I submit returns for the years in between a full-time job where I studied and worked for myself?

What happens if I started my first full-time job at the beginning of 2012 and submitted my tax return correctly (getting no refund, of course)... But then I quit the job in January 2013 and went back to study for the year of 2013? I assume I didn't have to submit for that year off? (I didn't). I then started freelancing and working for myself throughout 2014. Do I need to submit a tax return for 2014, even though as a freelancer I made less than the threshold?

Can use of vehicle be classified as fringe benefit

Directors purchase 2 luxury motor vehicles on company name. But the installments are being paid off the directors loan account. SARS raises an assessment on the directors personal capacity stating understated PAYE. Can SARS do this? Can an objection be raised?

Rental income In Community of Property split not recorded on IT34

On my IT34 - for my rental income profit - SARS did not perform the 50-50 split for being married in community of property and so the full amount was used to calculate my tax owed. Would I file a dispute claim for this? It seems strange that last year SARS did the 50-50 split and this year they haven't.

Can I claim gap cover on my tax return?

I had depleted my savings last year on my medical scheme and had a self payment gap to cover and then annual threshold benefits would kick in. Can I claim the self payment gap on my tax return?

Is a UK property sale liable for SA CGT

I've recently sold a property in the United Kingdom, and transferred the proceeds thereof over to South Africa. I'm a South African citizen, registered with SARS. Am I liable to pay capital gains tax here in SA?

Pay income tax

I pay tax from my salary, that's what it says on my payslip, do I further need to pay income tax this year if I only started worked under 6 months and earned R58330 as a whole (without deductions)?

Medical not included in salary

For the last few years my employer didn't include their portion of my medical in my deductible salary, so there was no PAYE paid on it. I did receive my annual paybacks from SARS on the medical tax certificate I submit through our accountant. Now I owe SARS money and my employer is expecting me to pay it back. Am I liable for this even though it was not a mistake on my side?

What supporting documentation is required for source code 4027?

I have been requested to submit to SARS A4 copies of the relevant material in support of the following declarations:

For source code 4027, depreciation of R6,299. 00 has been assessed against my ITR12 tax return and I have been asked for supporting documents. I purchased a laptop with my own money that I use after hours to catch up on work. What document needs to be submitted and what should it state?

Amending your tax return after submission

I'm a first time tax payer. I only completed my tax return for the first time this year. I used e-Filing and already submitted my tax return, and received the assessment. I realised that I had to add my Medical Aid tax certificate (My company is not paying for my medical aid, it comes from my pocket). What should I do now, seeing that I already filed my tax return? How am I going to fix this?

How can my payment be audit twice.

I submitted my tax return via SARS eFiling on the 1st of July 2015. I was not selected to be audited. I did not get my refund as usual. When I contacted SARS they said that my payment is being audited. On the 30th of September I received a letter stating that I must submit supporting documents. The documents was submitted on the 1st of October. A completion letter was issued on the 3rd of November stating that my assessment was not changed. When I inquire now I am told that my payment is being a...

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