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Medical deductions for a daughter, can they be claimed?

A work colleague's daughter who is not considered to be a dependent in terms of sec 18, as she works and is 31, of the income tax act ended up in hospital last year with tick bite fever. The bills amounted to about R220 000. The mom paid all the bills for the daughter and wants to know if she can claim these under her tax return as her daughter earns so little there will be no tax paid back. The daughter is not on a medical aid of her own and is also not on her moms medical aid.

Tax deduction on invoice made out in someone else's name

Question: For disability tax, can I claim a qualifying expense that I paid for although the invoice from the service provider was made out in the name of my wife?

Can I get an IRP5 for state pension?

Can you please advise me regarding the following:

My Mother-in-law is a SASSA Old Age Grant recipient, she also earns a very small pension from her late husband's pension fund. Her medical expenses uses up almost half of her income. Can she obtain a IRP5 for her state pension as well as the other small income and then submit a ITR12 form through eFiling? If so, where can she obtain a IRP5 for her SASSA grant?

Should I fill in the amount contributed as per Medical tax certificate or leave it blank ( 4005)?

hi, I have a medical aid and I am contributing directly , but my company paid for 1 month while I was on part time. When I became permanent I didn't want them to take over the medical aid, so in that way I own it not my company. Now I have to do my returns should I put in the amount I contributed on 4005 or should I leave it blank?

Can I claim tax back on medical expenses if my medical aid is partially subsidized by my Employer?

I am currently employed and am ready to submit my tax return; however I have a question relating to medical expenses that were not covered by my medical aid. My medical aid is partially subsidized by my company, I contribute 40% and my employer contributes the remaining 60% towards the monthly contributions.
Am I still allowed to claim tax back on these medical expenses even though I do not pay the full medical aid contribution?

Penalty Fee Tax - medical aid

i'm paying a penalty fee for my mom to be part of my medical aid. The amount is around R6 000.
1. should this be reflected in my IRP5?
2. if yes/no, there is a code on the tax submission of 4004. should this amount go on there?

Would I be getting some money back or pay in because of that?

SARS says I don't have to submit a tax return because I earn under R350 000

I just got an email from SARS that said unless I earn over R350 000 a year I don't have to submit a tax return this year.

Is this correct? Wasn't the income threshold a LOT lower last year, like R70,000? My income certainly doesn't exceed R350000 per year, but I still want to declare my expenses like medical and get my refund. Must I still submit below the threshold?

Confused over SOA for SARS

I submitted my tax return 01/07/2014 and there was a negative balance of R7752.11 which meant a refund is due to me. The only part I added was my medical expenses that I pay myself every month. I am a strictly commission earner as well. Today I receive my assessed IT34 and it says Statement of account assessment -7752.11 and then Refunds 7752.11. Balance 0. What does this mean? Am I not due anything back?

What is portion paid on claims?

On my medical aid certificate, what is this "your portion paid on claims"?

IRP5 is incorrect

Hi I hope you can help me. on my IRP5 my commission pension and medical aid and pay and car shows as code 3601. when I went to the bookkeeper he said it must be like that. what can I do in this case?

Do I receive a tax return on my cash medical bills paid?

Hi my boy was born last year october. i paid all the bills cash it cost me about R45 000 will I be able to get a return on this and how do I go about it?

Medical claims on my ITR12?

On my medical aid tax cert it says claims not recovered R******
where do I put this amount on my return?

I am diabetic and single no medical must paid cash what can I claim

if I don't have medical and I am a diabetic and paid for all out of my pocket can I clam?

Correct source code for medical expenses on the income tax return?

Do I put the amount not covered by medical aid next to code 4020 or 4040. If I put the amount next to wrong code and submitted my return can it be rectified?

From what date until what date do I claim for medical expenses I paid out of my pocket?

from what date until what date do I claim for medical expenses I paid out of my pocket

Can I claim for spectacles on my ITR12?

Can I claim for spectacles on my tax return?

I have never claimed before.. I want to submit my IRP5's, now what?

I have been working for various companies, earning not very much. in the past 1 year and 6 months I worked for a company where for the first time got an IRP5.. and money was being deducted from my commission. I don't know much about tax, and I never claimed. no medical aid..

what do I need to do?

I claimed medical and traveling what is the supporting docs necessary for SARS?

I claimed medical and traveling what is the supporting docs necessary for SARS?

Travelling allowances for disabled persons

I am disabled owning a car can I claim for travelling allowances in my income tax return?

What documents do I need as a 1st time IRP5 submitter?

What documents do I need as a 1st time IRP5 submitter?

My CTC is R22 000 with 50% contribution from company on medical(R1976), how should tax be calculated

I have a CTC of R22,000 and included in that amount is the 50% medical contribution from the company, how will my tax be calculated. My medical aid is R1976.

Tax relief caring for parent that is your dependant?

I have power of attorney for my 90 year old mother's fixed deposit account (small amount). I am concerned that the worst might happen and want to transfer the account into my name before then as I am concerned that the money will be frozen and we may need it to pay for all the arrangements. My question is what is the most tax efficient (for me as her sole provider) way of doing this as the money will be used to make all the arrangements afterwards.
In addition I currently pay for her old ag...

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Principal member vs paying member of medical aid

I pay for the medical aid for my family, however my wife is the principal member. Who should account for this on their return?

Will I get a refund with a non taxable salary paying a medical aid of whereby the employer pays 50%?

My Salary is R 5442.00 a month after deductions of which I do not get taxed but pay a medical aid for myself and my 2 kids of where the employer pays 50% of which my total amount starting last year Septermber were R 1297.00 and from January 2014 R 1413.00

Will I receive a tax refund if I was unemployed and still contributing to medical aid?

I was unemployed from February 2013 to December 2014. I returned to work in January 2014. During that period I was still paying for medical aid. will I receive a tax refund?
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