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Meaning of efiling status

What does it mean when your SARS eFiling status shows Filed.

Need eFiling Registration Form to send along with ID copy to complete registration process

I have just registered for SARS eFiling and still need to wait 24hours for verification to be complete. I then received an email telling me to complete the registration form and fax it with my ID to complete the registration verification process. I can't find this Registration form, could you please make it clearer?

Documents for verification with SARS?

I submitted documents for verification last Friday via your site to SARS. I've still not heard anything from them. How long do they take to respond? Do they respond?

Supporting documents

Hi Tim, I am going through a bit of a nasty divorce and I was working for my inlaws, Submitted my tax return and SARS is now asking for supporting documents. Even tho I was not up for Audit. I have spoken to my attorney and he said he would request the documenst from my inlaws eg my IRP5. I do have a refund due, but the only thing I claimed for was medical aid. Can I just submit that or must I wait for my IRP5?

How do I pay tax as an independent contractor

I am an independent contractor. I started working part-time but have since progressed to full-time. Previously I did not earn enough to qualify to pay tax. However, from the beginning of this year working full-time I would need to pay tax. I have been onto the SARS website which shows my ITA34. I submitted this to SARS and it came back that I don't owe anything, which I am not sure is true. I don't want to have any trouble with SARS for not paying. What is the best way to go about in this situat...

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How will the last year tax returns affect the new year if its not paid?

If I have an outstanding amount to pay, will it affect the new year tax returns?

If I submit 2 ITR12 form , will I receive two ITA34 assessments from SARS?

If I submit 2 ITR12 form, will I receive two ITA34 assessments from SARS?

If I use both codes will I be taxed twice on one amount paid to me

I have an IRP5 from Glacier Financial Solutions for my pension payments and they have used the amount paid to me under code 3610 and code 3698. If I enter both on my tax return will I be taxed twice?

Home office Expenses disallowed

I'm a normal salary employee (not a commission earner) that work from home in a dedicated office 4 days a week, and I travel to the office one day a week. I tried to claim for a home office, and on my tax return I got the message "Home office Expenses disallowed". No reason given. I've tried querying, but they give me a case number, but never resolve the query. My employee contract is very old, and doesn't have the arrangement in. Can I give a letter from my employer as proof? What other documen...

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Medical Aid and Annuity deductions

Good afternoon. I have medical aid and a retirement annuity, which is registered under my name and details, but the payments are made in full directly by my employer. It does not reflect on my monthly salary slip but is part of my formal yearly package. Can I claim tax on my medical aid and annuity?

Where do I get my tax directive?

I got an IT34 notice. My tax status shows I need manual interference from SARS as they need a tax directive for the lump sum paid to me from a retirement fund. I received one IRP5 from my employer which includes my year's salary income as well as the retirement money. What happens now? Who is responsible for getting the tax directive? Shouldn't the retirement fund paid me directly and issued their own IRP5 to me?

Timeframe on Verification and Auditing?

Hi there, I submitted my tax 2015 to my registered tax practitioners. I was told that SARS wanted verification on all supporting documents. I was further told that it would take up 3 months for SARS to verify the info. How is it possible that usually verification takes a 'quick look' and auditing takes 3 months? It sounds that I wax misinformed that verification should not take more than three months. If it were more than 3 months, then does it look like verification stage or auditing?

If verification was supposed to be a quick check, and there is a hold up on it - what is the likely cause to the delay of the refund?...

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What will happen with the remaining

I have submitted 4 IRP5's and each an every IRP5 has a tax refund but so far I have only received half of the amount what will happen with the remaining?

Is it better to buy or lease a vehicle for a commission earner?

I am a real estate agent and require a vehicle to travel to appointments, etc. Would it be better to buy a vehicle (new or used) or lease a vehicle? My understanding is there are greater tax benefits in leasing (claim 100%) while buying a vehicle there is only a portion of the vehicle and interest you can claim. Is this correct? Which would you recommend?

Following the receipt of an ITA34 indicating the refundable amount, are there further steps needed?

Following the submission of my tax return I received an ITA34 (on the 25th October) stating that a certain amount was refundable to me. I've yet to receive this amount. Is this the usual waiting period? Is there something else I need to do?

1st assessment vs 2nd assessment SARS

Dear Tim, could you please advise how can SARS owe me on my first assessment and ask for additional document and now on the additional assessment they have indicated that I owe them the same amount they owned me in the first assessment? How can I go about disputing this? Many thanks

Foreign service income exemption

I was hoping to pick your big tax brain before I submit my tax return and cause chaos at SARS.... I qualify for S10(1)(o) in terms of foreign services rendered as I meet the requirements in this regard. My dilemma is I don't know which part of my income I can use to claim the applicable portion of this exemption i.e. Income (3601); Annual payment (3605) etc. To further complicate the situation I had share options exercised in the same tax year!

Would you mind confirming which source codes I can use in the claim?...

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Auto completion letter

Hi Tax Tim. I received a email yesterday from SARS. The letter stated... Auto completion letter. Does this mean I can expect the money SARS owes me anytime soon?

Daddys Deals voucher

I bought a Daddys Deal of 50% discount. Where do I enter the code?

Incorrect medical expenses, can I correct my tax return that is already submitted?

I calculated the incorrect amount for my medical expenses, but I see my tax return is already submitted. Can I still change the amount? And how do I upload my documentation?

Where do I declare full cash payment from pension fund?

I transferred from one company to another that outsourced their information systems department with a section 197 transfer a year ago. I decided to withdraw the full cash from my pension fund, as the money in my pension fund could not be transferred to a provident fund without being taxed (not sure it this is correct). Could you please advise where to declare the full cash payout / income that I have received?

Is there any entitlement from GEPF after my pension money was paid?

I have worked for the public service for 15 years and resigned end 2014. I received my pension pay out around February 2015. Is the anything that I still need to claim back from GEPF? by means of tax returns???

Do you submit my tax return automatically once done to SARS?

I have just completed my tax return with TaxTim's help and I've paid via EFT. Will my tax returns be automatically submitted to SARS? What is the process now?

How to calculate deductions for a director who does not draw a salary every month

I am doing basic bookkeeping functions for a company. The director has never drawn a salary but intends to do so for the next 2 months at R50000 per month. How do I calculate the deductions and pay UIF etc. over to SARS?

Supporting documents for capital gains

I just got notified that you submitted a revised ITR12 which records the primary residence exclusion of R2000 000. The new ITA34 I received now reflects an amount of -R14 290. 15. But now I am being audited. They are not clear on the documents that I have to submit. They ask for my IRP5, medical aid certificate, IT3B tax certificate. With regards to the capital gains part, there are no specific requests. Should I submit the final statement of accounts for the purchase and sale of my former resid...

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