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Should a person over 65 pay tax on a pension from a late spouse's place of employment?

If an old lady who is over the age of 65 is still earning a salary, but gets a pension from her dead husband's place of work. Should her current employer reflect that income on her taxable income?

How to read negative refund amount in assessment

Hi TimMy assessment letter says "Net amount refundable under this assessment after allowable creditsCompliance"and then shows a negative amount. Technically this would mean I owe SARS as a negative 'refund' means the oposite of a refund but I am not sure what they intend it to mean.What should I take this to mean?Thanks!

Birthday cash money gift. What to do with tax?

Every year I get around R35000-R45000 as a birthday present depending on how generous my extended family is feeling. This never used to be a problem when I was younger as I just used to go out and spend it, but now as I'm getting older I would like to save this money.

My question is if I had to deposit this gift money into my account would I have to pay tax on it?

Parents over 80yrs old, income of 350K/yr from rentals, do they need to pay tax?

My parents are over 80. The only income they enjoy is from 5 rented cottages on the property where they collect on average ZAR 6000/month. This equates to a total income of around ZAR 350K/yr. They claim they do not need to pay tax on this nor need to complete a tax return!? Is this true?!

They are cashed up, do not have or service any debt. The only significant asset they own is the single property on which they both live and rent the cottages out.

When do I pay sars after submitting provisional tax?

After submitting my provisional tax, when do I need to pay it? Does SARS send me a bill?

How do I apply to be over taxed on pension received?

I receive a monthly pension from my late husband. I have submitted my SARS and I have to pay in a large amount back to SARS. I have spoken to SARS as well as GEPF and the advice I received was to apply to Department Finance to over tax me to avoid this situation again. I don't know how, where and to whom I must speak to adjust my tax. Thanks

Refunded but still owe SARS money?

I got a refund last year (2012) and went into SARS and they did my submission for me. I phoned SARS to see how to report my previous company as they have not let me have my IRP5 form as yet (it was due by July 2013). I was then informed that I have a recurring penalty of R 13750.00 due to 2007 and 2011 not being submitted.

Surely if I owed them any money they would not have released the refund for 2012? I really need help with this as I am pretty confused.

What is a recurring penalty?

I got a message saying 'i have a recurring penalty'. What is it & how do I settle this?

I haven't been paying tax since starting work (5 years). What are the implications?

I have been working since 2008 and earning enough to qualify for tax but I am not a registered taxpayer. Will I be liable to pay taxes for all those years I have been working till date, as I plan on registering for tax to avoid any more repercussions?

Correction on return from 2007 - how long will it take to be assessed?

Hi,I submitted my IRP5 for this year. After doing that I was given a penalty, because my 2007 and 2008 returns was not done. I paid the penalty and sumbitted all the outstanding years. I was told that they are busy with a assesment on my 2007 return. This is now going on for 2months. Last week I realized that I made a mistake on my 2007 return, and that is why they are busy with the assesment. I requested a correction and filed it.Now how long do you think it will take for them to finish with th...

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IT3 certificates? Requirement to issue on loan accounts? CC or Pty?

Hi Does a close corporation or a (Pty) Ltd company that has paid interest on member or shareholder loan accounts have to issue any kind of IT3 certificates?

Can one submit tax returns for 2009 and 2010 in 2013?

I was working as a contract worker for under an employment agency for 6 months in 2009 and for 3 months in 2010. Can I submit tax returns for these years?

Does -10c balance mean I'm not owed? I know I have been paying tax.

Hi Tim! I submitted my tax return for 2012 and 2013 last week Friday. I wanted to claim in case I was owed. Afterwards I got an email and an SMS saying -10cents due. What does it mean?

Oops - I under estimated first provisional tax payment what now?

Hi Tim

I just filed and paid my IRP6 for the first payment just to realize that I might have under-estimated. Do I need to ask for a correction or can I rectify it with my second payment? Will there be any penalties?

Please let me know

South African Expat working in Dubai

Hi Tim,

I have been working in Dubai since 1 January 2011 and would like to know do I need to declare my Dubai income on my tax return? I have only been back to South Africa once for 28 days in August 2012. I am working for a local Dubai company, with an open ended contract.

For the last 2 tax years I have submitted my tax return, declaring my South African sourced income, interest and rental income.

Is this the correct way or do I still need to declare my Dubai income and will my Dubai income be taxable?...

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What is the tax free amount for interest earnings? I am over 65.

I am 66 years old - what is the tax free interest earnings amount - 2013/14 tax year. I earn a salary of R104,000 pa.

Can taxes be deducted if you have never earned more that R40 000p/a?

Hi Tim

My husband earns about R44 000p/a. For the past 3 months, money has been taken out of his account by SARS. According to them, it is outstanding taxes from years passed when he neglected to pay his taxes, however this is the most he's ever earned.

Is that at all possible with his salary?

Tax on rental income, bond in two names.

I am co-owner of a townhouse and we are in the process of letting it. I understand that we can offset certain expenses (of a non-capital nature) to the income, to alleviate tax paid thereon. But now there is still the question of how to "split" the income and expenditure between the two taxpayers in question? We are engaged and have a 50/50 interest in the townhouse and all costs and expenses are shared between the two of us at the same ratio. Please advise.

How to declare foreign salary on ITR12 form

Hello Tim,

I earned a SA salary and lived in SA until September last year, afterwards I went back abroad/overseas to my home country and worked there. I already submitted my SARS ITR12 form and I did not mention my foreign earned salary income because it is already taxed abroad and I also could not find the section to add this amount on the ITR12 form. Now my ITR12 form is under verification and I have to submit all relevant forms. Does SARS need my foreign payment slips and do they need my foreign bank statement with the interests? I declared a few rands which I earned on my foreign bank account which is below the threshold...

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When is the deadline to submit a IRP 5 form?

When is the deadline to submit a IRP 5 form?

2014 tax year - What is the exempt amount on the interest from investments?

2014 Tax Year. What is the exempt amount on the interest from investments?

Source code for interest on pension fund

Hi Tim, I have an IT3(b) letter stating that I should include the amount of R...... interest received on my Pension Fund that I have received. I am not sure under which source code I should put it?

Never submitted a tax return - what kind of tax penalties are there?

Hi Tim,

One of my family members has never submitted a tax return and only actually registered for tax about a year ago. He has been working for about 13 years. That being said, 4 of those 13 years he worked overseas (he worked on the cruise ships were he earned tips only), for 3 years he worked as a waiter where he earned cash and was paid a minimum wage and 5 years as a restaurant manager where tax was deducted from his monthly salary, however, he was never registered for tax by his employer or on an individual capacity. Like I said, he only registered and got a tax number last year (2012). ...

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What happens if you can't pay the SARS penalties but can pay half?

What happens if you owe SARS and have been told you have to pay within 6 months but you can actually pay half of the required amount only? I have been told to pay R 800 per month but have been managing to pay only R 400 instead. This is a penalty for not submitting in 2011, the penalty was R 4800.

I have never filled in tax returns.

Hi there,

Im looking to buy property later this year and my girlfriend says I need to start filling in tax returns. I have never done this before, always been sort of under the radar, but now starting to worry that I might get into some sort of trouble.

I do have a tax number, pay UIF and PAYE which all comes off my salary and I get my IRP5 forms yearly. I will be subscribing to TAXTIM to assist me from now on, but what if I somehow owe SARS a stack of money for never ever filling in the returns?...

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