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Audit / Verification Posts in Tax Q&A

Latest date to complete registration for e-filing

What is the latest date to register for e-filing? I've submitted my documents to SARS on 20th November.

Learnership tax return

SARS says that I have an outstanding tax return for 2010, I was on a learnership through BankSETA which did not contribute for PAYE and UIF, the stipend was R2500 a month. I see no historical tax return on SARS eFiling for that year but SARS consultants are adamant that I do the tax return. I received a UI-19 document from BankSETA stating it was a learnership and there was no UIF and PAYE. Should I take this document to SARS and will I need any other supporting documents?

Do all provisional tax payers pay twice a year?

I am sure I am a provisional tax payer, however, I have only paid tax once a year in the past. Is this right?

Declaring financial derivative gains on the ITR12

I earned income as the result of trade in financial derivates. I am not a professional trader and do this in my spare time. How do I declare this on the ITR12 and how do I claim expenses against this income? Is this defined as a business or as investing and capital gains? I used my home office and own equipment for financial research and online trading. In a previous answer you stated that this type of income can be declared on the ITR12 but somehow I missed it in the TaxTim Q&A process. When I ...

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Medical aid claim for claims submitted after year end

Hi. I submitted a medical aid claim after the tax year end for a procedure which was done in February 2015. Medical aid only paid a portion of the claim due to the nature of my medical aid plan. The amount not paid for by the medical aid is not reflecting on my medical aid tax certificate for 2015. I do have the original invoices. Can I add it on my tax return for this year or only next year?

Refund not received yet

Good day. Done my SARS E-filing. Got confirmation of a credit of a couple of hundred rands due to me. This was quite a few weeks back. I haven't recieved any refund yet. What should I do, wait a while longer?

Provisonal tax versus monthly tax

I am currently an independent consultant and I know I currently qualify as a provisional tax payer. Is there a way of paying my tax monthly (as a normal employee) by myself without having to pay the two major payment twice a year?

Can you assist with complicated tax return, involving extra income, provisional tax etc?

My situation is pretty complicated. I am a provisional tax payer. I earn extra income for 3 properties, but also from a side business. All goes through my own personal bank account, so it is personal tax all of it. I am fully employed, however I was retrenched in 2014 June. I have an income protector and claimed from it for 2 months, until I started work again in September 2014. I have retirement annuities, medical aid etc.

Am I able to use your services effectively and accurately in...

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Verification of income tax declaration

I have submitted my tax returns and they called for my 2013 tax return which I did, they then called for verification of income tax declaration for the PAYE amount. I then went to SARS to submit my IRP5 from 2013 to show them proof of my PAYE amount. This isn't a real complex case all they need to verify is my PAYE amount.

How long will it take them to pay out my refund with regards to the above case?

Out of pocket medical expense of R3920. Will that help my refund?

Out of pocket medical expense of R3920. Will that help my refund? I have no medical aid.


Does your Provisional Tax Product include the  IRP 6 (3) which I understand is the form required for the 'top-up' tax?

Meaning of audit?

What do they mean by saying I'm being selected for audit or verification?

Out of pocket medical expenses deductions not showing on assessment

I have completed my tax return via SARS eFiling and entered R10,200 rand worth of out of pocket medical expenses. When I click on "calculate" results I don't see any SARS reimbursements and the value SARS owes me doesn't change if I add and remove the out of pocket medical expense value. I don't see medical expenses on the calculated results on PDF it creates. Why is it being ignored?

For rebates which are apportioned for year of death, do you include the day the person died?

For rebates which are apportioned for year of death, do you include the day the person died?

Medical aid supporting documents

SARS requested supporting documentation with reference to my medical expenses. Are you required to have the actual claims and payment receipts for medical expenses that were already covered by your scheme and appears on your tax certificate already (claims not recovered from the scheme)? For example, if SARS asked me for supporting docs would the tax certificate do? I don't have any other expenses - I submitted all my claims through my medical aid.

Medical Gap Cover - claimable

I changed from a medical aid with gap cover to a hospital plan with gap cover. I don't have the gap cover tax certificate nor the expenses we paid cash for when on the hospital plan. Is this important to obtain? I think I may be able to get both.

Late submission of previous expenses in new next year

How does one claim for items not included in previous tax returns which you came upon in the new tax year. Can I submit it along with my new tax returns or is it ever forgotten and lost.

Updating bank details do computer show is money are due to you?

When updating bank details does computer show that their are money due to you?The SARS consultant updated my details but did not communicate if money are due to get paid in my account??

I think I have the wrong IRP5

My period of employment was 01/05/2013. Can I still do that tax year?and how do I get a IRP5 for my current employment?I work for a real estate company and only get commission.

Made my own medical contributions whilst unemployed. Can I claim

If I was unemployed for the year and only received a payout from a provident fund, that was taxed by SARS. And continued to make contributions by myself to medical aid. Can I claim anything?

How do I rectify outstanding RA amounts, without the documentation?

SARS says there is an outstanding amount from a RA in a 2012 Tax Return, because of this I have a very high penalty to pay. I can not find this documentation, even after I've requested it from my RA at the time. What do I do if the numbers don't add up, and I can't find this document.

Forgotten Expenses

I have submitted my tax return via taxtim but have forgotten to include out of pocket medical expenses of R4180.

UIF to be deducted weekly from Wages?

Should UIF be deducted from the employees wages weekly, if the employee gets paid Weekly Wages? Or add all the weekly payments together at month end, then deduct 1x UIF amount from the employee?

I have to do the IRP5 only

I have the IRP5 not the IRP6 or 12. Why I did not get that option?

Filling a rfc

If I submitted a tax return and uploaded supporting docs and then realized I made a mistake can I file a RFC
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