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Medical aid as a business Expense?

This past tax year I paid full independent medical aid contributions for my family. In the year I was unemployed, earned income for some consulting, and then was employed for a few months. Does the medical aid monthly payment come off my business expenses the months I earned my own income? or do I just make use of the tax credits system?

Who qualifies for tax pardon and what supporting documents are required?

My mom is 73 years old and she has had some penalties from previous years that she has made arrangements to pay to SARS, last year she was advised buy an official at a SARS branch to apply for tax pardon as she can no longer afford the monthly payments to SARS. There has been no response.

Secondly, I have had a tax consultant who is helping my mom with eFiling for 2013 and he informed me that he could not proceed with the filling as he is asked for supporting documents. What does this...

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I owe SARS money, but cannot pay now - what will happen?

I have to pay SARS back what must I do and what happens if I take to long to pay them the tax owed?

Problem with IRP5 details on ITR12

My Employer (A Church), did not submit my IRP5 for tax season 2013. The person responsible (the Financial Treasurer) actually died of cancer in February 2013. So, this is my predicament: When I wanted to do my ITR12 On eFiling, there was no IRP5 details on my ITR12.

My question is: What is the correct protocol that I should follow to rectify the situation in order to get my ITR12 filed before the deadline on Friday 22 November. Can I fill in the IRP5 detail on the ITR12 myself?

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Property tax deductions and CGT implications?

If Property A was purchased in 2000 and used as primary residence up until 2012, then rented out for a year (due to work relocation to another province) and property then sold with a capital gain?

If property A above was re-bonded[currently settled], can the bond interest be deducted against its rental income or will bond finance interest on a 2nd property, to be used as primary residence, be allowed to be deducted against Property A's rental income?

IRP5 2011&2012?

Can I still submit for 2011 and 2012 even though 2013 is already been taken care of and if so will I get refund or penalty or maybe both?

Do I have to register for tax of I earn a salary of R69 000 and interest of R3000?

If I receive an income of about R69 900 per year as a salary and interest of about R3 000 per year. Do I have to register and fill in income tax forms on e-filing? What is the closing date for individuals?

When can a retired person stop completing a tax return?

My mother used to work but has retired & does not get a pension because my Dad is still working. Her only income is about R400 for the yr in interest. She used to complete a tax return each year. How can she stop completing a tax return each year?

Do I sumbit a tax return?

How do I know whether I need to submit a tax return? I am registered but have never submitted a return. I find the sars website a little confusing as they state: 'You are liable to pay income tax if you earn more than R63 556 in the 2013 year of assessment, and are younger than 65 years of age. ' BUT also state: 'What is the threshold for the non-submission of ITR12 returns for individuals for the 2013 year of assessment?Although a taxpayer still has to register for income tax he/...

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Is registering a second bond in order to reduce rental income tax legal?

I own two properties. Property A is my primary residence, and is bonded for R700k. Property B is a rental property, is valued at R1m and is bonded for R500k. I make a rental profit from Property B after deducting the loan interest and all other deductible expenses, and thus pay tax on that net income. My idea is to register a second bond on Property B for an additional R500k, and transfer that money into the bond of Property A. The increased interest paid on the combined bonds of Property B woul...

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Fines Payable on Audit discrepancies?

I am getting audited - if they pick up a discrepancy is there a fine I will have to pay? I am not a tax expert and is worried that I made a mistake.

being selected for an audit with no supported documents

Last year a friend of mine registered me on eFiling so this year I went through a tax practitioner to claim for the first time. The lady claimed for medical and I don't have a medical aid. Then SARS phoned me and said they needed my medical certificate to be submitted within 21 day otherwise they are going to give me a penalty but I don't have medical aid and now they are thinking I was being dishonest and selected me for an audit. I am so scared now as its the first time I am claiming. What mus...

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Confused taxpayer!

I started working on April 2009 and got my 1st IRP5 in 2010 and I submitted it and they told me that it was not necessary for me to submit since I don't have medical aid and annuity then I did not submit in 2011 and 2012 and I got a letter and SMS telling that I owed SARS R500 for not submitting in 2011 and 2012, now my problem is why was I told there was no need for me to submit and yet I'm being told that I'm it my fault because I knew nothing about tax returns back t...

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Are there possible penalties associated with becoming tax compliant?

I want to become tax compliant. If I apply for a tax registration number, would I have to pay penalties for not being tax compliant during previous years?

Info on eFiling registration and eFiling number to do personal eFiling?

If I am registered with eFiling. My eFiling was done by another person - I want to do my e-filing myself. What are the procedures if I am already registered? Do I just do a new registration on my computer. Do I need my e-filing number and how can I get my e-filing number?

Outstanding tax returns - will I be penalised?

I submitted my 2013 tax return and have a penalty of R500 for the 2007 and 2009 tax returns outstanding. How do I go about submitting these as I cannot find these loaded on my eFiling profile? And should I be paying tax if at that time I earned below the taxable threshold?

Can I deduct the interest I pay my mother from my rental income as part of Interest/Finance Charges?

On two occasions, my mother has been kind enough to grant me funds from her positive flexi loan balance that I used as a deposit when applying for finance for investment properties. On a monthly basis I pay my mother interest on the funds she granted me. Can I deduct the interest I pay my mother from my rental income as part of Interest/Finance Charges?

How do I know when my tax return has been accepted/finalised?

Hi Tim,

I have read through your blogs and I have to express my amazement. Really great stuff! I

I completed my tax return last night via eFiling and I have only received an ITA34 almost immediately after filing it. According to the ITA34, SARS owes me R4954. Is there a difference between that and a ITSA? I have never received an ITSA in the past, but it seems like everybody does get one. How do I know that everything is in order and that my return is accepted? I have gone...

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Previous employer refuses to give IRP5 form, what can I do?

I requested an IRP5 form from my previous employer but was told that they could not help me as they had only registered at SARS a year after I left the company. But tax was deducted from my salary from the first month to the last month of my employment which was over 2 years. What will happen to the company and how do I go about handling this situation as I need to submit my tax return?

Tax submition in review and are we noified of penalties or surprised?

Hi TaxTim, thank you for a great blog-site!
I have a question, I have submitted my tax, also got the letter requesting the IRP5 as code 4102, PAYE credit of R30 551.15 was being questioned. I have submitted the respective IRP5 for review already. Do you have knowledge of:

1. How they would go about inspecting whatever they feel might be wrong on it?
2. How long that process could possibly take?
3. Would they pay out another(next) year if the previous is under above review?...

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I have unpaid taxes I need to settle with SARS.

I owe SARS unpaid assessed VAT which is accumulating interest and penalties. It has been almost 10 years and I received no correspondence from them concerning this matter. Upon my recent request for a tax clearance certificate I was told I had unpaid taxes that are accumulating interest. How do I go about settling this with SARS. I am now unemployed and have no assets. Can I make small payments or get part of it written off as I was unaware of this matter until now?

What are recurring SARS penalties?

What are recurring SARS penalties?

Rental income - offsetting expenses for tax purposes?

We only managed to get our first tenant from 1 October. Do we accrue only the expenses - interest on bond, levies, rates, etc. - from 1 October, or for the entire financial year?

How do I work out my taxable income from my salary slip?

I started earning extra wages outside of my salary in February 2013 and so I have registered for provisional tax. On my IRP6 I need to fill in my gross turnover(which I understand to be my gross salary other income including my rental earnings, wages earned and interest on investments) and then my estimated taxable income (which I understand to be my gross turnover minus my costs, retirement annuity contributions and my pension contributions). How do I work out the taxable portion of my salary ...

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What is an AP34?

There is an AP34 on my efiling 'main page' that shows an amount owed to SARS for 'ITR12 non-submission 2010'. I requested an account statement and the balance on the statement is R0. Now I don't know: do I or don't I owe SARS money? All my returns are currently up to date - I had outstanding returns last year, but got a bookkeeper to get everything up to date. She submitted all the documents requested by SARS after disputing a revised assessment of 2010 - the dispute was allowed, all penalties ...

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