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What is a disabilty on vision?

Hi Tim. Thank you for the useful information on tax matters. I just want to know the meaning of a disabilty.My wife cannot work without using prescription glasses. Is that a disabilty?

What are out of pocket medical expenses?

How does medical expenses paid in cash effect my potential tax refund?

How can I indicate that I paid several months of my medical aid and new employer paid thereafter?

I got a new job in July 2013 - which meant that my medical aid contributions were paid by me from Feb-June and came out of my salary after that. How do I reflect that on the form?

What documents are needed for submission of my ITR12 Tax Return?

What is IT3b? And what other documents are needed from me so that I can submit my returns?

Medical deduction - who can claim?

I am paying for a medical aid that I am not on, it is for my wife and 3 kids the medical aid is on her name but the payments are deducted from my bank account. Can I claim for this on my tax return? if the answer is yes what proof do I give sars because the medical aid certificate is on her name

Do I have to pay tax on medical aid contribution paid by my employer from whom I retired?

I am retired but my previous employer still pays a part of my medical aid contribution on my behalf. Do I need to get an IRP5 from the employer even though I am not on their payroll any more or is this income exempt from tax?

Can I claim for domestic worker who looks after my disabled son?

If I a employing someone to assist with with disabled son. This person is not qualified professional can I claim for part of the salary I pay her?

What qualifies as a PBO donation?

Hi Tim,I have file my tax return for the 2011 and claim for donation on the code 4011 for the amount of R13500.00 to church of my choice for the faith of goodwill. All payments have been made in cash payments for that tax year of 2011. To my question is SARS selected me for auditing and I have provided them all documents like my medical aid certificates, RA Old Mutual ITC and my IRP5 certificate for 2011. Do I still need to provide the proof for that donation of the above amount and do I need to...

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What documents do I need?

What documents do I need copies of to do my tax?

Claim for medical plan payments

I have a Health Insurance Policy but not a medical aid! Can I claim for the contributions to this, amounts to about R10572-00.

How soon can I get my refund after audit completion?

I received a verification letter from SARS and I called the call centre. They said my audit has been completed and I was told that my refund will take 21 working days and it might be selected for another audit. How true is this statement? Please assist Tim, 21 more days is a long way to go.

Selected for Verification Twice

I submitted my return on the 05/07/2014. I was selected for verification, and I uploaded my IRP5 and medical certificate on eFiling. I also went into the branch to validate my banking details and proof of address. I received a letter of completion on the 22/07/2014, and then a letter for change of banking details on the 23/04/2014. I phoned the contact centre and told them that I had already been into a branch to validate my banking details, and they told me to update my banking details on eFiling, which I did. ...

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polmed Tax certificate submission without receipts for claim?

I received my Polmed Tax Certificate for 2014 where it reflects R13 000 due to me as I paid as medical aid don't cover this cost. Can I submit the Polmed Tax cerificate without sending any proof of receipts for my claim. I do have receipts at my deposal if required by Sars

Medical claim/disability child?

I am a police officer earning app R19000 pm, I am on polmed medical aid and I paid R13000,00 out off my pocket when I went for an operation as this was above medical aid rates. I have the payment receipt. Can I claim my money through SARS. What portion will I get back if I am allowed to claim. I also have a daughter who is on chronic meds for last 11 years(epilepsy). Does she fall under the disability act with SARS, and if I register her as as "disability" child , would this have any positive im...

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Tax relief for special need kids school fees?

My son goes to a special need school, I would like to know if there is a tax relief for this?

Please define dependancy wrt to medical aid tax deductions,

My daughter has recently graduated but is still unemployed, living at home and is therefore still dependent on us for her living expenses. She is registered as a taxpayer on account of small income from a family trust?

Verification documents for submission

Dear Tim,I hope you can help I am really at wits' end right now with SARS. This is the situation. I subimitted my tax return via the efiling website on the 01/07/14. A refund was due to me due to private medical aid and dental procedures I paid cash which was rejected by the medical aid. On the 3rd according to my statment of account a refund was paid but then reversed the same happended for the 4th when I contacted the call centre they advised me that they had a system problem and that I...

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Tax Refund Calulator does not provide for persons with a Disability

Your tax refund calculator does not request the amounts for persons with a disability ie. remedial school fees, travel etc. How would I calculate my potential tax refund then?

How long does SARS take to pay refund after requesting supporting documents?

Hi I submitted my tax via eFiling on the 8/6/2014, and had previous years incomplete. So they asked for supporting documents (medical aid tax certificates) which I submitted immediately via eFiling how long will it take to be refunded when I call they say documents with auditors.

Company subsizes half of main members contribution only and does not subsidize dependents?

What are the Tax implications if an Employer pays more for a members medical aid contribution?

Which code for no medical but medical expenses on my ITR12?

On which code must I fill in if a have no medical aid but have medical expenses?


I am currently on Oneplan and would like to know if I can submit this as a medical scheme on my tax returns

IRP5 sent and received but still not asssessed, am I being audited?

Hi Tim

I did my tax on the 03/07/2014 on eFiling, I submitted all forms needed for the IRP5. This is my first year doing taxes, what I don't understand is that they asked me for more documentation on Monday requesting my Medical Tax certificate, Claims history and my original IRP5 from my company. Am I being audited? Or do they just need supporting documents for the information from my IRP5 form? The only problem is that when I go on my eFiling, the messages keeps saying.... It has be...

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50% medical aid subs paid by company

If the company deducts 50% of my medical aid premium from my salary and they pay they other 50%- however they reflect this as perks tax on my salary slip- should I reflect this on my ITR12 or should I only reflect the 50% which is deducted monthly and also is reflected on my IRP5/ITR12

What medical expenses can be claimed?

What medical expenses can be claimed?
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