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Tax on bonus from my employer

Hi, can you please clarify if there is a specific tax rate percentage charged on BONUS PAYMENTS by employers? Last year it seemed to be exactly 36% that was deducted for tax, this year (to Feb 2017) I'm not sure what rate is applied.

SARS and Sequestration

If a person is sequestrated, then the person gets a new tax number. How come E-Filing still has the old details of which I had to change it myself to the new tax number. What happens to the old tax returns on the old tax number. How come I get audited every time after sequestration and sometimes I have to pay in even after I over deducted PAYE the one year?
If I submit at the branch will SARS look at the e-filing and say I did not submit?
I have submitted all the documents and how can SARS ask for more docs that I don't have....

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What is the definition of taxable income in pension fund deduction calculation?

Does taxable income include all earnings to calculate pension rebate or is it only your basic salary?

Can I use my personal car for work and ask for a travel allowance?

Can you use your own car (double cab ) for your work ( not your business) and ask for a travel allowance?

How long should the audit verification take?

Submitted verification documents for 2015 tax return on 9 January 2016. No completion letter or anything further from SARS since then. I understood that the verification process should be completed within 21 working days? In previous years, refund was normally finalised and paid by end January.

Special block on tax refund

I would like to know is its unusual for SARS to take more then a year to pay out tax refund? And how common is it that after the payout into my bank account does SARS recall the payout?

Outstanding tax returns and arrears for commission earner

I have outstanding tax returns for 2012/2014/2015 and the subsequent penalties outstanding PLUS an arrears amount of just short of R20 000. I am registered for e-filing but find expenses I can claim for and their relevant codes very confusing so have saved the tax returns without any expenses claimed. I am a commission only earner in property sales and have IRP5's for the relevant periods. I have not kept a log book for petrol and kms but have slips for petrol, car expenses, data costs, client ...

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Tax on commission paid to 3rd party

We for example pay a 3rd party whom can either be a business or individual an incentive/commission to generate more business. So for example, if I go to a dealership and ask them that if they sell a car and they use our product with the car they sell, I will give them R200 per deal they do as an incentive/commission. So they are not employed by us. Do we need to tax them first? Or do they just need to send us an invoice or what is the correct process to follow? Thank you!

I require information on turnover tax requirements.

I am starting a small business and was looking at turnover tax as an option. The manual turnover will be under 300k. Do I need to register or is it only a requirement if you are earning over the allowed amount. Is turnover tax after expenses or on the total amount paid into the company bank account.

What is my tax refund?

What is my tax refund amount?

Retirement fund payout question

I have received a payment for a retirement claim from my retirement company. I want to confirm if the tax I have paid is correct. The payout is reflected under code 3915 and 3698 on my IRP5. The tax is reflected under code 4115 as PAYE. When I submit my annual tax return- will I be expected to pay in an amount as additional tax?

The current calculated tax amount (which was withheld from payment) was very low. So my question is - is that low tax correct- and would I be expected to pay ...

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Payable tax if you did not work for the entire financial year.

In the event that a person only worked for half of a financial year, should he or she fall to a lower tax bracket if you look at the total yearly income? So lets say I earn 30000 rand per month, but I only worked for three months in the financial year, should I still pay the same amount of tax as a person who earned 30000 rand per month for a whole year? or how does it work for people that didn't work the entire year?

Can I get money back from sars

I am paying 515. 25 tax every month my Taxable earnings standing now on 99037. 00 can I get money back from SARS

How much petrol and electricity expenses am I allowed to allocated from my business account

If have a PTY ltd running a laser cutting business with 2 directors. Petrol and electricity usage is currently paid our of my business.

How should an online freelancer pay tax?

Hi there, I need some advice. I currently work full-time, but will be going freelance from April. I have already started some freelance work on the side, and wanted to know how I should go about paying tax for this? Most of the Freelance work I am doing is on an online website (for countries all around the world) and I transfer the funds into my bank account each month. No tax is taken off of this by the website, so I wanted to find out how I should go about paying tax, would it be a monthly or yearly thing etc? Should I just put money aside for it? I am clueless abut this sort of thing...

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Return from SARS for tax paid

Hi. IF I Was not working for 7 months will I get any money from SARS.

I paid too much tax and need clarity?

If I earn 6500 on a monthly bases why has may tax deduction been over a R1000 during the months of Jan and Feb 2016

Foreign income

I am resident in SA for tax purposes I am working in Mozambique and paying 20% tax for non residents. I will be out SA in excess of 183 days. Is this income exempt and will I be able to claim any of the tax paid.

Refund from SARS confirmed but not paid yet. How does SARS calculate refund on med expenses?

I submitted my tax return through SARS eFiling on 20/11/2015 and it was confirmed that I am entitled to a refund but has not been paid yet. I only claimed for expenses listed on my medical aid IRP5 not covered by my medical aid so there was no strange claims made. However, if I remember correctly, the initial tax return after I submitted was the amount for those medical expenses but when I checked the status of that tax return now, It was almost R200 less. This also happened with my 2014 tax return!...

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PAYE vs Provisional Tax

I have a permanent job which caters for roughly 65% (660k) of my total gross income the other 35% (335k) is obtained by a business I run. Should I apply for provision tax and should my company be paying PAYE for me or should I be paying two payments as a provisional tax payer? How do I go about this if it is the case?

How much do I get taxed when I get paid R9000 p/m

How much would I be taxed if I get R9000 a month?

How long does a SARS audit take?

My documents were accepted on the 1st of February. I was told that I needed to submit additional documents. I did as of the 26th of February. How much longer before I receive a tax refund?

Is SARS using delay tactics to pay out money?

I was notified that my assessment was complete and SARS owed me money. 60 working days after the claim, I have been asked for the same supporting documentation required in the first place. Is this a delay tactic to pay up?

What deductions are allowable against the proceeds for CGT calculation?

I need to use the 20% of proceeds method to do my CGT calculation. What are the allowable deductions that I can deduct from the proceeds?

Tax refund delay

It's been three to four weeks I submitted my tax returns and promised I'll get my refund but nothing to this day.
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