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Employee PAYE implications for car repayments on company cars?

I pay R3700 as a car repayment for one of my employees. Is this full payment part of his salary, or should I only allocate a portion? It seems unfair that he takes the entire amount into his salary and therefore incurs a higher PAYE, when the car remains my property.

Logbook -what records do I need to keep?

For the logbook do I have to record all my starts and stops during the day at the different clients or the total of my travels during the day?

RA transferr versus taxable income

Hi Tim,

Last year up to July I was paying into an RA with Provider A. I then transferred this to another RA provider B. An amount of R109k was transferred to the new RA after a few deductions. I received a tax doc from Provider A for my contributions up to July. I also received a tax doc for my contributions from new Provider B. However I have just received a tax doc from Provider A stipulating the amount paid out (R109k) and logged against code 3698. This looks like I earned this am...

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Expenses claimed against commission income?

Someone who mainly earns commission income, can she claim for corporate clothing and training. Also if she has not maintained a logbook accurately, can she claim motor vehicle expenses including fuel?

Company car and car allowance in same tax year

I had a company car for the 1st 4 months of this tax year, and moved over to a car allowance for the remainder. How would I need to complete my efiling tax return?
Secondly, how will this affect my return?

Claiming against fuel card even with Car Allowance?

I receive a car allowance and use my own private vehicle. The compan however pays for my fuel n full via a fleet petrol card. This amount reflects on my payslip for tax deduction. Can I claim against this? If so how do I complete the return?

PAYE - traveling

Good day can I deduct traveling to and from work every day (130km x 5 times per week). So that my PAYE is less every week?

Can you claim for use of your private vehicle for work without a travel allowance or car allowance?

Can you claim for vehicle usage if you used your private car for work and got a detailed logbook for it but did not receive any travel allowance or car allowance?

Self employed income

I was full time employee for the first six months, and then changed to self-employed contractor issuing an invoice to a seperate but related entity. What are the deductions I can claim against income invoiced?

Just an Enquiry

Hello. I received a message from the GEPF about I. R. O and the tax directive from SARS. I'd like to know how long do I have to wait until receive the gratuity since SARS has taxed me? Thank you.

Deduction for SARS tax returns?

For my deductions what documents do I need to have all ready

medical aid contributions
RA/provident fund contributions
invoices for any Cell/laptop/equipment required for work that was not remunerated back to me

and what else ?

From freelancer to permanent - when/how do I apply for my refund?

I freelanced for a while so I paid provisional tax from last year August 14 to Jan 15 and then again Feb 15 to Aug 15 (overpaid a few invoices accidentally). I got a full time permanent job since 13th April. When can I apply to get a refund from the provisional tax and some overpaid invoices please? And how do I go about this? Thanks!!

Erroneous Payments and IRP5

I've been overpaid erroneously for a year . My employer wants the monies paid back in full. Roughly a third of the amount was taxed and appears on the IRP5. Must the IRP5 be amended by the employer, while we sort out the pay back arrangements?

Vat return Inputs and Outputs?

I am currently busy with my company's VAT return for March and April, but our invoicing is a lot more than our purchasing. It looks like we will have to pay about R180k, My question is : Can I hold back on some of our invoicing when submitting my return? Since we have 5 years to claim it?

VAT on interest

When you have a business (that is registered for VAT) who collects debt on behalf of his clients, thus he takes the debt over from his client. There is an interest charge on the amounts outstanding after a due period. Does that interest amount give rise to VAT? VAT is charged on the collection from the client as well as a commission charge. S2(1)(f) of the VAT act exempts interest charges as part of financial services. But the client is not a registered financial service provider. I cant find th...

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Re submission of audited tax return?

I need to get a tax directive. I have taken all relevant docs to SARS, but now they need me to resubmit my 2015 return. I don't know how because if I say request correction it says the return has already been audited.

Non Resident Tax implications on rental income property in South Africa?

I am non resident south African citizen working off shore for the past couple of years, I own various properties in south Africa, two of which generates rental income, however I still owe bonds on it, and currently renovating one of these properties, can I claim back the taxes paid on the renovations as well as the architects fees

Can I get a tax return from invoices reflecting VAT?.

Can I get a tax return from invoices kept reflecting VAT?.

How to submit tax returns when working abroad?

I have been submitting a tax return every year for a few years now. I plan to go overseas and work/travel. How would I complete future tax returns? I want to avoid penalties for non-submission, but am unsure how to complete the return if I am not earning income in South Africa.

How are commission only earners taxed and where can I get proof of it according to the South African

How are commission only earners taxed and where can I get proof of it according to the South African Law?

Commission PAYE - assistance?

Hi Tim. Great Blog! My question is quite simple. I've started working for a company earning commission only. We have not yet registered any of my details and I've earned around R 18 000 in commission this month. I would like to know what percentage should they have deducted from my earnings? Is it 18% throughout? I would also like to register under code 3606 as I have various expenses that I need to incur in order to conclude a sale and would like to deduct some of these expenses. Do I claim it ...

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Can I claim VAT or qualify the above mentioned type of transaction as a Tax invoice?

I have a Invoice with Invoice NO:XXXX and the supplier charged VAT at 14% which is displayed according to SARS rules. My problem is that the words "Tax Invoice " are displayed vividly underneath the description of the goods purchased as "This is a Tax Invoice", do I claim VAT on this type of a transaction? The supplier is a VAT registered entity.

Can I pay and deduct vat input on this type of transaction?

You ask for a "Copy Tax Invoice" from the supplier and the supplier issues a Tax Invoice ("Office Copy"), is this acceptable as a "Copy Tax Invoice"?

Do you pay PAYE on unpaid leave?

My salary is as follows basic of 16500, travel allowance of 4500, cell all R500, medical aid R500 & RAF R500. I did not work 2 days this month and this was deducted as unpaid leave of R1517. 24. Please advise if you are supposed to pay PAYE on unpaid leave. Thanks

Housing allowance tax?

I am a 27 years old. I have a new job mu basic salary is R18 600 and I will also receive a housing allowance of 2300. How much tax will I pay in tax?
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