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Is the tax refund date on statement accurate?

My tax statement has a date of refund as 19. 03. 2016 is that the date I will receive the refund into my account

PAYE or Provisional Tax

I own a small business - registered with CIPC as a private company. I am the sole director of this company and currently get paid a salary by the company. Should I be registered for PAYE, UIF and WCA for the income in the form of the salary or are provisional tax payments sufficient.

Offshore 60 day trip

I am South African and I work offshore. I know I have to work 183 days offshore in total, with 60 of these being continuous. Would a 60 day trip that falls over February and March 2016 be applicable for the 2016 tax year, or do I have to do another 60 day trip to be tax exempt?

What is the tax on my incentive bonus?

I am going to get R2,400 of incentive bonus and I want to know how much tax is going to be deducted from it.

I have received an ITA88 - what can I do?

Hi, I earn under R125,000 a year. I have not filed my tax returns for the past 4 years - recently a huge amount was deducted from my salary (SARS ITA 88) what do I do? Can I get that money back?

Tax rebate for medical aid when not the main member

I currently am paying medical aid for myself, wife and child however I am not the main member, it is my wife, I currently deposit funds into her account for the deductions. She is currently unemployed and does not claim for tax. This was the only way to come off the company medical aid as they were too expensive

I wanted to know if I can claim this as I am paying for the medical aid just that its not on my name, I am the dependent and she is the main member. Further more we are marri...

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Tax relief for Medical Aid

I only realised this month (March) that I was due a tax (PAYE) relief due to a Medical Aid Fund, which was initiated in July last year. Would it be possible to claim the relief even though the PAYE period is closed?

Business mileage for off site visits

Can I claim business mileage from home to another site (belonging to the company) which is not my normal place of work?

Medical rebate calculation not done unless claims exceed 7.5% of taxable income?

Would it be correct to assume it is not worth doing the calculation for medical rebate if the amount paid out of your own pocket for medical services is less than 7. 5% of your taxable income?

What are business related expenses if you are a bookkeeper working from home?

What are business related expenses if you are a bookkeeper working for several clients from home?

Tax deduction on bonus

What percentage is taken from my incentive bonus of every three months.

Calculate my tax when I fund my own retirement annuity and the company pays half my Provident fund

How can you calculate your tax when you have a voluntry retirement annuity and a compulsary Provident fund

How to calculate total for 4150

How to calculate total in source code 4150 when completing IT3 a certificate

How do I calculate pension tax deduction

How do I calculate the amount of pension that can be deducted when calculating taxable income?

Is an IRP5 form still valid after 6 years?

Is an IRP5 form still valid after 6 years? I was suppose to claim in 2010 but I was still naive.

Medical practice tax return and deductions

If you have a sole proprietorship, a medical practice that provides wound care for patients at home. There is only two employees. The owner (the nurse that does the wound care) and one person doing the financials and administration. The business is not registered, but the nurse has a practice number. How would you submit the tax return (as personal tax return/business?) and what deductions could you claim?

Amounts included in calculation annuity fund deduction

I am retired and receive a monthly pension which is subject to tax. I make no contributions to a pension fund since I retired. I still contribute to a retirement annuity fund monthly. Do I include the total pension received together with investment tax returns for the year to determine the maximum amount allowed for annuity fund deduction

Travel allowance exceeding 8000km

How is the travel allowance taxed if you do not receive a car allowance, use personal vehicle and exceed 8000km for business travel? Company pays the standard rate per km, and no other allowance is received in respect of travel.

How to claim tax back on a provident fund?

How to claim provident fund tax back

What should be the deduction on R25,000 pm?

Is it correct to deduct 25% tax on an employee pay say if he earns R25000-00 per month?

New tax law on pension funds

How will I be taxed according to the new pension fund law? Salary R27,000 House subsidy R700 travel allowance R10,735 Alexander Forbes Provident Fund R2,077 Company contributes R5,004
New tax law 27. 5% pension rebate -Interpretation there of My contribution R2077 only or 2077 5004=R7081

How to calculate provident fund deductions for 2016/2017?

Please can you show an example of how the employer and employee's provident fund will affect the monthly tax 2016/2017. I still do salaries manually.

Should I register as a provisional taxpayer for freelance work even if I have a contract position?

I have a contract with an employer for a minimum of 40 hours per month from April 2016-September 2016. They should be paying tax for me on this. I will likely be doing some other freelance work during this time (and for the remainder of the tax year). Will I have to register as a provisional taxpayer for the freelance work? And as a provisional taxpayer, when do I need to register for the 2017 tax year, and will I only have to pay tax twice per tax year, or still a PAYE amount per month?

What amount will be tax free if I withdraw out of this fund now?

My wife passed away 27/12/2015. She did receive on retirement 25/02/2010 lump sum of R 378 634. Tax free portion R300 000 and balance was taxed. 2/3 invested into retirement fund.

After verifying bank details how long does our refund take to be paid to us?

We were audited this last financial year. Everything was fine and we are due a refund but now they needed to FICA us again. We have done this but now they say the refund can take 3 months. Looking at a document we were given this morning, they have registered us as new taxpayers but we are not. For the last 20 years the refunds were always paid into the account on their records.
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