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How do I get free assistance with my annual tax return via Sanlam Reality?

I heard that Sanlam Reality offers the TaxTim service for helping me prepare my annual income tax return forms. Is that true and do I have to pay?

How do I earn Sanlam Reality loyalty points for using TaxTim?

If I use TaxTim to do my tax return and I am a member of Sanlam Reality - can I earn loyalty points?

How do I earn tier points on Sanlam Reality?

Is it possible to earn tier points on Sanlam Reality by using TaxTim to do my tax returns?

How can I get TaxTim for my entire family on Sanlam Reality?

If I am a member of Sanlam Reality, is it possible to use TaxTim to do my family's tax returns too?

How do I get the TaxTim service for free on Sanlam Reality?

Is it possible to get TaxTim for free by being a member of Sanlam Reality?

Do my employment income and freelancing income get taxed together?

I would please like help in calculating my total tax for the year, as I am employed and also a freelancer. Do you just add both income together and then tax a personal income tax percentage for that bracket? Furthermore, I know my employer pay tax monthly but can I also pay tax monthly or should I just reserve the total tax for year-end when I file.

How do I get my tax file released from an accounting company so that I can do my own tax return?

How do I go about getting my tax file released from an accounting company so that I can do my own tax return? The company uses the same password for all their clients so cannot give me the password.

Tax deduction for interest on personal debt?

Is interest on debt (credit card, loan, etc. ) tax deductible?

Are monthly divorce payments subject to income tax in my hands?

Following my Divorce my exhusband was ordered by the court to pay me a monthly maintenance fee going forward. Is this maintenance money taxable in my hands?

Code 3808, where can I complete i ton my tax return?

I have an amount reflecting on my return under code 3808 which is employee debt but this relates to income protection, previously we would have captured this same amount under code 4018 which is income protection insurance contributions but now this isn't found anywhere, is there somewhere else I can enter this or what do I do with the figure under 3808?

No logbook but partial spreadsheet, will SARS accept this?

I've lost my logbook but have compiled a spreadsheet containing most of the information and trips from memory and other sources. I have my km for the beginning and end of each month, but not for each trip separately. I need to submit my documents through to SARS for audit, but I'm not sure if this will be acceptable? Will they decline my travel claim?

Does SARS accept another person's banking details on my tax account?

Is it possible to change my banking account details to my cousin's bank account details?

How does a voice artist submit tax returns?

I'm a voice artist and I was employed as a freelancer I need your help to file my tax return as I was paid by many different companies. Please can I get some help on how to get started?

Can I claim the medical aid contirbutions I paid on behalf of my ex husband?

I have been paying medical aid for my ex husband, do I insert that as contributions made by myself, as I did not include this in my last submission?

When do I use code 3616 and 3601?

We have a few sub-contracting individuals. Some of them provide ad hoc services to us when we call on them. They often work remotely or at a clients offices, they provide their own laptops, and they are specialists and generally get asked to fix a problem, and then they get on with it. Then there are others that are identical to the above, except they contract to us on a medium to long term, where their main income comes from us, as they work for us 5 days a week, for months or even years at a t...

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Can I deduct salaries paid to my helpers from my sole proprietor income?

I am "unemployed" but make money with blogging. I have 5 bloggers/writers who help me but are not formally employed by me. I pay them every month. If I earned R150,000 and paid them all 40% of my earnings, would I then only be taxed on the remaining 60% I keep? Am I considered a sole proprietor and am I responsible for formally hiring them? The money I make is earned via an overseas source, not South African.

Can I claim if I only worked for 3 years?

Hi,I've only been working for almost three years which means ill only be claiming for two years and I'm a contractor can I still claim

IRP5 Form for new tax year, can I claim back the tax I paid now already?

I worked for a firm March to July 2016 as a temp and according to them I only need to submit my IRP5 Form next year 2017. They advised me that they will only process their IRP5's again next year 2017 and that the next tax season is 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2017 and I must submit in 2017. Is this correct. They took 25% tax off my salary as a temp for these 5 months and I need to claim these monies back.

Loss on rental property is SARS right in ring fencing it?

We rent out our holiday home and make a loss as the maintenance and interest is always more than the rental received. SARS has now decided to ring fence this loss. Is this possible as going forward we may always run at a loss as our bond is high?

Do I still need to file an ITR12?

As a provisional Taxpayer I have submitted Period 1 & 2 for IRP6 for 2016 but need to know if ITR12 should also be completed and also be submitted to SARS, please advise what this is for?

Would I be able to get my tax refund?

Good day,I was employed for 3 years,and I was dismissed last year february. So would I be able to get my tax fund? And I was supposed to get 40 000 from pension fund but I got 33 000 so I would like to know if I would be able to get my refund?

What should I do if I want to change my banking details with SARS?

How can I change my bank details online

Interest on Vat invoices

Good Day, I want to send out a statement to a client. And I need to ad interest on the outstanding amount. Should I calculate the interest on the non-vat amount of the invoice, or should I charge interest on the full outstanding amount (That includes the VAT)?

What is the SARS source code for compulsory purchased annuity?

I have purchased a compulsory guaranteed annuity from a life insurer with funds which were transferred from a living annuity with another life insurer. The living annuity was also due to a compulsory annuity purchase. The SARS source code being used for the monthly income from the compulsory guaranteed annuity is 3611. Is this correct as is this code not only applicable for the taxable interest from a voluntary annuity? If the source code is incorrect, what should it be?

How do I declare the income earned from a group savings?

We have a group savings; we have received a tax certificate for it. How do we claim for it? As there are 3 signatories and in total there are 6 people contributing towards it?
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