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Calculations of refund after submitting correction

I completed my SARS tax return. My IT34 said I was being paid an amount back. I then realised I had made a R40 error on my tax return for my laptop depreciation. So I amended on my tax return and re-submitted. My calculation then said I was receiving about R4 less than before. Once submitted I received an IT34 stating I had to pay SARS R4. Which is the correct IT34 now? I can't possibly lose all the money I was getting back for changing an amount by R40? I was also requested to submit the laptop...

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Is the fee paid to TaxTim not tax deductable?

Is the fee paid to TimTax not tax deductible?

SARS status "Please note that your return cannot be processed as SARS is currently reviewing your as

Hi. My SARS status has been "Please note that your return cannot be processed as SARS is currently reviewing your assessment. The return will be reviewed as part of this process. SARS will advise you on the outcome in due course." for a week now and no changes to date.

When will this change or when will SARS at least change the status or look at my return?

Wear and tear allowance on sars code 3713

I received a laptop allowance on a monthly basis. Laptop belongs to me. This appears on my IRP5 under source code 3713. I received this over 3 years. Can I claim a wear and tear allowance against this income?

I'm confused if I should claim over 3 years or just a single year as I've read different responses online. Also what supporting docs would SARS require? Would the tax invoice of my laptop be sufficient? Thanks

Depreciation on passenger vehicle

Good day,

I bought a 2002 model car which is still in good condition, in June of last year for a financed amount of R109,990. 00 This vehicle is used on a 50% work and 50% private basis. I do not receive a car allowance and this vehicle is paid out of my own pocket. Is it possible to claim depreciation/wear and tear on this vehicle from SARS?

Medical aid claims - fiance's medical aid

I need to please find out - I am on my fiancé's medical aid (he is the main member), should there be any excess to be paid on medication etc. We do not physically pay the cash but it is taken from his salary at the end of the month. The medical aid did send us a detailed certificate on each beneficiary - my question is now - Is he as the main member responsible to claim for all the beneficiaries as the excess was deducted from his salary??

Second question - I went to see a ear specia...

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Can I claim purchase of vehicle as a expense (commission based)

I am completely commission based. I recently purchased a vehicle cash. Can I claim it as expense incurred in the production of income? Or do I add it as Travel expenses (commission income)?

Can you apply a tax directive issued to a different employer?

We have a temp employee that we would ordinarily deduct 25% tax. She has now come with a tax directive from SARS in the name of another employer that she also works for on a commission basis & ask us to apply the tax directive of 20%. Question:
1. Can my company apply this directive even if it is in the name of another company
2. Can my company apply this directive even if it is a photocopy & not the original

Two different IT34's

Good Day. I submitted my tax return on e-filing. I got an It34 stating an amount to be paid back to me. I then realised that their was a R4 difference on my laptop depreciation. I corrected it and resubmitted my Tax return (as they requested laptop invoice and figures need to match) I did the calculation and it showed about R4 less that I would be receiving back. But I then received another IT34 stating that I owed SARS R4. Which IT34 is correct? I changed an amount by R4 I can't possibly lo...

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Own Education fees, tax deductible if employed?

Good day TaxTim. My question: I am currently full time employed and working partly on commission, I am also studying towards a post graduate qualification that is perfectly in line with my current occupation.

I am paying my studies out of my own pocket and not receiving anything from my employer. Can I deduct this studies as an expense or any deduction in my income tax return and under what code, because I feel that this is in the proses of earning an income?

Employed Commission Earner and Investor - Where do I stand?


I am hoping you can help. A few things:

My retirement annuity reflects as code 3697 on my payslip. Is this normal, does it count the same as 4002?

I receive a car allowance, but my vehicle installments, insurance and petrol costs me more, is there a smarter way of doing this?

More than 50% of my salary was commission from a single employer this year. Can I still claim fuel,l insurance and depreciation although I have a car allowance? What other expenses can I legitimately claim (i.e entertainment, networking meetings etc. ) Can I claim for expenses my company have re-imbursed me for?...

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Business traveling expense

Claiming business travel for commission earners using their own vehicle.

Claim cell & ADSL expenses

How do you claim cell phones & ADSL lines expenses as a commission earner?

How do I incorporate use of rental car on tax return?

My employer-provided vehicle had to go for major repairs (gone for 2 months plus). During this time my employer rented a car for me, with which I did some business km's. How do I incorporate this scenario on my tax return?

Is it a scam or is it legal within SARS to do tax return for commission on refund?

I would like to know if I can claim my tax return via people around the community who claim that they doing it for business purpose where we have to pay them 30% of the money we get after they claimed for us?

How to claim for Vehicle Expenses as an Estate Agent

I am an estate agent where I sell property and I am purely on commission only. No basic salary. I do know that I can claim for my petrol for business purposes. And I am also aware that I need to have a logbook for proof of mileage. However, on my IRP5 I cannot seem to enter the Petrol, Wear and Tear, Oil, Maintanance and Repairs, Insurance etc etc. Please help me as to how I can include that in my ITR12 form.

Non-commission, no car allowance. Can I claim travel expense?

I'm not on commission and don't get a car allowance. But have done 17,000km in my car for business. Can this be claimed? Or can the 4015 code only be used for commission earners? What should I do?

Where to enter medical costs incurred which does not reflect on IRP5

On my Irp5 I have R5,911 under source code 4116 for medical scheme fees tax credit! I however have paid cash for some visits and this does not reflect as these were doctors not affiliated to medical schemes! How do I go about adding the amounts I spent and where do I add them and which source codes to use?

Review then audit. How long will this take?

I submitted my e-filling yesterday, I was selected for a review I then requested a correction as I made a mistake. I have submitted all the documentation requested but now it seems I am being audited.

I had a company car for the first 17 days of March last year which I submitted a logbook for. How long will this take, do I need to be concerned is there a penalty to making a mistake?

Fringe benefits on company provided vehicle 3802

The code 3802 appears on my IRP5 under Income Received. Can I claim anything back against this?
I am provided with a company vehicle, on my payslip an amount for taxable perks appears.

Docs required for proof of profit on sale of house

Hi Tim. I sold my primary residence and realised a profit of just over R1m on it. I know that the allowable deduction is R2m. Given my past experiences though, on the assumption that SARS wants to audit this transaction, what supplementary proof do I need (I have copies of confirmation of payment slips from my account). Would I need to show bank statements as well?

Travel claim on my tax return?

I tutor for extra income and for that I need to travel to student's homes. May I claim any travel costs against the income that I declare for this? I do not have a logbook but I have the exact kilometres I travelled. Thanks!

Can I still file a tax return even when I don't need to? And how would I go about doing that?

I'm trying to apply for residency into Panama and one of the requirements in a Panamian Bank account. However the banks over there require tax returns for the past 2 years in my home country. I haven't filed income tax returns for the past 2 years because ive been traveling the world (backpacking) for the past 4 years doing online work and never earned more than R70,000 a year anyway so I never need to file. I asked the banks in Panama if this is a strict requirement and unfortunately I HAVE to ...

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Tax on travel allowances

Pls explain the difference between the 80/20 and 20/80 tax principle for travel allowances and when can it be used ?

Is it for company cars or travel allowances?

Do I need to apply for a tax directive for my earnings received (private company)?

Is a tax directive necessary for my consulting firm - I have a private company with 1 employee (myself). I provide consulting services through another IT firm to their clients. I provide the firm with a Sales invoice for hours worked etc at the end of every month. They in turn pay the full invoice amount. I pay myself a fixed salary (PAYE & UIF deductions included) through my business. The remaining amount is profit to the business where we're liable to pay company tax (usually around 7% turnove...

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