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IT3b on loan accounts for tax purposes?

If you earn interest on loan accounts from your company and the company do not issue IT3b from the company what do you use as supporting docs for interest income?

Can I still query my statement of assessment after the tax returns deadline?

I completed my first tax return via SARS eFiling early November (I have only been working for two years). After the SARS eFiling deadline, I checked to see my statement of assessment, and found it be by -20 cents. I am not sure if I filed correctly, but I was expecting a larger tax return. Is it too late for me to re-submit or correct my tax return, even though I initially completed it before the tax deadline?

Delay of refund due to audit and outstanding tax returns from 2005/2006

I have enjoyed many years of good refunds from SARS. ( round about R30 000. 00 per tax year) This year I had an audit and they then issued a letter of completion but flagged my account for an outstanding tax return for 2005 and 2006. With great difficulty I managed to get a copy of 2005 IRP5 but could only get proof of salary for 2006. These years of income were very small and simple as there was only a small car allowance to factor in. I have subsequently been selected for audit again on these small tax returns. My questions are :...

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Late submission of supporting documents

I submitted a tax return on SARS eFiling. A letter requesting supporting docs was issued but I neglected to upload within specified time. An additional letter was issued 21 days later, when our practice was closed for the December holidays. Once the additional assessment was issued I only realised that the documents were never submitted. I uploaded the documents on the open link. The Sole Proprietor's expenses was denied against his income and now has a massive tax debt. During the year I submit...

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Code 3901 on IRP5, no payment received nor entitled to receive

My previous employer added an item to my IRP5, code 3901, for the amount of 134062. My reading of 3901 is for gratuity related to retrenchment, retirement or death. I did neither of the three, I simply resigned. Then of course, there was no such payment received by me, yet the employer claim there was. I cannot see how I can be expected to pay tax on something I did not receive nor did not qualify to receive. What to do now?

SARS audit again!

I submitted my tax return for 2014/2015 tax years and they said I have to be audited until I bring an affidavit proving that I only worked for short periods during those tax years. I was unemployed so did 2 jobs of 4 months each. I went back the next day and submitted my affidavit. I got at sms saying I will only be refunded 31/01/2016 and the amount could change. Why would they audit me they can see I did not have any other work?


How can the bank verify an Income Tax number? If a ITA34 was submitted to the bank how do they verify that the number is actually that persons income tax number?

Format of a payslip (proof of payment )

What is the format of a payslip as regard for proof of payment to a day-labourer who've worked 1 day doing maintenance work at a house you renting out.


Where can I get an ITA34?

Self-Employed Travel Expenses Deduction

I am a urologist working in an 8-partner practice. We are a partnership, and income and expenses are shared equally. My only income is my share of income from the practice. I have always kept a log book for vehicle expenses incurred by myself in the course of my work and have in the past claimed back actual expenses incurred under "Other Deductions>Travel Expenses (no allowance - commision income)". I did this because each partner is responsible for his own travel expenses. As such, these expens...

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What does it mean? Please note that no adjustment has been made to this assessment

Hello Team,

I got a response stated below against audit of my tax return, could me please assist to understand the response? Am I going to get my refund as per the submitted tax returns or not?

We refer to the verification of your assessment for the 2015 tax period. Please note that no adjustment has been made to this assessment. However...

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SARS claim while unemployed?

I am currently unemployed and heard that I cam claim from SARS regarding tax paid thus far

Too many documents

SARS has provision of submitting 20 documents only and I have more than 20 documents. SARS doesn't accept excel with more than 1sheet. I have bank statements, receipts, excels with car logs, medical expenses, donations, depreciation, donation and medical certificates, monthly credit card statements. Please suggest how to submit documents. Thanks

Tax return question

If you pay medical aid close to R4k out of pockets, and within a tax year you have incurred additional medical cost of about R15k, you have monthly RA of R1k... And you still contribute towards your employers RA. How much roughly would one get for tax returns

Still waiting for tax refund

It is more than 7 days now still waiting for my tax refund, is there ant problem with my tax returns?

I'm due for a refund but still owe SARS...

I'm due for a refund but there's a 'hold-up' as I owe SARS something from 2009. I'm not sure what to do fro this point forward - where or how do I find out what is owed - how can SARS be owing me when I owe them - why weren't there red flags or bold flashing print popping up when I completed my annual tax returns?
It's like they're hiding the fact that I owe them and I've now probably encured some hefty penalties and interest... ;(

What do I do?

Multiple IRP6 payments for a specific provisional tax period submission

Is it advisable or unadvisable to make multiple payments on a specific IRP6 for a specific provisional tax period? I have underestimated my income for a specific period, and have already made a payment for the period concerned (this was due to a CG event as a result of a unit trust switch). I'm concerned that SARS will only allocate one of the payments to the provisional tax period in question, and that I may have problems getting additional payments I make allocated to my account.

Bank particulars

May I have the bank details for SARS? I am in KwaZulu-Natal

Interest - file an objection or request a correction

I have been requested to submit additional documents. Turns out that I hadn't included the interest earned (I wasn't aware that I had to do this)
After getting the certificates and checking I noticed there is a R200 difference on the amounts their assessment had and the total on the certificate. When I called SARS and spoke to the consultant she said I had to fill out an objection and submit with the documents. I started with that but noticed that the request a correction button is active. ...

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Document/records storage

If I change to SARS eFiling with your assistance, where would my tax records be stored. & who stores them -- SARS, Myself, Tax Tim??

Loan to Company to purchase goods

I have a EME business and from time to time I use my private bank account to purchase items for orders I receive. When I then get paid by the customer I just transfer the money I loaned to the Business beck to my private account. Is that acceptable to SARS and what records must I keep?

Cap on non-taxable pension fund lump sum withdrawal

In the past tax year I worked for 3 companies. Got paid pension fund by 2 of those companies with total pension fund being below R20k
On the IRP5 from the company that paid outthe Pension fund there's a code 4 which I thought it meant this amount was not taxable( I understand it as meaning this amount will not add on to what I owe SARS). Submitted my tax returns and the SARS assesment has included the pension fund lump sum payment as what I owe SARS. Please advice if this is correct

Payment Periods

With regard to Provisional Tax:When SARS refers to the periods 2016-01 and 2016-02 (see below) is SARS referring to the months i. E 2016-01 = January and 2016-02 as being February or are they referring to the two payment periods for Provisional Tax being February and August? Could you please explain. 5. 3 Provisional Tax Returns can only be requested for periods that fall within:
%u201A The current period
%u201A The current periods minus two periods
%u0192 Example: if the current period is 2016-01 and 2016-02, IRP6 forms can be requested for the periods 2015-02 and 2015-01. %u201A The current periods plus one period...

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Tax for a full time student employed full time.

Hello Tim,
If I earn R8000 per month and are registered as a full time student but also employed full time and at a permanent post at my employer what will my tax be per month?

How do I create a SARS efiling form for outstanding 2009 tax year?

Upon filing my husband's tax returns for 2015, they asked for supporting documents (same as 2014) which I then submitted. After waiting for 2 weeks, I contacted SARS and they informed me that his tax return of 2009 had never been filed. He had a stroke in 2009 and after attempting to file his tax return unsuccessfully several times and not being able to get through to SARS, I presumed that it had been filed. Now 6 years later (after issuing a tax certificate of comliance earlier this year) they ...

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