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Employee tax - earning R 6773.76 per month

I have recently employed 8 people, who each earn R5376 basic salary R 1397. 76 overtime allowance per month. When I enter these figures on the payroll system that I'm using, tax is calculated at R 94. 28.... I'm confused - Is this correct? I thought only people earning above R120 000 pa pay tax?

Submission of late Provisional Tax returns

I received rental income in 2016 tax year, but didn't pay provisional tax. On my ITA34 I am not registered for Provisional tax, but on my SOA, requested one day later, it states that I am registered for Provisional Tax. What are my options now in order to pay the minimal penalties/interest? Do I rather not submit the late IPR6 tax returns and only specify the rental income when I submit my next Income Tax Return?
Also, how does the fact that I am married in community of property influence ...

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SARS mistake or are refunds done per assessment

I was audited and asked to submit supporting docs for logbooks, vehicle ownership/invoices and medical expenses. My assessment was calculated at R49k refund initially. When submitting medical exp I realized I had entered some expenses incorrectly so made changes to the ITR12. This resulted in a refund of R58k. In the new assessment SARS deducted the R49k under source code 4102 in the line "Previous Assessment Results", with net refund of R9k. Will my refund be both assessments ie R59k or are the...

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tax amount payable

I am student currently doing my practicals,i am earning R6000 a month. They have deducted R1781. 25 from my salary. I want to know if is this the right amount that I need to pay?

If I have a voluntary RA of R1500 per month, what will my tax refund be

If I have a voluntary RA of R1500 per month, how much do I get back?

What is the PAYE on my salary?

Tax payer is turning 65 during 2017 tax year end. Employer pays 3% provident fund and employee pays 6% per month. Employer pays 50% of medical aid, employee pays 50%. Cash component is R35,500, provident is R2,136, paid and R1,068 by employer. Medical aid is R3,918 each way. Need to know what tax to be paid per month?

Can I claim from a pension fund that was taxed?

I have resigned in 2015 February - am l entitled to claim tax refund on my pension money that was taxed?

Net pay determination

If I have a R3000 petrol allowance added to my salary, will the provident fund contribution be deducted as well, e. G. If on 10% contribution, then the net income before tax will be R2700?

Section 10(1)o - Any 12 month period

I started a job out of SA on 1 August 2014 and traveled regularly from SA to my place of work out of SA on rotation up until the end of the job on 29 February 2016. For the 12 month period 1 Aug 2014 - 31 July 2015 I exceeded the 183 and 60 day requirements. I therefore claimed my tax exemption on my 2015 tax return (for the income earned during Aug 2014 - Feb 2015). For the period 1 August 2015 to 29 February 2016 I exceeded the 60 day requirement but not the 183 days. However, if I calculate 1...

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How much does an R8000 monthly earner have to be taxed?

Morning, in March I was taxed R1600 according to my payslip. I still do not understand why I was taxed so much. I earn R8000 a month & I get paid on the 25th of everything.

Does one pay tax for casual work and if not registered

If a person works in a construction company and earns 450.00 per day sometimes full week sometimes short days unpaid and not registered how does he pay tax

Can I claim a tax refund for prior years?

I have started working in 2006, but I never claimed a tax refund. Is possible for me to claim for all those years?

Income Protection Policy deduction

I have a 'Life cover' policy with Old Mutual that pays out the same value as the assurance value under 'Earning ability cover' section of the policy. Can I claim this as income protection from SARS? Old Mutual has not issued me with a tax certificate for this policy. Many thanks

Please clarify if I can get a tax directive and how they work

My estimated gross income R670 114. 00
My estimated expenditure R306 081. 00
Estimated taxable income R364 033. 00
Please show me the calculations to get a tax directive of 20%

PAYE on show on payslip, do I still register?

My Payslip shows PAYE with amount of tax deducted - do I still need to register to get a tax number.

Section 10(1)o - successive tax years and overlapping 12 month periods

Hi Tim,

When working successive years out of SA on a rotation basis (regular travel to and from SA) am I able to overlap my 12 month periods I use when calculating the days worked out of SA?

Section 10(1)o makes mention of the 183 and 60 day periods being part of any 12 month period which may start or end in the financial year in question. There is no mention of not using periods 'twice' ie If I do a 60 day period out of SA in June and July 2015 I could use this sti...

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Is leave payout taxable?

This is regarding Leave Encashment. Is it taxable in South Africa? If yes, what is the percentage of tax deduction? If it is taxable, how can we get a refund?

What are wear and tear deductions on laptop and car?

I use my car to go to and from work. I bought the car in 2015. Can I use this as a deduction on my next tax return? I also use my personal Laptop for work, all day everyday, bought it about 2 years ago, can I also get a deduction on this?

What expenses can be deducted when renting out my short term holiday cottage?

What expenses can be deducted from tax for renting out a cottage on my property as short term holiday rentals through Airbnb etc?

RA Claim for British citizen who is emigrating

When a British Citizen leaves South Africa for good after paying a RA for many years, what is the process of getting the money back and out the country.

Do I need to keep a logbook?

My monthly salary is split up into salary and travel allowance. Therefore my PAYE is calculated accordingly. The company pays for all my petrol, whether business or private. Do I still keep a logbook and can I still submit a claim?

Why aren't I getting tax rebates on all my work expenses?

I contract for a UK based company and and paid in Rands each month - a salary, and all my expenses. Currently I pay a tax person in SA to do my tax (I am paid in full and then it's my responsibility to sort my tax out), however I haven't received any rebates from SARS for 3 years despite all my expenses, including travel, office rental, parking (all business related). Wondering if you can help? Would TaxTim be able to deal with my provisional tax?

Business mileage when working from home

I am employed as a service engineer, receive a travel allowance and own my own vehicle. Our company is embarking on a work from home initiative where we will no longer have to come to the company offices every day before going out to see clients and repair equipment. In this new scenario where my administrative work would take place at home and I drive directly to my first client, then to the next etc before eturning home, what would be counted as business mileage and what as private?

Wear and Tear claim for home office equipment for sole proprietor

Can a sole proprietor claim wear and tear on home office furniture, equipment, computers? What is the allowance?

How best to "structure" freelance income?

I work full time, earning a salary and paying PAYE tax. Through the year I have some projects that enable me to generate some extra income. However, if I just do this as an individual, I incur additional income tax at my marginal rate. Is there a way to structure "freelance" work and projects (in something like a company?) so that I can pay less income tax whilst still abiding the law?
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