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Claim business usage for private car

Hi I am using my private vehicles for business travel, part of my job is to do site visits, client meeting ect. I did not receive a travel allowance from my company. Please explain how I can claim this back as I do have log sheets for the travel. I am busy having my package restructured to include a car allowance.

Part 2: can I claim depreciation for one vehicle and also claim travel back or is it not allowed?

Tax directive issued but error says "Lump sum declared but directive outstanding"

I was retrenched in 2014 (May)... The company had a tax directive issued and I have a copy of the directive. In my SARS e-Filing profile, when I open up the tax return, the full provident fund lump sum is declared and indo completed - WITH the correct tax directive number in the "directive" section for the lump sum. However, when I save and CALCULATE, it tax returns a message saying:


Please help - not sure why this messa...

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Problem with logbook

Hi there. Please can you help? I don't normally claim travel allowance or petrol, so this was a once-off thing. This is now indicated on my IRP5, but I don't have a log book. And I have to submit it to SARS as I have been selected for an audit. Do I have to claim it or can I request a correction and remove it from my tax return? Please help. Thanks

Taxable allowance for cell phone 3713

I received cell phone allowance under code 3713 (taxable). Where on the tax return can I claim the expense?

Tax return delay after submitting supporting docs

Hi Tim,

I have been audited by SARS sent all my supporting documents immediately when they ask for it - my logbook plus had to send them a HP of my vehicle. How long will they take to refund my money?

What kind of supporting documents do I need as proof of my own medical expenses?

What kind of supporting documents do I need as proof for medical expenses out of my own pocket? I had hospital expenses where I received a statement indicating the amount paid by the medical aid and the amount I had to pay in. On the statement it shows the payments made by me (I made monthly payments).

Is this sufficient proof of my payments? What proof do I need for my monthly prescription medicine (my medical aid does not cover my medicine). I paid out of my own pocket each time.

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Tax on Travel Reimbursement

Hi I travelled less than 8000km per year for business travel with my car and get reimbursed the AA rate by my employer via EFT payment. He doesn't add my travel claim to my gross salary for calculating PAYE. Must I pay tax on the travel claim money I received?

No supporting documentation for Agent Commission for rental property

Hi, I am renting out a property. I've used your easy questions to fill in all the necessary information regarding the income and expenses related to renting out that property, but I am not confident about what supporting documentation I require to keep on hand for the rental property. I have all the levy and rates invoices, rental agreements and legal costs invoices and the bank statements for the bond financing the property. However the agent does not supply me with invoices for her commission....

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How can commission earner optimise tax returns?

Hi, based on my tax returns submitted this year as a commission earner, what can I do differently to optimize tax returns for next season?

3704 Subsistance Allowance

I received a subsistence allowance (3704). In 2014 I travelled locally for 5 months, I spent about 108 days away from home. How much can I claim in terms of subsistence allowance?

Fringe benefit calculation on two employer-provided vehicles

I have 2 cars on "employer provided vehicle":

1) 2013 Suzuki Alto used for approx 6 months. Cash value 89000
2) Cherry 2011 value 59900 also used for approx 6 months.

How would I calculate the fringe benefit amount / or could someone help me with these amounts?

Too small travel allowance - different to actual costs

I have a R 2 500 travel allowance (R 30 000 a year) provided to me. But for 2015 I calculated my true travel costs (travel allowance) and it should have been R 70 000 a year.

Travel allowance on my IRP5 R 30 000
Travel allowance calculated by SARS tables R 70 000

Can I claim the R 70 000 tax deductible or am I limited to R 30 000 tax deductible?

Deduction againt 3713 other taxable allowance

My cell phone allowance is reflected under code 3713 (taxable allowance)
Where on the tax return must I complete the cell phone deduction?

Do I enter the whole wear and tear value in my tax return or only the "official" part?

When calculating the wear and tear on my car I take the original cash purchase price and divide that by 5. Do I then enter that value in my tax return (same as all other deductions) and SARS then automatically calculate the "official" part thereof from the kilometers I entered, or do I do the calculation myself and then enter the "official" part in the tax return?

Tax on interest-only source income

If your only source of income is from interest, how is tax calculated?

Claims against Travel Allowance

In what instances could you claim maintenance expenses, toll fees and tires against a travel allowance?
A proper logbook has been kept of all business km, therefore currently doing the calc based on fixed cost per km and multiplying this with the total business km.

Wrong filing of tax provisional instead of individual

Good day. I filled my tax via SARS e filing for 201 and it triggered an audit. I got a refund after providing the docs, then after a few days I decided to call the SARS call centre. The guy on the other side told me that I need to file for 2009 and 2011 and that I made a mistake and I filed for provisional tax. They fined me for R2900 interest, now I owe them according to the efilling at the SARS branch. They were not very helpful either, the lady told me I must jus...

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Independent Contractor - Allowable Expenses

Hi, I'm an independent contractor and my income is indicated under code 3616. I don't get any allowance, and my company pays income tax every month. What I want to know is can I claim, under the allowable expenses, for things such as vehicle depreciation/KMs traveled/vehicle service costs etc?

Almost all my work related travels are from home to the client site and back, which I have kept a log book for.

What constitutes business mileage if I stay temporarily closer to work?

I live in one city and my normal office is in the city. I am currently involved in a project in another city which takes me away there for extended periods. I have a flat in the other city which I stay in while I am working there. What constitutes business mileage? I would think travel from home to the distant site would be business mileage. However probably not the daily commute in from my flat. Is this correct, or would the total distance away from my home be business mileage?

Can I claim for depreciation on my personal vehicle used for business puposes?

Can I claim on my personal vehicle used for business? I receive no allowance, just re-imbursement for petrol claims and services. I have a logbook indicating business vs personal use.

SARS Audit - Proof for sideline income

I'm being audited by SARS, they have asked me for bank statements and payslips. I do currently have a permanent job, but have a part time or side line job as well. The amounts I get paid to do the work is not a constant amount every month and some months has no income at all. These payments are either in cash or via eft which will be on my bank statements of course.

What would the impact on myself be from SARS? I complete my tax every year, but this is the first time I get asked to p...

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Tax for independent work.

Hi Tim. I am a full time teacher. I am thinking of leaving my job and working as a full time tutor from home. I will see students on a one on one basis and charge them and hourly rate OR I will travel to other students and charge them an hourly rate.

Can I claim against expenses that I incur whilst tutoring eg: at home - electricity, Internet, cellphone usage to contact students, travel costs when going to students, laptop purchase for work etc. Thank you.

Tax deduction for studies

I am a director of a company and my company has offered to pay for my studies. I am studying BCom Financial Management. They are however trying to deduct it as a business expense. Is it possible and what tax law do they look at?

Travel allowance section

I get reimbursed for travel allowance and it is put under code 3702. I have 2 questions:

1: On the first page of the tax return should I tick "Yes" for claiming against a travel allowance?
2: My log book and the amount under 3702 don't match since the travel for the second half of Feb 2015 is actually only paid to me in March 2015.

Severance Pay Tax

Last year I was retrenched, took the package, and was told that the severance piece was tax free, as it was way below the R500k, just under R40k, got a directive.

Now looking to do my tax return, the amount shows under income (source code: 3901) adding it to my income, however as I was not taxed on it when it was paid, it appears to SARS that I didn't pay the tax then. So now it looks like SARS is asking me for the tax on that amount, as my prelim calculations is saying I must pay in close on R4000?...

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