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Import IRP5

We have realised that we do need to import a second IRP5. Can you help us to import it??

Open blocked account and merge 2 together

Why does SARS close a new registered account after a few days?
Is it because we took to long to submit documents or is that normal. Why does it always says that your detail entered is incorrect. How can I merge the 2 accounts together which I have registered. I did not submit for 5 years and paying penalties but this must stop now. I need to submit today. Help

Am I a provisional taxpayer if my employer does not deduct tax from my salary?

I get a monthly salary on a set day every month but I get it in full, without any tax deductions. It is my responsibility to arrange for the payment of tax with SARS. Do I have to register as a provisional tax payer in order to pay tax?

Tax Payment to SARS for 2015?

I submitted my tax return today and was informed that I have to pay them R57. How long do I have to pay that money?

Thank you

Provisional 2016 tax calculation

I want to do provisional 2016 tax calculation, I am on pension from 1 Nov - did received a normal salary, I did received a lump sum with tax directive and pension payment with tax directive

Supporting Docs Submitted

I submitted supporting docs requested by SARS through on 2 December. Please can you follow up as I have not received the refund nor an outcome on it. Thanks

What is a ITA34 certificate

Hi I am self-employed and only start trading only from June 2015 I need to find out about a ITA34 due the bank request it what is it and can I get it on SARS eFiling?

Do I owe SARS or do they owe me for 2015?

My wife's tax assessment ITA34 for 2015 reflects -R4242. 00 (minus R4242)
Does this mean SARS owes her a refund, or does she owe SARS the R4242?
No funds have been deposited into her account yet. The tax return was completed via your site 11 Nov 2015.

Desperate for correct advice

Hello.... My mother is turning 86 in February 2016. She rents out rooms in her house on an informal basis and this provides an irregular income. She has small monthly annuity payment of about R1000 which ceases on her death. What is the taxable income threshold for someone of her age and does she really need to to submit a yearly tax return?

Need help finding out what happened with my tax reaturn?

I went for tax return in August-September and I was told that I'm still under auditing can you please help me find out what is happening?

Clarification regarding tax deductions for donations.

If I donate to a charity and I receive a tax certificate, would I receive a tax refund for a portion of that amount? If so, how much of the amount would be refunded?

It is important as the two monthly payments are different and the paye needs to be clarified

A staff member earned R9500/m for three months then was given an increase which brought the salary to R11000/m. He/she hasn't been at the company for a full year and was given a bonus of R5000. How do I calculate the PAYE on this as there was only R500 deducted off the December salary?

How much I will get as tax refund?

I came to South Africa on June 30,2015. My income is R4,35,000 / year. I am aware of that the tax year is Mar 2015 to Feb 2016. So, I am not here from Mar 2015 to June 2015. Still do I need to pay tax? If how much I need t pay? How much I will get tax refund?

Currently, the tax amount is being debited from my monthly salary from employer and the amount is around R8000. Could you please let me know how much I will get tax refund?

Verification after refund has been paid

I received a letter from SARS saying that my assessment is selected for verification. But I have received the refund already.

Tax on 30 000

I am selfemployed sole trader. I need to know how much tax I will pay if I show a profit of say 30 000. Looking to get a mortgage soon so need to put my books in !!!!

How do I resubmit my form

I have made an amendment to my medical records as I only found receipts to the value of 2696 how do I resubmit my form

Waiting for my refund from SARS, but it is taking so long.

I want to know how long does it take for my claim to be finalised?


Dear Tax Tim
I earn random commissions as an event planner and promoter. Get paid cash. No Medical Aid or Retirement Funds. Have applied to purchase a vehicle and they want ITA34. I have never submitted a tax return.

Unemployed and not paying tax.

I have been unemployed for quite some time. So naturally my income tax return was submitted as zero "unemployed". SARS has requested supporting documents which I have none, not even a IT3B. Can I submit an affidavit stating that I have not supporting documents and confirming that I am unemployed? what are the consequences of doing this, what will I be opening myself up for here?

How can you claim a late person's tax money?

My father passed away last year and he didn't claim his tax money, so I want to know how can we claim his tax money?

Can the offshore tax law dates be changed?

My husband works offshore on a ship for a few years now. We understand about the 183 days out of SA to be exempted from paying tax in South Africa. However, there was 3 months in this year where he had no work, so he might be a few days under the required amount of days needed to be exempted. I have heard that one's tax year does not have to fall under the same dates as the financial tax year? Is that correct? If so, can one use 12 months prior or after those 3 months he was at home, to still ...

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Jointly owned rental property and non-mortgage interest.

A rental property is jointly owned by two individuals. There is no registered bond over the property, however each part owner has contributed funds to purchase the property. Can a loan be created and interest charged on this loan to each of the owners and a corresponding interest deduction against the rental be claimed?

Broken service

I was unemployed until 03 Aug 2015, but still get deducted the normal monthly PAYE. How do I work out what I should have paid in tax for broken service? presumably this will result in a refund in 2016, correct?

Do you have to pay CGT with your first provisional tax payment?

We are completing our 1st provisional tax return for our property company, and because we have disposed of properties in the last 6 months, this has triggered a Capital Gain which is payable to SARS (we donā%u20AC%u2122t have any assessed losses which we can utilise). Our question is quite simple. Do you have to pay over the CGT to SARS with the 1st provisional tax payment, or can you defer it to your 2nd provisional tax payment?

Ideally we would like to push this out by 6 months to...

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I have recieved a statement of account from sars, but it does not state when SARS will pay me, will

I have just received a statement of account from SARS, but it does not state when SARS will pay me, will I need to contact them or something?
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