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Do students in a learnership pay tax?

I'm in a learnership. I get paid R3,120 plus R1,500 accommodation. The total is R4,620 per month. Do I pay tax?

Minor's tax obligations on inheritance

If a minor child inherits - how much do they have to earn before they must be registered for paying tax?
If they are not liable for tax, does one as the parent still have to notify SARS that they have funds invested?

What are the SARS obligations and benefits for a taxpayer aged 74 years for the 2015/2016 tax year?

With regards to your post of 23 July 2012, about retirees aged 65 years and older: have there been any changes since then in SARS requirements for tax returns for the 2015/2016 tax year, or not? What benefits can such a taxpayer expect? What is the taxable threshold for a taxpayer 74 years of age (turning 75 in June 2016)? Where do donations fit into all of this?
1. Main source for living expenses is interest income. 2. Medical aid premium is paid by the retiree in full, in addition to medical expenses which go beyond medical aid benefits. ...

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What to do if SARS penalises me?

I was working freelance for 2 companies. My salary was plus minus R15,000 a year. SARS penalised me because I don't fill in forms. They say I owe R10,500. I don't have that money - what can I do?

How to calculate total for 4150

How to calculate total in source code 4150 when completing IT3 a certificate

Turn 65 during tax year

I have a morning position at a retirement village. I turn 65 during during this tax year, in November 2016. When do I stop paying tax?
Kind regards
Mrs H. Van der Westhuizen

How do I clear an outstanding old tax return?

During 2012 I did not submit a tax return on SARS eFiling as I earned less than the threshold. Now 4 years later the tax return is still showing as outstanding? Is there a way to clear this?

Helping an old lady

Does a 91 year old widow whose only income is R7200pm from an Old Mutual investment have to submit a tax return? I remember hearing that some people no longer have to submit tax returns and an old friend is not sure whether her tax consultant is doing anything.

MInor - tax liabilities

If I need to register my child (minor) for tax due to interest and or CGT earned from their investment - do I register them as a provisional tax payer or as an individual tax payer? If my child earns less than R 75,000 through interest/CGT do I still need to register them for tax even though they have no tax liability?

The pricing on your website for individual tax - would assume that this is per tax submission?

Register tax

My daughter earns R350. 00 a week. Must she register and pay tax?

When do I file return?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out when I need to submit my first tax return. I moved to South Africa on 30th January 2015 and started working on 9th February 2015. No other income other than salary from employer. When is my first tax return due please?

What is an IRP5 and what documents do I need to submit a tax return?

What is an IRP5? I worked last year for seven months and my salary before tax was R16777. I have never submitted a tax return before and am pretty sure I am under the threshold but I want a refund, but have no idea what to do. I didn't receive medical aid or any benefits. Please help.

Small business

I run a small business from home and make about R40 000. 00 a year. I only pay insurance and maybe cell. So what is my draw for provisional tax. And how much tax would business pay.

Sports coach PAYE

A sports coach at a school is paid per hour but only earns around R3000 pm which would normally exclude paying any PAYE. Is this coach still eligible to pay 25% PAYE? This is an independent coach, only on contract for 5 months.

Tax refund for casual worker

I'm working at a season job that will end next week. I will have been working for 13 weeks and paid about R8000 in taxes. I'm being taxed each week. The rest of the year I don`t get any income that means I don`t have work. I would like to know if I can claim my tax back. I `m under the threshold and I do have a tax number. I don't have pension, policies or a medical aid in my name.

PAYE refund

Do I qualify to get tax return money back if I was paying PAYE since 1 May 2015,and my basic salary was R5,000 per monthly till 26/02/2016

Can I claim back my tax?

I earn less than R180 000 per annum. I only just entered the work force, and taxes still confuse me. I'm an independent contractor (but get set salary each month), and therefore I pay 25% tax. However, our accountant assured me I can reclaim all the tax I paid. Granted, last yr I earned only R74 000, paying 25% tax, and I know I can reclaim that. Basically, will I be able to reclaim the tax I am paying this year, and what is the maximum annual income for which you can still reclaim your tax?

Dividend Tax

Is dividend tax deductible from normal tax payable for Micro Business exceeding the R200 000 dividends tax exemption threshold?

Do I need to declare gift?

I received (from a family friend in South Africa about R120 000 as a gift over a period of a year to help me pay back a loan. I had not been working for a few years so did not submit tax returns. Did I have to declare the amount to the receiver?

An accountant submitted wrong information to SARS on my behalf

Hi, an accountant submitted my tax returns from 2009 to 2011, and when I found another job in 2012. I requested her to submit in 2012 and she refused. I submitted it by myself with help from SARS consultant. I received audit in 2013, and they requested additional information from 2009 to 2011, and when I asked my accountant, she became defensive and tell me she deleted my documents. SARS old me to pay back around 75000, and we agreed on compromised. I payed 35000, but now I want her to pay the 1...

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Do I need a tax reference number?

Do you need a tax number if you dont need to file a tax return, as per SARS tax threshold

Provisional tax for the year

I didn't submit a provisional tax return in Aug 2015 because I thought I would be below the threshold but I am actually above the threshold for the 2016 tax year. Should I now submit one at 29 feb 2016 and are these numbers based on actual income and expenses or an estimate for the 2016 tax year

Turnover Tax Exceeded limit

TaxTim, I have a company registered for turnover tax. I Have the following questions please:

1 - What happens when you exceed the allowed R1m turnover in a tax year?
2 - Do you have to recalculate tax for the past year using the SBC Tax Tables?
3 - What about the VAT? I have not registered for or charged VAT, what will happen now that I've exceeded the R1m threshold. I thank you in advance for your support.

How does it work now if you just earn commission but tax and uif does not get deducted?

Hi. I used to work for company that deducted tax from my salary, so I'm a registered. But now I work for a company that does not deduct tax and I only get commission. My question is how do I claim my tax for my medical aid if I don't receive a IRP5?

How does it work now if you just earn commission but tax and uif does not get deducted?

Should the tax rebate be pro-rated for foreigners starting to work in SA (not immigrating)

I foreigners start to work in South Africa & earn South African source income, say, from February 2016. Will they receive their entire tax rebate for 2016 based on only the 1 month's salary? This would imply that they will obviously NOT pay ANY taxes on a salary of up to R73,650 for the month of Feb 2016. Is this correct or should the tax rebate of R13,257 be pro-rated to 1 of 12 months, because they only worked for 1 month of the 12 in the tax year?
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