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Medical Posts in Tax Q&A

Medical Aid contributions, am I due a refund?

I am on the Government Medical Aid Fund (GEMS). My employer contributes a portion and I contribute as well. Both amounts go directly off my salary as a lump sum monthly. How does this affect my tax refund?

If I have been medically boarded and receive income protection benefit does this mean I am disabled?

I was medically boarded at the end of 2015 but am covered by a Discovery Income Protector policy. Does that mean I am "disabled" for tax purposes?

Out of pocket expenses with no medical aid, can I claim?

Can you claim for out of pocket medical expenses if i did not have a medical aid and will this decrease my tax liability?

I have medical expenses but no medical aid, can I claim?

I don't have a medical aid can I still claim for medical expenses?

Can I claim the medical aid contirbutions I paid on behalf of my ex husband?

I have been paying medical aid for my ex husband, do I insert that as contributions made by myself, as I did not include this in my last submission?

Can i split the amount on the medical tax certificate?

My dad is retired, in November his medical aid stopped coming off his payslip, and he has to pay it out of his bank account. So my question is,On his IRP5 there is an amount under 4005 for medical aid deduction. But this is only till end October. So I want to know, do I put the rest of the medical aid amount that he paid out of his back account under 4040?

Do I pay tax on hospital plan payout after a hospital stay?

Do I pay tax on hospital plan payout after stay in hospital?

How much tax must I pay annually if I'm a pensioner earning investment income only?

I am 70 years old. IEarn R180,000 interest lumpsum annualy. I have a wife without any income.

Medical claim for dependent

If the wife pays medical aid and he is a dependent can she claim on her tax return the out of pocket expenses for him

Tax on disability grant

I earning disability I am not getting IRP5 how would I know how much I am owing SARS

Can I claim my monthly expenses, can I get a refund on monthly regular day-to-day expenses?

I have properties jointly with my wife (Community of Property) and getting rents which covers all my payments towards my bonds, Rates & Taxes, Levies and Refuse accounts. Little extra amount is surplus. My question is: Should I need to pay Tax on my monthly Rental Income?

I pay for my Groceries, Fruit & Veg, Rents, Electricity, Gas, Domestic Maid, School Fees, Kids Sports Fees, Transportation, Petrol, Bank Charges, Personal Loan (Absa) Credit Card Fees & Financial Charges, Telkom & Vo...

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According to SARS criteria, I dont need to sumit ITR12. But do I still submit IRP6 twice yearly?

I'm a provisional taxpayer. According to recent communications from SARS, I no longer need to submit ITR12 any more as I match all their criteria. My question is: Do I still need to submit the IRP6 twice yearly?

Medical expenses for children

My children are on my ex husbands medical aid, but I am paying half of all their medical expenses in cash. Can I claim for it

What do I need to complete returns for the past 3 years

What do I need at hand to complete tax returns for the past 3 years

TAX Return for Dental specialist?

Hi, I had to take my son to a dental specialist to have a check up on his jaws and teeth for braces, but had to pay R1554, which medical aid does not cover. Can I claim tax back on it?

Unclaimed disability from 2009 to 2013? can I do so now?

I previously did not know that you can claim for disability and I have 6 years worth of disability that I didnt claim, is it possible to do so? from 2009 to 2013

Can freelance stylist claim back 25% tax deducted form her income?

Hello, I've been working as a freelance stylist in the Film industry for the past year, and around 25% tax has been deducted from each pay check. How do I go about getting a tax return?

Should I only complete source code 4020 if my medical aid contributions is already on my IRP5?

If my medical aid contributions is already on my IRP5 under source code 4005 and 4474. Should I leave sorce code 4040 and only complete 4020 for expenses not paid via my medical aid?

Explanation of source codes 4040, 4020 and 4022

Can you explain source codes 4040, 4020 and 4022 on the tax return.

Can you claim back a monthly contribution paid towards health insurance?

I pay R1900 monthly for me and 3 dependants on a health insurance. Can I claim these contributions back on my tax return as a out of pocket expense?

Tax return submission 2014/2015 finalised without disability declared

My son has been moderate to severe disability and met the criteria since September 2014. Submitted al extra medical expenses on my tax return but never declared the disability. Can this be reviewed?

How do I submit my tax return if I have changed jobs within the tax year?

How do I submit my tax return if I have changed jobs within the tax year? It gets quite confusing. . . New salary, new employer paying for half of my medical aid contributions whereas my old employer was not. . .

Deductions against rental income

I have moved from CPT to JHB. I own a house in CPT which is now being rented out to tenants. In JHB I am currently renting. From a SARS perspective, do I need to declare the rental income as I only own one property and its not a second property bringing in an extra income? What I receive as rental income in CPT immediately covers my rent here. So I do not gain anything. In face what I am asking as a rental is the same as what I pay for my rent here.

Medical Insurance - Do I put that on my tax return?

I have been submitting my tax returns for many years and use to include my Medical (which is a hospital plan with Liberty but not viewed as a medical aid, which I found out in 2015). I contribute to this on a monthly basis and pay my own medical bills i. E. Doctors visits, dentists, optometrists, etc. Only medical procedures in a hospital is covered by my hospital plan. As it is not tax deductible seeing as it is not a medical aid, do I now even bother to mention it on my tax return although the...

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May I deduct medical aid contributions as a non-principal member

I am listed am listed as a dependent on Discovery health with my wife as the principal member. However I pay the contributions for my wife, my son and myself. She doesn't earn an income and is therefore not liable to pay tax. The tax certificate from Discovery is in her name, can I claim the medical expenses and premiums as medical deductions on my IT12. I reference these articles and would like to know if the information in these is still valid as at June 2016

1) South African Institute of Accounting Professionals article from 2012:...

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