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Tax question on medical aid and correction for SARS

I've just got back and seen the email from SARS. I have a few questions. 1. I made a mistake on the foreign Income, as it was through the business and not my personal account. I was busy doing my business accounts while filling in my personal tax and got confused. 2. My medical aid was paid by my previous employer. They forgot to cancel my medical aid and have asked me to pay them back for that year. I received a tax certificate from my medical aid so do I still qualify to claim tax from that?

What penalties will I incur if I do not pay my donations tax within the three month deadline?

What penalties will I incur if I do not pay my donations tax within the three month deadline? Is there a way around incurring any penalties if I was not aware of this deadline?

Would there be donations tax payable on a cash payment received from a non-resident?

Would there be donations tax payable on a cash payment received from a non-resident, living in the US?
Would the South African receiver of the cash be taxed?

What is a Members Loan Account?

I have a small business and I had an accountant that did my accounts for me. I have noticed that he put in a members loan account under Equity and Liabilities. I am not sure what this means and where he would have received the amount from. Please can you help explain what the members loan account means?

Family gifts less than R100 000

Hi there!

I've read your post about family gifts of money and I just want to confirm:

If my father gives me less than R5000 per month as per a family agreement, I do not have to pay tax on the receipt of this money and have to just include it in the section of my tax return as "Amounts not considered taxable"?

As well as this, my father will not have to pay donation tax because the sum will not exceed R50 000 every year?

Clarity around donation tax on the side of the donee not donor.

I registered and wanted to buy one of your packages in order to ask more questions but not sure what to buy. Don't need you to do anything yet because I have a tax practitioner but have certain concerns about how our tax is done. I need to decide what to do. My husband and I are in Christian ministry and mostly receive donations from people who are friends that have nothing to do with our ministry and do not receive ministry from us that could be seen as service rendered. They can and some have also stopped supporting at any time without notice...

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Donations Tax on house sale to sister.

I plan on selling a fixed property worth R450 000 for R225 000. How much will the donations tax be?

Fringe benefit tax on employer supplied cellphone

A NPO supplies employees with a cell phone and the NPO pays the contract. The calls are predominantly business, but some private calls take place. How does the fringe benefit get calculated? The contract supplies data, sms and calls.

Two people donate R100000 each to my account, is the R200000 I get taxable?

If two people each donate a R100000 into my account, which will make the amount R200000 is it taxable?

How should I incorporate a charitable donation in my tax calculation?

According to SARS, "Deductions in respect of donations to certain public benefit organisations are limited to 10% of taxable income (excluding retirement fund lump sums and severance benefits)". Assuming that my taxable income is R100,000, I can donate a maximum of R10,000 to a qualifying 'public benefit organisation'. In my tax calculation, should I deduct that R10,000 from my taxable income, or from the amount of tax that I owe? If I can deduct it from the amount of tax due to SARS, the latt...

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Is SARS definition of 'taxable income' circular with respect to donations made?

According to SARS, "Deductions in respect of donations to certain public benefit organisations are limited to 10% of taxable income (excluding retirement fund lump sums and severance benefits)". But taxable income is the difference between gross income and deductions, one of which is the amount donated. So the SARS definition is circular, and therefore impossible to calculate. Or am I missing something?

Tax free donations

25. 01. 2016. How much money can I donate annually to individuals without myself or the recipient(s) having to pay tax on it? I am a widowed pensioner.

Interest free loan from parents

My parents are lending me R500k to assist in purchasing my first apartment. This is an interest free loan and we have a loan agreement that specifies that I have a set minimum amount that I have to pay on a monthly basis (therefore I would not deem this a donation). There is however no set period for the loan as I may be able to pay more than the minimum amount. The loan agreement has been vetted by a lawyer. My folks are over the age of 65 and the money will be deposited straight into the attor...

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Detail required on tax payable on property donation

My father has an un-bonded property (house) which he wants to donate to me (his son). 20% tax is payable on the value. When and by which individual is this payable? How is the property valuated, and by whom?

Will my dad be taxed as his income if I pay his gap cover for medical aid?

I want to pay GAP cover for my dad - he is the main member of the scheme and I the payer. Will he be taxed on the premium of the gap cover as income?

Allowable deductions from rental income

I did some renovations to a rental property between tenants. I replaced the carpet with tiles, replaced all the kitchen cupboards and the oven, and repainted. All of these renovations were specified in my rental contract with the new tenant - she viewed the unit before the renovations, and we agreed that they would be carried out before she took occupation. Which costs can I deduct as expenses in the production of the rental, or must I add all of the costs to the base cost of the property for pu...

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Declaration of Donation under R 100 000

If I make a donation of R 100 000 to a family member, do I need to declare this payment to SARS even though there is no tax payable?

Tax implications of Grandparent paying grandchildren's school fees

Hi, is it permissible for a grandparent resident in South Africa to pay his UK resident grandchildren's school fees without it counting as a donation?

Clarification regarding tax deductions for donations.

If I donate to a charity and I receive a tax certificate, would I receive a tax refund for a portion of that amount? If so, how much of the amount would be refunded?

Inpossible deduction

I am earning R11. 000 per month so my employer deduct R1047. 63 it is possible for that deduction

IT3b on loan accounts for tax purposes?

If you earn interest on loan accounts from your company and the company do not issue IT3b from the company what do you use as supporting docs for interest income?

A copy of a company's EMP103

How do I obtain a copy of a company's EMP103 registration certificate?

The company (an NPO) registered in 1992 and the certificate is not to be found

Format of a payslip (proof of payment )

What is the format of a payslip as regard for proof of payment to a day-labourer who've worked 1 day doing maintenance work at a house you renting out.

Too many documents

SARS has provision of submitting 20 documents only and I have more than 20 documents. SARS doesn't accept excel with more than 1sheet. I have bank statements, receipts, excels with car logs, medical expenses, donations, depreciation, donation and medical certificates, monthly credit card statements. Please suggest how to submit documents. Thanks

Loan to Company to purchase goods

I have a EME business and from time to time I use my private bank account to purchase items for orders I receive. When I then get paid by the customer I just transfer the money I loaned to the Business beck to my private account. Is that acceptable to SARS and what records must I keep?
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