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I work as a full time waitress and I earn a small shift allowance, the rest earned is tips. Do I pay

Am I eligible for paying tax?

Capital gains on house sale for pensioner

I am a pensioner. We sold some houses where we had lots of problems with tenants. How does the capital gains tax affect pensioners?

How do the medical aid deductions for 2013 work - become dependent or become principle member?

Hi Tax Tim, thank you for a very informative website, I've learnt a lot!

My question is this: which option is more tax beneficial?

My situation:
My wife and I are both principle members of the same medical aid, with a baby on the way. My understanding of the new tax credit rules for 2013 would imply that it doesn't really matter how we as a family structure our medical aid. Be it as 1 principle member and 2 dependents, or 2 principle members and 1 dependent. Is this correct? The new rules disregard the fact that I am in a higher tax bracket as well...

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What if I have a company registered in the Seychelles, but I am a South African taxpayer?

I am a South African citizen residing in South Africa and work from home on the Internet. My company is registered offshore in the Seychells and have an offshore bank account in Mauritius. I have no clients in South Africa or Africa, but work with clients in other countries and have mandates with companies in the USA, Moscow and Hong Kong. I stand a good chance to earn a substantial commission which will be paid into my offshore account. Can I opt to pay taxes in Mauritius as i also want to...

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Why have SARS not allowed all my medical expenses as a tax deduction?

I have completed my efiling however now have a query. I claim back about R4000 worth of medical expenses incurred by myself, but was only refund R600. Is this an error?

I earn R8500 and have never been registered at SARS, my boss says I don't need to, is this correct?

I earn R8500 a month, which is the most I've ever earned. My boss keeps my salary low because he says that way I won't pay tax. I am so ignorant. Am I breaking the law or is my boss? SARS doesn't know I exist. Would I be fined? I don't have any savings stored up either. It's not that I did this on purpose. If I register it'll jeopardize my job. In fact, everyone working for him isn't registered with SARS. Isn't there a form you're supposed to have at ...

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SARS requested 2008 and 2010 tax return, can TaxTim do this for me?

After submitting 2012 return , return mail requests that I submit my 2008 and 2010 tax return urgently.
Can you help me to submit this via e-filing please.

If I earn R1500 a week how much tax would my employer deduct from me?

I earn R1500 a week, want to know how much I will be taxed and if I even need to pay taxes.

Do I need to register for tax as I am a temp and I don't see any tax deductions on my pay slip

I am not sure if I am earning under the bracket for tax deductions.

I am 64 years old, what is the taxable threshhold for a tax year?

How much money can I earn in a year before I will be taxed by SARS?

Property Ownership if I am living in another country?

Great informative site!

A question for you please.

I live in the UK (and have done so for the pass 12 Yrs) but was born and bred in South Africa. I therefore have dual citizenship, having not renounced my SA .
I have recently been bequeathed property back in SA, which I plan to rent out for R5k/month.

Am I a tax resident now that I own an asset in the country and do I need to register as one now that I own property and do I need to start paying tax on the rental income ?...

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SARS sends me strange sms', does this mean I'm not going to get a tax refund?

I received an sms saying"Thank you for filing your 2011 tax return Assesment Result: R-9 Selected for Audit : No
and the other filing for 2012 tax return Assesment Result R-24 Account Balance:R-33 selected for Audit: No

What is a tax threshhold?

Tax free R11,440, then 18% tax up to R160,000pa / Tax threshhold = R63556 - what is this tax threshhold?

Is income earned online taxable?

Would this apply as provisional tax ? I earn income from Cash Back advertising, Basically you purchase a $10 advertising package which promotes your website for 75 days and pays you 2% per day giving you a return of $15 or 150% after 75 days. Thanks for your website, I was totally clueless about tax before.

Medical Deductions section is confusing me!

I've gone through the entire process and am filling in the e-filing form. I'm stuck on the Medical Deductions section. I've filled in what TaxTim suggested, but the e-filing calculator is ignoring the amount at code 4020.

The "Did you incur any medical expenditure?" is ticked "No". But if I change it to Yes then it expects that I have paid to a medical aid and wants a "0" if my "employer" paid the total.

My specific scenario is a little different. My wife pays the medical aid each month and claims that on her own tax return...

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May I deduct contributions made to my father's medical aid?

"This is a common problem here in South Africa, what to do if you pay for someone's medical aid. The practice is that you can claim this benefit, if asked for documentation from SARS you will obviously have to produce the records you have mentioned above."

Are there regulations / documented precedent that I can cite to support this? I am having difficulty in getting GEMS to understand my request for a tax certificate for another main member (my father) who's medical aid contributions ...

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What is the small business/home business Income Tax threshold?

I would like to start a small design business to supplement my income. What is the maximum per annum that is taxable? Many thanks.

Why are there different levels of tax rebates?

Why are there different levels of rebates, i.e, primary, secondary and tertiary, for natural persons? And what are the effects (on both individuals and companies) of the change from STC to dividends tax?

Is the decision to replace the medical deduction with medical tax credits more equitable?

The current medical deduction system provides relief for individuals contributing towards medical schemes and out-of-pocket medical expenses. However it is inequitable in that it affords greater benefit to higher income taxpayers. Will the Finance Minister's decision to replace the current medical deduction allowances with medical tax credits be more equitable and fair to taxpayers across all income groups?

How do I know if I am a tax resident of South Africa?

A burning question people often ask tax professionals is whether or not they are a tax resident in a certain country. The question is important because it distinguishes between tax residents and tax non-residents – both paying tax in South Africa.

    • Tax non-residents are people who do not ordinarily reside in South Africa but do business here and thus pay tax to the SA government ONLY on what they earned from South African sources.

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What is Provisional Tax?

So as we are getting closer to Provisional Tax Season the question on taxpayer’s minds is, do I qualify as a provisional taxpayer? The Income Tax Act sets out specifics as to who qualifies and who doesn’t.

If you are a salaried employee then your employer will deduct a monthly amount and pay it over to SARS on your behalf. You will only have to file one tax return at the end of tax season.

Otherwise you may qualify as a provisional taxpayer and will have to submit a return twice a year...

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