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Started at new company this year (Online company based in Norway) what tax do I pay?

Posted 27 February 2014

Up until December 2013 I worked at Incredible Connection. I earned a basic and commission. They always used the PAY-E (Pay as you earn) to pay my tax.

At my new Company, an online company based in Norway, I get paid a salary and commission together in 1 payment. I submit my commission table at the end of the month and I am paid around the 5th-7th of the following month.
My question is:
1) do I need to use an IRP6 now (Provisional) if my only income is via my salary and commission (although it is from a foreign country)? (I earn less than the 250000 per month) average which I think means I don't need an IRP6...

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SARS audit

Posted 24 February 2014

If I have done my provisional tax on eFiling, how many days does SARS take to do an audit? Or ask supporting docs?
Thank you

Business returns and provisional tax

Posted 24 February 2014

Must I make payment immediately on e-filing where it says "make payment" or must I wait for SARS to email me for confirmation amount due?

Can I use the basic amount for this month's IRP6 return ???

Posted 24 February 2014

Is it essential to estimate a taxable income on the SARS eFiling IRP6 form, or can I use the basic amount as stated on their form.

This was the taxable income for the 2013 tax year.

By who provisional tax is paid?

Posted 23 February 2014

Who pay privisional tax

Provisional Tax and charging Tax?

Posted 21 February 2014

If I were to open a small company (sole proprietership) doing plumbing work, would this make me a provisional tax payer even if its my only source of income? Also, on my invoices I would send out to clients for jobs done.. would I charge tax on these invoices?

SARS wants me to submit supporting documents, but the document list is empty

Posted 20 February 2014

I think SARS owes me a refund because my ITA34 reflected a negative number and said "refund due to you". Anyway they are now giving me grief, disputing my refund and demanding I respond in 21 days by sending me a "Final Request to Revise Income Tax Return or Submit Relevant Material". However in this document they say: "In the event that you couldn't find an error, you also had the option of submitting to SARS copies of the following material in support of the declarations made in your income tax return:" This is followed by an empty document list. ...

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Penalties on provisional return payments?

Posted 18 February 2014

I assess my income for the year on the 25th February 2014, make a payment to be sure that estimates are going to 90 % correct, on the 27th February 2014 a large amount is paid ... will I attract tax penalties?

CGT Losses carried forward?

Posted 17 February 2014

I'm a provisional tax payer over 65.
If I have a CGT loss of say R50,000 do I carry forward the R50,000 or R20,000 (R50,000-R30,000)?

RA contributions - tax benefits?

Posted 10 February 2014

I have a sole prop who earns R3m per annum. To reduce his PAYE I have suggested he takes out an RA.
What is the maximum he can contribute for Feb 2014 so as to maximise his tax position.

Avoid annoyance of IRP6 submission?

Posted 9 February 2014

I am a pensioner and get a pension that is taxed plus RA payments and receive interest on investments that are below taxable.

How do I avoid filling in a IRP6?

Commercial fisherman - tax situation?

Posted 5 February 2014

How would a self-employed commercial fisherman pay tax?

Does TaxTim also help provisional tax payers with IRP6 forms?

Posted 31 January 2014

You mention that TaxTim completes an IRP12 form for you, but does it also help provisional tax payers with their IRP6 forms?

When is the due date for ITR12 and ITR14?

Posted 30 January 2014

When is the due date for ITR12 and ITR14?

Second provisional tax calculation and supporting documents required?

Posted 30 January 2014

How do we calculate second provisional tax and what documents are required?

I am confused when IRP6 and IRT12 forms must be submitted?

Posted 29 January 2014

My dad is considered a provisional taxpayer with SARS. I am confused as to when he must submit IRP6 and IRT12 forms?

What date should I use for my Provisional Tax EFT payment as part of my 19-digit reference?

Posted 27 January 2014

If I want to pay my provisional tax to SARS. First payment was due 31 August 2013 but I'm only making it now. I want to make this payment via EFT but cannot figure out what date is required in my 19-digit reference. I know the "dd" in "ddmmyyyy" is replaced with "00" but which month and year should I put in "mmyyyy"?

Medical scheme tax credit amount

Posted 20 January 2014

I'm completing my IRP6 (second part) as I am a provisonal tax payer. In the space provided for medical scheme fees tax credit (I believe it's R242 for this year) do I fill in R2904 (R242 times 12) for the full year I've been paying towards medical aid. Or do I only have the one credit of R242 for the entire year?

Request a correction for provisional tax?

Posted 20 January 2014

I have been running a small business and am a provisional taxpayer. I became employed in March 2013 and earn a salary, but still earn income from my sole proprietorship business.

I was advised when I submitted my first IRP6 in August 2013 to keep the salary separate from my other income as it would be reflected in my ITR12 this year with the relevant IRP5. After a bit more homework on my part I realised that I should I have added my total salary to my estimate in my first IRP6 submis...

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Do I need to pay or declare income tax on donations received?

Posted 16 January 2014

Hi Tim, I have started a small web design business with a turnover of just under R60 000 per year. I am struggling financially, so my father has been helping me with another R60 000 per year as a donation. I have read on the SARS website that as a sole trader if I earn less than R250 000 per year I do not have to register with SARS and I have no need to register for VAT. My question is, do I need to register with SARS for income tax as my income falls under the threshold without the donation or ...

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What info on Period 1 and Period 2 for provisional tax filing?

Posted 14 January 2014

Provisional Tax Period 1 2014 was not submitted, Personal tax was submitted on time. According to eFiling I should still submit Period 1 2014? I am confused as to the difference between info on Period 1 and Period 2.

Period 1 and period 2 what info required for Provisional tax return IRP6.

Posted 14 January 2014

Late with Prov tax Period 1 2014 that should have been submitted Aug 2013. Personal tax already submitted on time. Confusion as to difference between period 1 and 2.

Does SARS recognise a tax loss as a deferred tax asset?

Posted 9 January 2014

Hi Tim,
I am a provisional tax payer and for the 2015 tax year, I will have recorded a net income loss. Am I correct in saying that this will yield me a tax loss (deferred tax asset) which I can use to offset my taxable income in subsequent tax years?
The loss was substantial and I hope to be able to use the tax loss to offset my taxable income for at least 2 years.

Multiple IRP5 in tax return using TaxTim?

Posted 7 January 2014

I'm a provisional tax payer and I changed jobs in February last year. I would like to use TaxTim to submit my return, but would just like to ensure that the program will handle both provisional taxpayer and multiple IRP5s.

Tax payable as freelance worker?

Posted 11 December 2013

I work on commission basis as a freelance teacher and have no basic salary. What tax must I pay?
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