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When is my first provisional tax payment duel?

Posted 15 February 2015

I established a new medical practice in January 2015. When is the first provisional tax payment due?

Tax if I am paying my medical aid fully on my own?

Posted 3 February 2015

I've recently started a new job where I now contribute fully to my medical aid and retirement annuity. How will this affect my monthly tax contributions?


Posted 2 February 2015

Must the Medical Aid Credits (R257x12) be deducted from Taxable Income before calculating tax payable from the tables or from Tax Payable after the calculation has been done ?

Do I get tax relief when buying a medical aid?

Posted 2 February 2015

If I buy a medical aid and the installment is deducted from my bank account what tax benefit do I have?

Submission to the tax man if you are under the tax bracket

Posted 30 January 2015

Do I have to submit anything if I only earn R5000 a month?

What are the implications of self funding benefits such as life cover, disability, med aid etc?

Posted 28 January 2015

What are the tax implications of self funding benefits such as group life cover, disability cover, medical aid and retirement funding compared to when these benefits are funded in full. Partially by a company. Would my earnings or tax benefits be less or more?

Tax refund for medical expenses paid from my own pocket?

Posted 27 January 2015

My husband pays the medical aid contribuions but I have paid 107000 to medical practitioners for operations that I have had in 2014 how much would I be able to claim on my tax return I have all the proof of payments made

Salary paid and claimable expenses?

Posted 26 January 2015

1. I am a salaried employee, I receive a travel allowance so I claim my business km's by using a logbook- but I would like to know whether I can also claim the depreciation on my vehicle even if I claim km's?

2. My wife was unemployed for 18 months, so I paid for her medical aid, she submitted a 0 return for herself, would just like to know whether I can claim the medical aid expenses on my tax return ( as I paid for it, but it is on her name). 3. I have a Samsung Tablet which I use 9...

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Correct codes for medical expenses?

Posted 20 January 2015

I need to know which code I need to use when adding an amount to medical cost incurred and paid for by myself.

Will previous payslips help and how long will it take?

Posted 15 January 2015

I have almost all payslips from 2009 to date. Will they not help? How long will this normalizing take?

Do you pro-rata the threshold for provisional tax?

Posted 8 January 2015

I started an allied medical practice in my own name in October 2014. I was not working prior to this. So far, I have collectively earned R22000. By the time the end of this tax year comes, I will not have reached the R70000 threshold. Does this mean that I do not need to submit a provisional return or should the threshold be adjusted pro-rata i.e because I have only worked for 5 months, the threshold would then be R29166?

Can I claim medical expenses for myself and my two children if my husband pays medical aid for us?

Posted 7 January 2015

I am married out of community of property. My husband pays medical aid for me and our two children. The medical aid is only a hospital plan so does not cover day to day doctors and dentist bills. I pay for the doctors and dentist bills for me and my two children. Can I claim these as a medical expense?

Medical Expenses when not belonging to a medical aid?

Posted 5 January 2015

I am on my wife's medical aid. June' 14 our funds in our medical savings account ran out. Since then I have been paying cash for prescription medication and various tests, etc. Can I claim the out of pocket medical expenses from SARS as it amounts to almost R 18k.

Provisional Taxpayer or not?

Posted 29 December 2014

Im currently working for a employer whom pays my salary monthly along with benefits such as Vehicle, Cell Phone, Medical and UIF/Pension. I'm also a partner in a small business that doesn't return large amounts, largest would be R60 000.00 per annual however would be paid out as a salary and also taxed. Would I therefore fall under a provisional tax payer or normal? Noting again that the income gained from the business is paid as a salary over the year and has its own taxes on it.

Can I still claim my taxes this year?

Posted 22 December 2014

Can I still claim for my taxes this year and what is needed?

Do I have to pay tax on a monthly salary below R20833.00

Posted 7 December 2014

Anybody earning less than R250000.00 per annum don't have to submit tax returns according to media reports, that is equal to R20833.00 per month. Does that mean if your monthly salary is below R20833.00 no tax should be deducted monthly?

Can I claim medical expenses as a dependant on my husband's medical aid?

Posted 3 December 2014

I'm a new provisional taxpayer. Our private medical aid is in my husband's name. Can I claim anything for my medical expenses not covered by medical aid?

What is a referral of audit?

Posted 2 December 2014

What does it mean when you have been referred for audit, even though you have submitted your tax return and supporting documentation? Is it because I have a big medical refund?

Can a new taxpayer claim refunds for last five years?

Posted 2 December 2014

My wife did not register as a taxpayer previously because she was told she earns a salary below the taxpayer threshold. She now intends registering as a taxpayer. Can she file returns for the last five years since she has incurred medical expenses on her own medical aid amounting to R50000 which was never recovered from the medical aid. Will she receive a tax refund for her medical expenses for the last five years?

Are contact lenses tax deductible medical expenses?

Posted 1 December 2014

Are contact lenses tax deductible medical expenses?

Return - Data Submitted To ITS. Audited and Reviewed. Does it take longer to refund?

Posted 1 December 2014

I submitted my eFiling on the 18th and then submitted my supporting Medical payments on the 20th. I have noted on the system it says the last Status is 27th. A refund is owed to me, should I call the call centre to find out when will I get the monies?

Refund on unclaimed medical aid contribution

Posted 28 November 2014

For the last 5 years I did not claim for the medical aid contribution I made via my company because I did not know that I can. Can I now ask SARS for the refund?

Request for correction

Posted 27 November 2014

I made a small mistake in filing my return realized it after 8 days and used RFC and got the following message:You have received the following:Please note that your return cannot be processed as SARS is currently reviewing your assessment. The return will be reviewed as part of this process. SARS will advise you on the outcome in due course. Attached to Enforcement caseBasically I fixed the medical aid information as per the certificate. Previously I was due a refund of 800 rands, now it 0.95 ce...

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How do you calculate Med/Scheme tax credit and Additional medical expenses

Posted 27 November 2014

I am 81 and married and I see that the way one shows medical expenses seems to have become complicated. Am I correct in working it out as follows?
My Medical scheme fees for the year are R22 896.00 and additional medical expenses R8335.
In the line ?%u20AC%u0153Medical scheme fees tax credit?%u20AC? I enter R6168 (R257x2x12).
Excess Medical scheme fees are R4392 (R22896-3xR6168)
In the line ?%u20AC%u0153Additional medical expenses?%u20AC? I enter R4342.33 (R4392 R8335)/3

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What is tax on R10700 per month?

Posted 26 November 2014

How much I will be tax if I have a cash component of R10700 and also other expense such as medical and pension fund and uif?
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