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Do I charge VAT?

I am offering a service to a company that is in Durban for a whole week. My accommodation and transport costs are billed to the client. My question is that does the accommodation costs attract output VAT for my company. Do I charge VAT for the accommodation billed to the client?

Entertainment allowances exceeded

If an employee receives an entertainment allowance in advance and he goes and incurs expenses over and above the allowance and keeps records of this, what happens to the additional expenses?

Car allowance for not owned vehicle

I am receiving a car allowance as I am using my own car and am a sales rep. The car is not in my name, it's in my brothers name, but I am paying him an amount of R3200.00 per month. SARS requested me to send them the lease agreement or similar in order to complete my audit, what can I sent to them?
I also entered the cost price on my SARS eFiling as R150000 instead of R105000, how do I get that corrected?

Claiming for elderly dependants medical aid contributions - Supporting documents

My parents are both pensioners and dependent on me financially. I pay for their medical aid, while I am on another medical aid. I have included both medical aids on my tax return, with the appropriate number on dependents noted every month.

SARS has asked for supporting documents to be submitted. I submitted: yearly contribution summaries from both medical aids, monthly invoices from my parent's medical aid addressed to me with my bank account details on them, debit order statement from my bank showing both being deducted every month as well as a covering letter explaining the situation. ...

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Retrenchment on IRP 5

If I was retrenched and paid out, where to do I put the amount that I was paid out and how does this effect my tax return?

Severance payment

What are the tax implications for compensation resulting from unfair dismissal by an employer?

Travel Allowance and take home pay

Using your tax calculator, why is the travel allowance deducted from your take home pay? I understand 80% is included for your PAYE calculation, but your travel allowance should get paid out, unless the company pays costs on your behalf. What am I missing?

Loss with expenses exceeding income

Started as estate agent. Have incured training and other costs which exceeds my income. I also have rental income. How do I treat / tax man will treat the loss from the estate agency job?

How is the 3703 travel allowance calculated?

I received a reimbursive travel allowance under code 3703 of about 41 000 on my IRP5. I traveled over 8000 km and my rate was above the gazetted rate of 3. 30 for part of the year.

1) Will SARS reduce my taxable travel allowance by 30 555(8000*3. 30).
2) If I kept a log book is they a section that I will enter the deductible amount on my IRP5 and what is the code.
3) Will I get a refund if my deduction amount exceeds my taxable travel allowance amount or is it limited to ...

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Why is my home office selected for verification second year in a row?

I work from my home office as a graphic designer. My annual income is under R500 000. This is the second year in a row I've been selected for verification. Any idea why and what does it mean? What should I be doing differently to prevent being flagged? Is it a reflection I'm doing something wrong?

What is the difference between a Tax Certificate and the Tax Directive?

What is the difference between a Tax Certificate and the Tax Directive? I have asked my Funds Administrator from my previous work to provide me with a Tax Directive but they sent me a Tax Certificate. I am getting a message from SARS that my tax return has been put on-hold because there is a Tax Directive that's outstanding. Please assist.

Tax on salary R10000 plus petrol allow R2 000

I am starting a new job. My salary will be R10 000,00 a month plus a R2 000 petrol allowance. No other benefits. What can I expect to clear?

Can a School Principal claim depreciation as a deduction on certain assets he uses for work puposes?

Can a School Principal claim depreciation on his laptop, cellphone and car that he bought himself but uses a lot for school/work purposes?

Car allowance for full year if I worked 6 months

I worked for 6 months and got a car allowance. I moved jobs and didn't get allowance. must I complete logbook for full year? What can I claim? I had a big service when at the new job and nobody paying for it.

I need my deceased fathers tax number

How do I go about finding out what my father's tax number is? He is deceased and the executor is my grandfather and he is too old to travel as he lives in another province. I am his only living child. Is there another. Way of finding out the tax number without having the executor present as Sanlam needs it?

Must I submit the log book when submiting on SARS efiling?

I need to do SARS e-filing. What I would like to ask is does the travel log book have to be attached or only on request by SARS? The log book has been done manually in a book so I will have to transfer all that information into digital form but thought I could go ahead do e-filing without attaching it, and then if they request then I could do a digital form of the logbook and send it to them. Is this right?

Out-of-pocket dependent medical payments

If I am a dependant on my husbands medical aid, but pay my own out-of-pocket (not covered by medical aid) expenses, can I claim this on my tax and where do I do that?

Benefits for tax directive

I am a commissioner earner and received a tax directive for 18% from SARS for the 2015 tax year. What benefits are there to having a tax directive? Will I have to pay back on my tax return or will SARS calculate my tax at 18% according the tax directive?

Car allowance 100% taxed as other allowance

Towards the end of the year I received a car allowance. However at this stage I was not sure of how many kilometers would be done for business. Therefore the allowance is now reflected as other allowance and is taxed 100%. How do I now file my tax returns against travel as it is not reflected under 3701 or 3702 on the IRP5?

Claim travel expenses without travel allowance

I am a commission earner without a travel allowance. I use my private vehicle for work to go and see clients etc. Will I be able to claim travel expenses (like fuel) and depreciation on the vehicle?

SARS asked for calculation for depreciation on laptop

I completed my tax return through TaxTim. SARS asked me now to show them how we calculated depreciation on the laptop I use for work. Can you help me with this as I don't know what to give them?

Maximum allowable travel allowance

What is the maximum amount (percentage) that one is allowed as travel allowance based on the total package earned, ie: If my total package is say R10 000, maximum amount allowed as travel allowance is say 30%, then my salary will be R7000 and my travel allowance R3000.

I just need to know the percentage amount so that I can structure my total package accordingly to get the maximum tax benefit.

Completed Tax Return for year, owe SARS

Was hoping you can assist filed my tax return yesterday and SARS is basically stating that I owe them R10,000 within in a year, I know this is untrue as every month I have been paying tax. I was a contractor for the last 10 months. Please advise if you able to assist as my tax return has already been submitted.

Deductible company expenses

For many years I operated as a sole Proprietor. Early 2014 I registered a PTY Ltd and duly traded as the PTY LTD. As executive director, by choice I did not draw any salary, the idea being that this would help the company cashflow by saving more working capital. I paid for all vehicle expenses ie fuel, maintenance, privately out of my savings, but approximately 90% of the vehicle use and expenses are attributable to the PTY LTD business. Is there any way that these expenses can be recovered from...

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Logbook as evidence

What substantiating evidence do I need to provide to verify my odometer reading on my motor vehicle to SARS? I did not have my car at the beginning of the tax year and my car has since been stolen. I also did not record the kms from when I got it to the end of the tax year. Can I make the kms up? Look forward to your feedback.
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