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Exceeding 8000km for 3703 code

Hi Tim. Each month, my payslip has indicated payment of non taxable reimbursement of travel expenses to me. Having exceeded the 8000km, should my tax return indicate the 8000km reimbursement as tax free (3203) and the excess as taxable (3702), or does the entire amount become taxable (3702).
My employer has put my full

Am I supposed to pay tax?

I am a foreign student studying in South Africa, I got a part time job earning about R20,000. I resigned after 2yrs 8months. I was informed there is a provident fund I was to collect. The company was deducting tax from me every month. Was I supposed to pay tax? And will this affect the tax directive for me to receive my provident fund

Salon tax

I own a small salon. It's doing pretty well. It's been 6 months since it opened. It has its own business account. I have 3 employees, 1manager (7k) and 2 casuals (3k monthly). Problem is I don't knw where to start; how should I go about with SARS and my business, what should I bring? I contacted an audit company and they requsted 12 bank statements. I have 6months. is it early for my business to do SARS....? And my employee who earns 7k and me should I tax our salaries by where to pay?

Tax Deduction from Provident Fund

I had R300 000 tax deducted from my late husband's provident this year - will i qualify for a tax refund? I am unemployed i was dependent on my husband fully

Turnover tax

My husband and I are architectural draughts persons, in a partnership and provisional taxpayers. Can we switch to turnover tax?

Tax Returns - process?

What and when is the procedure for claiming tax returns?

Vehicle repayments

Hi Tim I am a solely commissioned based earner for one company can I claim vehicle repayments

Is there a penalty when SARS is late in payment to a taxpayer?

Hi there,
Is there a penalty when SARS is late in payment to a taxpayer? If so, what is the penalty. Hopefully this works both ways. I'm eager to know. It would be much appreciated. Kind regards

Are pension contributions deductible even if it doesn't apear on the IRP5?

Am I able to claim my pension contribution if it doesn't appear on my IRP5 for the 2014 and 2015 tax years?

Commission earner

What expenses can a commissioner earner claim (he is office based but does travel to clients using his own car and petrol. No refundable expenses)

How to get a IRP5 if employer have closed and SARS have do not have one?

SARS requested my 2012 tax return and on eFiling no IRP5 for this period have been uploaded. I have lost my IRP5 received and the employer at that time have closed and I do not know how I can get the IRP5. What should I do?

Independent consultant tax submission

I'm starting to do consulting on an adhoc basis and would therefore not be issued any tax related documents from my clients. How do I go about handling my tax? Is there a percentage I need to keep aside for SARS? please help me with where to start.

New business provisional tax

I registered a new private company in late September 2015 and would like to confirm by what date the first provisional tax return must be submitted. The company's financial year end is February. On the Notice of Registration with SARS, it states that the company is required to make provisional tax payments as from the 2017 tax period and that the date of liability for provisional tax is 2016/03. Many thanks

What should I do with a message stating that SARS is compensating me?

I received a message stating that SARS is compensating me with a certain amount from Annual Tax Returned service 2016, with a ref no. What should I do next?

Property sale issue

I'm selling a property of mine - it's my primary residence. The sale agreement will have the buyer settle the amount with me in monthly installments. Will this cause a problem with my tax return in terms of capital gains etc? Or would the end result be the same as if the buyer had paid me a lump sum?

What to do after incorrectly claiming expenses?

I incorrectly claimed my MPS fees back on SARS eFiling. I only realised this after submitting supporting document as requested. Since then I realised my mistake, I haven't heard anything sofar from SARS.. What do I do now?

Independent Contractor Setup

Hi TaxTim

Great site!

I need guidance on what is required ito independent contractor (IC) tax & vat requirements. 1) If trading through my PTY LTD company as an IC, do I pay companies tax as well as personal income tax?
2) Do I deduduct all claims and deductions (medical aid, RA) prior to paying over tax, or only when I reconcile/ file tax?
3) How many times a year do I need to file tax returns?
4) Do I need to setup PAYE and UIF?
5) Income will exceed R1m per year, so vat should be registered. If true, When do I pay vat over to SARS and what paperwork is involved?...

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Online Bookkeeping Service

Does TaxTim, know of an online Bookkeeping system, that would work similar to TaxTim. A digital bookkeeper offering simple bookekeeping and preparation of financial documents for taxation purposes. If not, have you thought of starting one, especially for us small business (sole proprietors)?

Declaration of Donation under R 100 000

If I make a donation of R 100 000 to a family member, do I need to declare this payment to SARS even though there is no tax payable?

Supporting docs requested was uploaded, not sure what happens next for my returns to be paid

I have received this letter from SARS and uploaded the requested supporting docs.

Thank you for submitting your income tax return for the 2015 year of assessment. Your assessment has been concluded and reflects an amount refundable to you of R -21375. 50"
I am not sure what is the next process for the money to be paid out?

Audit by SARS

I was asked to submit supporting documents which I did at the SARS branch it has been more than 30 days is there a way that I can query the status of the audit? They don't owe me a lot of money only around R4500, why are they taking so long?

Will I get the balance back from SARS?

I've only worked 4 months of the 2015 tax year. Am I correct in saying that one does not need to pay tax if the yearly income is less the R80 000. My earnings for the year before tax if R68 000. So am I correct in saying that if I don't work for the rest of the 2015 tax year, I will get the tax I paid to SARS back?

Do I qualify for a tax rebate

I earn below R5000, don't pay anything extra besides UIF, can I still claim a refund?

Tax refunds for non tax payers??

I earn a salary of R57000, don't pay tax, do I qualify for a tax refund?

Car allowance claim

I have submitted my tax return. Was audited and my car allowance claim excluded as they requested the purchase documentation for the car. Apparently they tried to phone me couldn't get a hold of me and then finalised it without the documentation. My question is. The car was purchased and registered in my husbands name. We are married in community of property. The insurance is in my name. He pays for the car and myself the insurance. Will that be a problem?
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