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I have not filed tax returns since I don't work in SA anymore. Do I need to do this?

Hi Taxtim! I'm a SA citizen but a resident in Canada for the past four years and paying taxes here (even for investment income earned in South Africa). I worked in South Africa and fulfilled all my tax obligations for the time I worked there. I still have investments (share trading and mutual funds) , Retirement annuity and joint property with my brother in South Africa. Do I need to file tax returns in SA?

Do i pay tax if i earn less than R5200.00 per month?

I live in South Africa and earn R5000.00 a month. Do i need to pay tax?

Work over Internet and want to pay taxes! How?

For the past 5 years I have been doing work over the 'internet' for an international company. Only now I have become aware of having to pay taxes. I am not registered. For the last 2 years I've received a steady income of R6 000 / month. I don't have a physical address or contact number for the company as we communicate through email. The company email me sketches of a building then I create a 3D model of the building and send it back.
How will paying taxes work for me ? Will there be pena...

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Do I need to submit deductions if total income is less than tax threshhold?

Over the past years I went to great lengths to work out all my expenses for my provisional Tax return for my small, part-time therapy business and renting out a small flat. Do I really need to do this even if my total income does not reach the tax-threshold? This question still pertains to last tax-year (ending 28 Feb 2012),

Are these tax-deductible medical expenses?

1. Eyeglasses (frames & lenses) and the preceding eye test at Spec-Savers.-- If so, would this fall under "impairment" or general medical expenditure?-- If you then purchase new frames & lenses, is it again tax-deductible?2. "Cosmetic" surgery (the removal of moles, to be more specific).

Completely new to this, should I be paying tax at 22?

I am in a pretty unique situation. I am 21 years old, I study through UNISA and have 2 real jobs during the week- both aupair positions.

I earn R3 000 from one and R6 500 from the other, I also get an additional R1 000 from my parents. My employer from the R6 500 job,has indicted that she has already registered me for PAYE, but doesn't deduct it from my salary as I fall below threshold.

Is there any other tax I should be registered for? if so, what tax and how do I go about...

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I have not submitted the August return, do I send 2 in February?

My tax consultant only now told me as a provisional taxpayer I should have done a return for 2012/2013 tax year in August and a second one in February. It is now late January - so do I send in two returns or just one?

What happens if you do not pay tax?

My previous employer said that I do not earn enough to pay tax, I have just recently found out that even if you do not pay tax there are some administration fees that have to be paid in. I never knew this so will there be any penalties that I have to pay and will I get into any trouble with SARS for not paying the administration fees.

How do I find out if I'm registered with SARS or not?

My previous employer said that I did not earn enough to register for tax, but there were some forms that I filled in from SARS so I just need to find out if I am registered or not. My current employer want's my Tax no.

How do I go about starting a business?

Morning... I'm thinking of starting my own business - what should I do first? How much must the business earn per month to pay tax?

SARS appointed my employer as agent?

According to SARS I have penalties of R22 250. I only discovered this recently after becoming more educated about the whole tax thing and investigated my own SARS status etc. Naturally I had to update my details and they now know where I work. 3 weeks ago, my employer received a letter saying something about appointment of agency and that she had to pay R1 500 per month over to SARS, in order to pay the penalties. Around the same time I went to SARS offices to log a dispute re the penalties and...

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I just receive a salary and receive car allowance - why do I have to pay in tax?

I find myself having to pay extra tax in every year, last year 2500 and this year 6000. Why?

Am I a provisional taxpayer if I work freelance?

I'm a freelance writer earning very little, in fact I might just be over the tax threshold of R58k in the coming year. Do I have to register as a provisional taxpayer and do I have to pay 18% up front for the next tax year? (I've done 2011-2012, I was below the R58k)

Is R860 tax on R4600 gross income correct?

Hi, I have been working for a company and my gross income is R4600 yet they are taxing me R860.

Freelance earning under R60 000 p/a. What tax do I pay?


I work on a freelance basis. I have one regular client who deducts tax from my pay (@ 23% of invoiced amount).
Other clients pay me in full.

I earned less that R60 000 in the 2012 tax year as I was abroad for most of the year.

As far as I understand, I should not have to pay any tax as I have earned less that R60 000? But I should be reimbursed for the tax I paid through client?

What tax forms do I need to complete?


Only worked for 2 months in the tax year - do I get tax back?

I started working in South Africa at the end of the 2011-2012 tax year (started Jan 2012). As this was my only earning during the tax year will i get this tax back?

I'm earning above the tax threshold and have not submitted tax returns.

How do I go about avoiding penalties? Do I just submit for this year on e-filing or do I apply for the VDP to avoid penalties?

Can I claim my prescription glasses as medical expenses?

I cannot see without glasses and have been prescribed glasses for anytime use and driving. Can I claim this from my tax as medical expenses - they are very expensive!

Was I qualified to pay tax return in 2007-2008?

I never submitted my tax return for 2007-2008. At that time, I was earning R69000 per annum. Also the tax return was done manually and unfortunately I can't find any copy. Now in 2012, SARS wants me to pay R8000 penalty.

My questions are:

1: was I qualified to pay my tax return?
2: What must do to dispute this penalty as I am not earning much currently?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Ps: I am a permanent resident(SA).

Tax claim for medical expenses

Hi Tim

I had to get two hearing aids but the medical aid only paid for one. I was told that I can claim the cost for the other one from tax but if I use the e-filing calculator it seems as if I will only get R5000 back of the R15000 I paid. Is that possible or how do I claim the full amount?

I'm 16 years old and I run a small business. Do I need to pay tax?

I started a small online business at the age of 15 and I make some money from it. It's sort of like an on-off thing because I have school as well to worry about. What I mean is we'll get a new client like once every 2 months and get paid then only. Our overall turnover is not more than R50000. What I'd like to know is do I need to pay tax on this income or am I too young to? Also are people below 18 years of age allowed to run small businesses? I'm a sole trader, not a compan...

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PAYE threshold and small business TAX, how does it work?

I hope you can help me - my question is two-fold. My wife was working for the 2011/2012 tax period earning R3000-R4500 (as a salary). Do we need to submit a tax return for her? Since June this year she has started her own photography business from home (her only income) - we keep track of all expenses etc. Does she pay tax on the income or on the profit she makes? Does she need to register as a provisional taxpayer (the company is not registered & she trades under her own name)? If so is it ...

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Our cleaner earns R1 200 per month for working 2 days per week. She is registered as a taxpayer, bu

She has not submitted a tax form because of her salary. She is retiring at the end of December and we have been told that she will not be entitled to her pension if she does not submit her tax. Please could you help answer our question?

What does deducting home office expenses imply for capital gains tax?

I'm an academic and also do some mathematical consulting, so I work partly in my study at home. Firstly, am I entitled to deduct a fraction of my household expenses, and if so, is it equal to the percentage x of floor space taken up by my study? But then does this affect how much capital gains tax I'll pay on my flat when I sell it? Is it then is x% of my flat not entitled to a capital gains tax threshold?

Do I need to submit a return if I earned under the tax threshold?

Hi, my wife was employed for the 2011/2012 tax period but earning between R3500 - R4500 per month. Does she still need to register and submit a return or not?
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