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Medical Posts in Tax Q&A

Tax on extra income

I am a widower earning a monthly salary of R5500 p/m and have a fixed widow's pension - R5500. 00 p/m. Every year I get taxed and have to pay back - Is there any way I am doing something wrong that they tax me to pay back - R10000. 00 per year on assessment?

Deduction for SARS tax returns?

For my deductions what documents do I need to have all ready

medical aid contributions
RA/provident fund contributions
invoices for any Cell/laptop/equipment required for work that was not remunerated back to me

and what else ?

If I take medical aid how much will my tax reduce?

How much do you reduce on tax if a person has medical aid?

On R1100 tax deductiong every month how much SARS can refund me?

If I have R1100 tax on my salary every month, don't have medical aid or other deduction how much can I get when I submit my tax and return?

Pensioner, 67y of age-i.t.o 2015 tax year- Calaculation of med aid contributions and deductions?

I am 67 years of age and a pensioner. In terms of the 2015 tax year how is the deduction in terms of Medical Aid contributions been calculated. Example:
Annual contributions to my medical aid fund = R24,000
Med expenses (Dr precriptions) paid out of my pocket = R2000
Previously in terms of my age above 65y, I have deducted my med. Contributions premiums, as well as my med expenses paid out of my pocket(prescriptions) as well as med expenses paid by myself and reflected on my medic...

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The formula or method used

Who to calculate medical aid tax paid by the business for the 67years old employee. If the business pay R2000 per month.

What will my tax be?


What is the impact of the tax credit in a case where the employer pays 50% of the monthly medical co

What is the impact of the tax credit in a case where the employer pays 50% of the monthly medical contribution and the employee pays 50% of the medical aid contribution?

Approved I'll health retirement

If I am going on early I'll health retirement and I am disabled, is my lumpsum still taxable?

Vat return Inputs and Outputs?

I am currently busy with my company's VAT return for March and April, but our invoicing is a lot more than our purchasing. It looks like we will have to pay about R180k, My question is : Can I hold back on some of our invoicing when submitting my return? Since we have 5 years to claim it?

How do rebates work?

I have started a new job and have been told my salary will be R7000 a month, on top of this, they are saying that I am going to be taxed 18% per month. I am just a bit confused. . This seems very high for such a small salary. . . And then there comes the topic of rebates. I have been told that at the end of the tax year I can claim this back? But this is all going over my head, can you please confirm that the 18% a month tax is correct (i do not have any medical aid, retirement funds etc) and th...

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If I pay for my medical aid personally how do I calculate and claim for a tax refund?

I am paying for medical aid personally on a monthly basis and I would like to know how to calculate the tax return I will get for this? Do I get any? If I get a refund will it just be for medical aid or could I apply for my gap cover as well? And then how do I claim for this? Is it too late for the 2013/14 year? Could I lump two claims together in the 2014/15 year?

Query on taxable Pension Fund Contributions?

My company taxes my Total Cost to Company which includes my pension fund contributions paid over. Example: CTC: R15 000 Pension: 750 Medical Aid: 1348 UIF: 147. 80 Tax: 1592. 25 Less Tax Credit: 257 Net Salary: 10 904. 95 The full R15 000 is taxed, they list all of the above as company contributions. Is this correct?

List of codes required for an ITR12?

List of source codes

Claim back medical bills from SARS?

Can you claim all medical payments. Although you haven't got a medical aid?

Compensation of home based care worker - tax obligations?

I would like to understand the tax obligations, if any, for the following scenario and hope you will be able to assist with such. I am disabled and had to employ the services of a home based care worker to assit in my daily living activities/requirements. (since Jan 2015) According to my understanding, such is not deemed to be a formal employment and thus would not be taxable (same as domestic workers), but I just want to make sure. Neither is UIF payable. Now for the tax question: The carewor...

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Do you pay PAYE on unpaid leave?

My salary is as follows basic of 16500, travel allowance of 4500, cell all R500, medical aid R500 & RAF R500. I did not work 2 days this month and this was deducted as unpaid leave of R1517. 24. Please advise if you are supposed to pay PAYE on unpaid leave. Thanks

Can I claim back for contributions to a medical health insurance, ie not a medical aid scheme?

Can I claim back for contributions to a medical health insurance, ie not a medical aid scheme?

I am blind in one eye am I classed as disabled.

I am blind in my left eye due to a motorcycle accident 17 years ago I have never claimed and my doctor knows I have no sight in this eye . I was recently told I can claim as disabled due to this condition. I am on low pay and also have to pay for my medication for a heart conditions . . I was receiving working tax credit but now I been told I have to pay for my medication . . . Can you please offer me some advice if I am able to claim for help?

Submission Date for ITR12 to SARS?

I started working for a employer last year (October 2014) and only became full employed on Jan 2015. When would my tax submission be? On being fully employed I gained medical aid and pension fund.

Can I claim for vitamins with my medical slips?

Can I claim for vitamins with my medical slips?

Better returns with no medical expenses?

I just want to find out, what is the possibility of getting a better return without a medical aid.

Calculation of tax credits for medical aid contributions?

How does one calculate the tax credit for medical aid contributions for persons over 65. I would be grateful if you could answer with an example. Thank you

Submitting 5 years of ITR12s to SARS to claim back old medical contributions?

Really love the website and service. Have a question regarding very old tax forms. I have been employed for around 5 years but never submitted an tax return (thus only the IRP5's). I however did contribute to an medical aid of around R1,000 per month for all these years. How far back can I go to claim these refunds?

What will my PAYE be?

I am going to be 67 in July
I earn R18000. 00 per month
The Company pays my full medical aid of R3940. 00

What should my paye be for the 2015 tax year

Many Thanks

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