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Why has my money not been paid back?

I submitted my tax return last year for 2015 I gave them IRP5S for 2010-2015 as requested - money not fully paid, why?

As the sole employee and director do I have to pay PAYE or can I pay provsional tax bi-annually?

I am an independent consultant. I have been operating since June 2015 and have been paying myself a salary and deducting PAYE
I have recently found out that I must be a provisional tax payer as well
Since I have started in June and have not deducted any expenses to arrive at my taxable income, it appears that with 2 months to go I have overpaid my tax significantly
from a cash flow perspective, I will only receive my refund around July/August
Am I able to not pay PAYE for the...

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Can my husband claim medical if the wife makes the payments?

I became a stay at home Mom as of 1 Dec 2015. I know money's transferable from hubby are not taxed. Can I still pay for things and my hubby claim for them? I have a disability and have two autistic sons. All three of us are registered as disabled with SARS.

How to arrange a payment plan with SARS.

I started my business a few years ago, and the accounting firm that I appointed hardly made contact. As I'm not an accountant / bookkeeper / figure orientated wizard, but rather work with tools, I have no idea what is expected. A year ago I approached another bookkeeper and he ended up taking over my books from the previous firm. A month later I had to supply docs for my personal tax submission. I then found out that I owe SARS in excess of R40K, for some issue not resolved by previous firm, and...

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Can you apply 4 a tax number if you are a foreigner working in SA

Lm a foreigner working in SA. L use an asylum can l apply 4 a tax number thy need it at work please help

What to do when disability & medical on ITR12 is not part of ITA34 and received letter of completion

Hello TaxTim, for the tax year 2015 I completed my ITR12 through e-filing on the 26-11-2015, including my disability totals. The same day I received the ITA34 but not reflecting my disability & medical costs. I also received a letter to submit supporting documents the same day and did so on that same day. I also filed a NOO on the 10-12-2015 objecting the fact that they excluded the disability & medical claim/section, accompanied by the supporting documents. They send me an SMS that I have to pa...

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Would I get the refund originally calculated after verification assessment is complete?

When I submitted my tax return, I received an ITA34 informing me that I am due a R3 000 tax refund from SARS. Then I received a letter from SARS asking me for supporting documents, for verification assessment, which I had then submitted. Now I receive further correspondence regarding the verification assessment saying that "no adgustment has been made to the assessment". Does this mean I still get my R3 000 tax refund? And if so, by when can I expect payment of this refund?

Income TAX for temp job with total income under tax threshold

Will be registering with SARS for income tax this coming week. Doing a temporary job for January and February. 1. The business owner is telling me that will deduct 25% from the amount agreed, although for the two months (Jan and Feb) the total amount will be below the annual tax free threshold (R73 650)
Is this correct?

2. Will I be able to recover all the TAX, which will be deducted, when I submit the tax return for 2016?
(the actual amount is R63K and my tax will be friken R15 750 in total!)...

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How to calculate provisional tax Feb 2016

As a provisional tax payer what are the periods (months) that I need to consider in order to calculate my tax submission for 28 Feb 2016?

Is SARS definition of 'taxable income' circular with respect to donations made?

According to SARS, "Deductions in respect of donations to certain public benefit organisations are limited to 10% of taxable income (excluding retirement fund lump sums and severance benefits)". But taxable income is the difference between gross income and deductions, one of which is the amount donated. So the SARS definition is circular, and therefore impossible to calculate. Or am I missing something?

PAYE Requirements for companies

I have a PTY(ltd) company and would like to know if I must register for PAYE. I am the only person/owner/director in the company with no employees who derives an annual gross Salary of R72000pa.

Rebates on 740000

I have been taxed 740000 on pension lump sum. Will I get something when I claim tax this year?

Statement of account issued but still under audit

I recently did my tax return for the first time as this is my second year been employed, my tax return showed -R2133 I was than asked for additional documentation I submitted my IRP5 and Medical aid certificate. After that I was selected for an audit and after about a week I received my statement of account but I still have not received my refund does this mean the process is complete? I noticed that on the statement of account under audit it says "yes". Whats does that mean and how long does th...

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Paid by SARS

I was dismissed from work due to loss of voice, was working in a call centre. UIF declined my application and I have to resubmit, now I can't cause I have a new born. I was paying tax, is there a way that I can be paid through SARS until I get a job?

Tax rebate

I did not reconcile my 2014/2015 taxes due to misplacing of IRP5. I now have it. Can I stil reconcile? I received a backpay in Jan 2015 for backdating of promotion
the backpay was taxed quite a large percentage of it..... Will I get a tax rebate/refund?

Unemployed tax payer-Do I inform SARS

I was a 1 year contract worker and a tax payer but my contract ended and I'm nolonger working. I am still in the first month being unemployed and looking for a new permanent job. Do I need to visit a SARS branch to inform them to avoid pernalties and if yes what documents do I take along?

How do you know I am still under audit after ITSA was issued?

I opened my SARS eFiling and saw that a ITSA was issued 2 days ago, stating that SARS owe me an specific amount. I knew I was under audit, and all relevant documents for the audit was submitted 2 months ago, does this mean I passed the audit, or how do I know I`m still under audit?

No reply from SARS

I still have not received feedback from SARS on my tax returns. Please follow up.

I worked less than 12 months during the tax year

If I only worked for 10 months and 10 days continuous for the same employer what effect does this have on my tax payable. I was unemployed for the balance of the tax year (ie 1 month and 21 days unemployed)

Will my dad be taxed as his income if I pay his gap cover for medical aid?

I want to pay GAP cover for my dad - he is the main member of the scheme and I the payer. Will he be taxed on the premium of the gap cover as income?

Vehicle Finance - should I be noting my monthly vehicle installment on tax return

Finance / Other Costs - Travel Allowance


just to confirm the vehicle I current use for business travel is financed - would this be where I enter my monthly finance installment or is this not supposed to be noted on a tax return?

Tax return to SARS

I submitted my tax return 16 November 2015. And from that time until now im waiting for payment. I have been calling SARS twice a week since then and every time I call them  its a different story. I'm currently out the country working in Ghana and is  difficult to call all the time. All my paperwork is handed in and correct. They keep on telling me I'm under audit and they will escalate it for me. What can I do?

Tax Refund for taxpayers?

SARS Haven't paid me my refund for 2014 / 2015 both was audited. They say I must summit my 2008 IRP5 and the company that I worked for at that time doesn't have any record of it now. They say I must get an Affidavit at a police station and summit to them. What must be written in the Affidavit?


If you are self employed and pay provisional, can we use the SARS tables or are we required to give actual costs.... I. E. Fuel repairs...,,
If we are required to give actual cost can we claim back finance repayments or the interest only, aswell as 20 % depreciation...

Tax rules for foreign income for SARS?

Please advise the tax rules for working outside of SA? No income is earned in SA only abroad.
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