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Paying Tax for Website Earnings?

Hi Tim

I have a website and I receive an income every month through advertising which is paid to my bank account from overseas every month.

The amount differs each month (how much visits I get, ad company etc.)

How will I pay tax if I earn one month R3000 and one month R10000 (examples).

I don't want to pay a lump sum at the end of the 'tax year' if that is what it is called but would rather pay monthly like when you working in a company, is this possible?...

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Own Business Permit as Foreign National?

I have just been granted a Life Partnership Visa with Own Business Permit. This will allow me to contract myself out to employers. What tax form do I fill in? What information is needed? How do I pay tax if I invoice a company? And will I be taxed the same as if I was employed by the company?

Does my Employer need my tax mumber to register me for UIF, even if I don't have to pay tax?

I don't have to pay tax, because I do not earn enough. I am not registered either and want to know why does my employer need my tax number to register me for UIF? Now they force me to go and register at SARS and I resigned a month ago.

Tax confusion?

I am graduate and currently unemployed full-time. I write for a small company. I get R700 a month for writing promos. Now thing is when I get deposit alerts from FNB, they show that R525 has been deposited,I want to know can bank charges for R700 be up to R180 or is there some taxing going on. I don't have a SARS number either. What's going on?

What is the maximum an individual can earn per annum and not pay tax?

What monthly salary can one earn and not pay tax?

How much PAYE is due on R5 500?

I have started a new position and would like to know how much PAYE is due?

If I work mid-year, how does that a affect my tax calculation?

If I start working in the middle of the year and my total income for that year is under the tax threshold do I still have to pay tax monthly for that year?

I would like to know whether I am liable for Provisional Tax?

I am under 65, DONOT PAY ANY TAX as my taxable income is under R67111. I have investment accounts and according to latest IT3 B statement, interest has accrued to R21000.00. Before this figure increases the R22800.00 threshold should I register as a provisional tax payer.

I am a pensioner and I have R1,000,000-00 on fixed deposit, how much tax will I have to pay? I am 65

Can i register my daughter as a taxpayer for being a freelance artist?

My daughter is 15 year old. She wants to be registered with an agent for possible work as an actor.
They require a tax number. She needs to be registered as a freelance worker. Can I register her on my easyfile (I use it for a company). If not, how do I do it? Do we have to submit tax returns every year?

What other medical expenses can I claim from SARS?

Hi I have medical aid, due to the dr asking private rates I had to pay the dr for every visit an extra R100, I had several visits and now the dr has to do a procedure and I have to pay in an aditional amount can I claim back the money from SARS?

What is the definition of tax threshold?

I need to explain it to grade 12s

Tax return - UK income?

I returned to SA following 7+ years in UK. I took up permanent employment in SA during June 2011 and am a residing tax payer on my SA income. Before returning to the SA I ran my own business through a limited company, paid corporation tax and in my personal capacity earned a salary (just below the "personal allowance threshold" which consisted of minimum salary allowance + dividends. Since returning to SA the UK company still received fee income from work I did prior to leaving the UK ...

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What form must I file with SARS, an ITR12 or an IRP6 ?

I bought an appartment in April 2012 and rent it out. My total income (April 12 to Feb 2013) is R46,000 and my expenses (interest, levies, etc) are R41,000. Total income :R5,000 I haven`t registered myself as a provisional taxpayer. So what should I do for the 2013 Tax return ?
Should I reflected those number on my IRT12 ? or should I register myself on IRP6 ? or should I do both ?

Do I need to pay TAX if my salary is R5500?

Do I need to pay taxes if my salary is R5500 a month?

Medical aid expenses over the tax credit, can I claim?

I incurred alot of medical expenses not covered by the medical aid last year and not sure if I will be able to claim them as a deduction in the upcoming tax returns due to the new tax credit method. Is the tax credit only applicable to medical aid contributions or all expenses incurred?

Tax Threshold 2013/14 (for income earned as interest)?

The tax threshold is R 67111.00. My sole income is R 67110.00 from interest on cash in the bank, one rand less than the tax threshold. I am under the tax threshold, but the income is not active (from work), it is passive(from interest), do I still have to pay tax ?

There is a confusing/conflicting tax break of R 23800.00 for income earned as interest ??
R 23800.00 still falls under the total tax threshold of R 67111.00
Can you elaborate please.

What are the benefits of non residents for taxable income in South Africa?

I am living overseas for the past ten years and have visited South Africa occasionally for not more that 3 weeks per annum. I earn interest (R24500); dividends from private companies (R65000); retirement annuity income (R17500) amounting to approximately R110K per annum. I am paying taxes as a resident. What will my taxes be like if I were to be taxed as a non resident. Will I still be entitled to the rebates. I am 62 years old and am married in community of property. I will appreciate a hypot...

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Do I have to inform SARS if I am financially dependent on children

Would iI need to start paying tax yet if i just graduated and would be on a 6 month contract?

I completed my degree at the end of 2012 and started interning for an advertising company from Nov 2013 till the end of Feb 2013.

Now they will be employing me on a 6month contract between April and September and I will be getting between R5000 or R5600, contract details have not been discussed yet. But would I have to register as a tax payer if I get the R5000 as I woud be earning less than R5300 or would the fact that it is in the middle of the tax year exempt me from this? How do I go about finding out about SARS things as their website is confusing, I know nothing about these legal things and I'm scared to get caught up like Wesley Snipes... :(...

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If I am a Sole Proprietor earning less than R59 750 for the tax year, am I a provisional taxpayer?

I am a Sole Proprietor (offering consultancy services) who is earning less than R59 750 for the tax year. I'm not sure if I should be registered for Provisional Tax and filing IRP6s or not?

Additional income, how do I show this on my tax return?

I am a pensioner with a pension below the tax threshold. However I have additional income from a part time job. Must this amount be added to my pension (which is then taxable)? How do I calculate the PAYE that is then payable?

If an employee earns less than R50 000/ R60 000 per annum, do they qualify for a income tax number?

This question is required for work purposes including employees needing to register for income tax urgently.

How do the medical rebates work?

I was wondering if u can maybe assist me.
I?%u20AC%u2122m studying payroll and sars returns, I have an old text book with the old medical aid rates of 720 & 440. I hav a question where I have to calculate the taxable value of medical aid. The question reads, The following tax rebates apply to medical fund contributions: R230 for sole member, R230 for first additional dependent, an additional R154 is allowed as a REBATE for each additional dependent other than the first dependant.

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Tax on local interest

Please can you tell me what tax I would pay on say R10,000.00 per month interest
from local money market. I see R22 800 p a is tax free, then the local table applies, does
that mean after 60.000 pa. This would be my only form of income.
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